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A page from my diary on the beautiful city Berlin – Ich bin ein Berliner.

Berlin is radical : The only tradition this city will accept is that it doesn’t have any tradition.   21 altre parole

Daily Musings

Hong Kong Highlights: Lantau Island

Lantau Island is huge- nearly twice the size of Hong Kong island! We’d visited Lantau twice before: once for Discovery Bay where the people with more money than sense drive around in golf buggies with their pristine children and another to see the Big Buddha. 246 altre parole


31 US cities where you don't have to earn 6 figures to live well

(Source: www.businessinsider.com)

You don’t always have to earn six figures to live well.

In fact, in 31 cities across the US, it’s possible to cover your necessities, and still splurge and save money while bringing home a $50,000 annual paycheck — or less. 280 altre parole

Money Matters

Things To Do in Montreal: Fall 2017

If you currently have one foot in your creative life and the other foot in paying bills and working a mediocre job that you kind of want to quit, this list might contain some basic Fall 2017 ‘inspiration-information’ that you need. 666 altre parole


Night train to Chiang Mai

To get to my next part of my journey I took a 12h night ride by train to Chiang Mai. A really cool experience. And have to say quite comfortable… 😁 … 112 altre parole