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Street lamp

we only realize the value of light, when darkness come.


Hunan provincial museum, Changsha (湖南博物馆,长沙)

…if Hubei museum’s major drawcard is the massive, iconic bells from the tomb of Zenghouyi, then Hunan museum’s major drawcard is a 2,200 year-old chick. 648 altre parole

Teaching In China

The Anecdotal Xie Yang

Chen Jiangang, April 24, 2017

This article was written in December, 2015. Between then and now, the 45-year-old but youthful looking human rights lawyer Xie Yang (谢阳) performed a rare act of courage: … 3.525 altre parole


Mao's the Time for Changsha

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

AND where might Changsha be, you ask?

Though many of us are unfamiliar with it, the capital of Hunan province is no slouch in the history department. 703 altre parole

Money Matters

The 2016 Chinese Bridge Competiton Experience Q&A With Ruth Kimani 金若曦 - 第十五届汉语桥比赛2016年体验问答

The 15th Chinese Bridge Competition 2016 National Finals were held in Nairobi University last year. The overall winner was a student from Nairobi University, Ruth Kimani 若曦. 1.529 altre parole

Chinese Bridge