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Absolutely everywhere in Beijing is now covered by police video surveillance

During China’s National Day holidays this month, almost 8 million tourists visited Beijing in just four days—and the Chinese government kept a close watch on every one of them as they toured the capital’s streets. 338 altre parole

Team GB hopefuls

This last week has been a big ol bunch of fun, and I am about to tell you why.  As many who personally know me and my companion Carter are aware, Carter is still technically at University. 2.906 altre parole


Changsha (don't go) and the Pheonix Town!

After Xi’an we jumped on our next sleeper train and headed for Changsha. On the 19 hour journey we were lucky enough to meet a lovely Chinese lady called Bi and her daughter. 322 altre parole


Too fool for school

So it has been quite some time since I last blogged, I have now been teaching for just shy of three weeks and it just keeps getting better. 3.030 altre parole


Healthy Liquor and pirate bars

Ok, so despite trying to write this a couple times I have finally sat down and I swear to god I will finish this post so settle in, we could be here a while. 2.550 altre parole


Tony troubles

Ok so a lot has happened in the past few days, some of which is entertaining and some of which is educational. I have decided that it will be far too long a blog post if I include it all in adequate detail, so those reading interested in the actual teaching side of my journey read on. 2.104 altre parole