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Healthy Liquor and pirate bars

Ok, so despite trying to write this a couple times I have finally sat down and I swear to god I will finish this post so settle in, we could be here a while. 2.550 altre parole


Tony troubles

Ok so a lot has happened in the past few days, some of which is entertaining and some of which is educational. I have decided that it will be far too long a blog post if I include it all in adequate detail, so those reading interested in the actual teaching side of my journey read on. 2.104 altre parole


All Pain, negligible gain.

Monday was the big day, though when I woke up I wasn’t aware of it. Though we were asked not to go out during training we were all surprisingly not exhausted as per usual at the end of the day, and so decided to go for a night out in Changsha. 1.554 altre parole


No pain, no train

So here we are, China. We have been training for the past couple of days, and it has been a lot of fun due to a good group and excellent teachers. 869 altre parole


Pundit Planet Math: Industrial Accident + Chinese Surgeons = Photo of the Day

Zhou had his left hand chopped off during a work accident involving a spinning blade machine and was rushed to hospital

CAROLINE MORTIMER reports: Chinese surgeons have saved a hand severed in an industrial accident by grafting it on to the man’s ankle for a month before reattaching it to his arm.  144 altre parole

Health And Social Issues

Writing, dumplings, and the expat life with Amanda Roberts

Last week’s interview with Jocelyn Wong about food was surprisingly popular, and I hope you all enjoy this interview with writer Amanda Roberts of TwoAmericansinChina.com… 1.082 altre parole