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The October issue will feature four different covers for the 95th anniversary of Vogue Paris ! Can’t wait to get them :D I have been going through the pages / reading this magazine since as long as I can remember… my parents who are working in fashion, consider it as a Bible basically – we have hundreds of Vogue mags scattered everywhere at home; Kate Moss, Kendall Jenner, Gisele Bündchen and Christy Turlington were the chosen ones and they all look super gorgeous : although my preference goes to Kendall :P

Madison Kennedy

The Best Throwback Pics from '90s Supermodels

Was there ever an era that defined supermodel more than the ’90s? Look no further than the amazing Versace campaigns of the era, where every girl from… 471 altre parole


If I hear thigh gap one more time

So, please, someone explain this to me like I’m a four year old. Why is everyone hating on models these days? People are suddenly angry that models look like, well, models. 483 altre parole