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Hot Catholic of Lent: Day 12!

These days you can have a famous parent and 100+ followers on Instagram and call yourself a supermodel.

In my day, you actually had to be discovered at McDonald’s (Gisele), at the airport (Kate Moss), or in the local paper (Cindy Crawford). 184 altre parole

Hot Catholic Of Lent

Monday's Muse // 2.20

All Hail Queen Christy

If there is one thing we learned from the 90s, it’s that Christy Turlington could simply do no wrong when it comes to style and being one of the queens of the iconic supermodel era. 58 altre parole


George Michael will forever be part of fashion history. Look back at Freedom! '90

From “Careless Whisper” to “Last Christmas,” George Michael was the voice behind a ton of hits, all of which filled our heads. But the tune that ended up solidifying his spot in fashion history?  117 altre parole

Christy Turlington

The End of an Era

The news of George Michael’s passing broke a lot of hearts. This year (not to save us from tears!) took all the good ones. And, while his amazing influence on pop music as a genre is indisputable, his influence on fashion and style are not to be overlooked. 851 altre parole