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The Lucky Scent

There are hundreds of thousands of dream islands but, for sure, one of the most renown of them is the “the Island of Emperors”, i.e. Capri, which is situated not far away from Sorrento by sea and… 497 altre parole

Let's Travel

Pisa, Calci Part II, the Natural History Museum

Ghouls will like wandering the halls of the monastery, but they will love the Museo di Storia Naturale di Pisa. No petting zoo this, although local families do bring their young’uns here in droves, especially over the weekends. 666 altre parole


Pisa, La Certosa di Calci

La Certosa di Calci, Il Museo di Storia Naturale dell’Universita’ di Pisa

Summer hours from 9:00 AM to 19:00 PM, Winter hours from 9:00 AM to 17:00 PM… 1.112 altre parole


Certosa and Murano

On Saturday, Oct 3rd, after roaming around the city some more, we made our way over to the island of Certosa where our barge was moored, but not before a few more adventures. 420 altre parole