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The Avatar Mountains (Week 11)

Have you seen Avatar: The Last Airbender?

All of us study abroad students wanted to plan a trip for a long weekend in November. At first, many of us were interested in Hong Kong, but that didn’t pan out because we found out U.S. 1.308 altre parole

Bill of Indictment Against Human Rights Lawyer Xie Yang

January 11, 2017

Hunan Province Changsha Municipal People’s Procuratorate

Bill of Indictment

CS Proc Crim Indict No. 85

Defendant Xie Yang (谢阳), male, , Han ethnicity, master’s degree education, was a practicing lawyer at Hunan Gangwei Law Firm, . 1.561 altre parole


古开福寺 gu kai fu si The Old KaiFu Temple

Yesterday we visited the temple where Yvonne and I spent our first day together over 7 years ago. It seemed a lot bigger than I remembered! 36 altre parole


Disappeared Lawyer a Long-time Target of Surveillance, Detention, and Torture

China Change, November 29, 2016

“A lawyer who was born at just the right time; a lawyer who’s willing to take any case; a lawyer hated by a small political clique; a lawyer who wants to win the respect of regular folk; a lawyer who kept going even after being stripped of his law license.” 2.208 altre parole


Lucky Knot Bridge in China

NEXT Architects has completed their Lucky Knot Bridge in Changsha, China. Despite being from a city we’re unfamiliar with, we think this striking design may land the city on the international map. 47 altre parole


Bilingual: My Yale-China story

Celebrating Yale-China Association’s 115 years of anniversary with David Youtz (left, Executive Director of Yale-China), Cynthia Sung (2nd right, trustee of Yale-China), and Neil Clarke (right, professor in Yale-NUS) 846 altre parole