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China Land Seizure Gets Rough: Woman ‘dragged out of shower’ -- disabled uncle beaten and house demolished

Family allege disabled relative also assaulted during eviction in Changsha, according to newspaper report

By Laura Zhou
South China Morning Post

The family says it was locked in an office late at night after officials forced them out of their home. 179 altre parole

[Instagram/Weibo Update] 6 May 2015

소후에서 힐러 종방연!! #날씨가 #좋았었지 #힐러 #4억뷰

“Healer” last episode broadcast on Sohu!! #weather #was good #healer #400 million views 69 altre parole

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[Weibo Update] 29 April 2015

1:23am Chengsha time

Wo men xiang ma?

*Do we look alike? Sorry, Pinyin is not one of my spoken languages… :)  

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[Variety] Ji Chang Wook behind-the-scenes at "Happy Camp"

Ji Chang Wook began filming the Chinese variety show “Happy Camp” in Changsha today. 334 altre parole

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Changsha: Interlude in the City of Heavy Construction

If Chenzhou is a work in progress, provincial capital Changsha is a recently opened jigsaw scattered across the floor. I am here purely for a one day visit but I misunderstood my environs and in seven hours I barely scratch the surface of Wuyi Square (the cities main shopping district) and Tangerine Island – literally the centrepiece in the Xiangjiang River but I don’t make the statue of youthful Mao at the southern tip before I am forced to turn back to the metro and in turn the south railway station. 254 altre parole

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[Instagram/Weibo Update] 27 April 2015

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1:33am KST

중국 후난성 장사시 도착 !!! #반가워 #굿나잇
Arrived in China, Hunan province, Changsha city!!! 156 altre parole

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