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My first few days in China have been pretty scheduled with meetings with my work agency, observations in my new school, settling into my new apartment, and getting to know some of my fellow (English speaking) teachers. 409 altre parole

Life Updates

"Goodbye for now's."

Flying the nest is never an easy decision. That moment when you say your “goodbye for now’s” as you turn your back, promising yourself not to look back for a year. 1.298 altre parole


Orientation part one.

It’s been close 23 hours and something minutes. Passing through multiple continents and irrational times zones, have taken a crowbar to my otherwise atomic like internal clock, leaving me resembling an extra from “ 2.241 altre parole


Orientation part two.

The Green Tree hotel, the Chinese equivalent of a holiday inn is where our short trip from Changsha to Xiangtan leaves us. As much as I love China, the beds here appear to be the design of the government, in a covert scheme to systemically destroy every western back in can lay claim to, all the time creating an eastern chiropractor practice boom. 2.551 altre parole



Jill, was flung into the deep end, it was comparable to a chilly Rose clinging to a once luxurious door somewhere in the North Atlantic, stammering away at the once chatty (now dead) Jack. 3.232 altre parole



Hour one. The minutes ticked by but all in all our little band of travellers were in good sprits, we had beer, snacks, pseudo pillows and a belly full of McDonalds’ finest. 2.632 altre parole


Hunan Province: Mao Central and Extraterrestrial Scenery

September 10th to 20th, 2015

By Jennifer & Steve

Heng Shan

Our experience in Xi’an had been amazing, and our subsequent experience in and around Changsa was not to disappoint either. 1.471 altre parole