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#984 The Book Recommendation

On a sunny Sunday afternoon, my friend and I were walking around Georgetown when we stumbled upon a small bookstore tucked away on P street. A woman working there explained how the shop, … 241 altre parole


Duterte declares martial law in Mindanao

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

President Rodrigo Duterte late yesterday declared martial law over the southern Philippines and cut short his visit to Russia, after about a hundred Muslim militants laid siege to a major city in the southern island group of Mindanao. 594 altre parole

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A Woman Tries To Use Telepathy

Once again I did not get enough sleep last night but I got more sleep than the previous night, and once again I remembered to set my intention to lucid dream and I set a stronger intention than last time thanks to… 483 altre parole

Dream Journal

Is it Over? Illinois Senate Advanced State Budget Proposal To End Fiscal Crisis

On Tuesday, the Illinois Senate advanced a balanced budget proposal for the first time in two years to end the fiscal crisis. State legislators release official statements for the long and overdue process of passing a viable solution to ease of the financial constraints to social service agencies, non profit programs and other public resources that have affected millions of Illinois residents. 1.293 altre parole


Tall Buildings Among the Sydney Cityscape

Here’s a shot of a few tall buildings.

I like the colour of the sunset, as well as the band of clouds.

What I really like is how (to me) this sort of feels ominous and menacing in a way, as well as somewhat small and not menacing and ominous at all.

I hope you enjoy.


by Giovanni Pilone on Flickr.The Eternal City of Rome seen from Foro Romano ruins.

by Giovanni Pilone on Flickr.The Eternal City of Rome seen from Foro Romano ruins.

Marketing 3.0 and the pending allocations of social responsibilities for the real estate developer

Phillip Kotler (the father of modern marketing) insists that marketing 3.0 is the new wave in which products would not only be able to accomplish the market options but also they would contribute to the society. 394 altre parole

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