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Christmas song of the day - yep!

With only 159 days left until Christmas, yes ONLY 159! Time to get your stocking stuffers purchased, packed away and lost. In order to get you in the spirit, I am going to post a Christmas song daily, if I find time. 17 altre parole

The Big O: Act 11- Daemonseed

(Act 10: Winter Night Phantom)

The inner city domes are littered with decorations for the upcoming Heaven’s Day celebration. The holiday is a time (presumably December 25th) when the citizens of Paradigm City celebrate its founding with festive lights and the social practice of gift giving as the city delivers care packages to its citizens, and lovers exchange gifts with each other. 1.944 altre parole


My Trip to Berlin

I was only in Berlin for a short amount of time, but that short amount of time was enough to re-ignite my passion for art and creativity which over the few weeks before had dwindled. 1.037 altre parole


The Best Christmas Gift

Malachi Clarke Jr., age 11

One day, on Christmas Eve, I was seven years old. My mom was making the biggest dinner. She was making fried chicken with white rice, corn, and baked mac and cheese. 225 altre parole

Writers Room

When do I start planning for Christmas?

Answer –  I never stop, but hardly notice that I’m doing it!

Christmas can be (and usually is) an expensive time of year. I must admit I love it, and this is one of the times when I splash out a little more than usual on food, gifts and just general festivities. 296 altre parole

Money Saving

The Accident

By Ivan Villalobos, grade 5

(From When the Party was Finished, Confetti was in the Air Fall 2014; Field Trip)

“Boy, this is fun!” shouted a man in a car. 196 altre parole


No matter what God works all things for the good. In the middle of the mess you may not see it but when you are on the other side you see the message. 12 altre parole