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Gambie, un pas vers la guerre civile

La nagociation tentae par la dalagation de la Communauta aconomique des a‰tats de lAfrique de lOuest (Cedeao) en Gambie est un achec. Le prasident sortant, Yahya Jammeh, sobstine a rejeter le rasultat de lalection prasidentielle.

Maglev Elevator Also Goes Sideways, Straight Up Willy Wonka Style

If you have even the least bit trouble walking, city subway systems are bad news. Getting to the station is trouble enough. Then there’s the descent. 634 altre parole


Meet the People Building a Medieval Castle Without Using Any New Technology


Two hours outside of Paris stands Guédelon, a castle that looks like it’s from the medieval period, but is actually being constructed right now. What’s more, the castle isn’t being built with new technology but instead with medieval techniques and materials. 131 altre parole


12 Different Designs for Movable Bridges, Animated For Your Pleasure

Watching Frank Howarth and his son build that model of the bi-level vertical-lift bridge, I got to wondering about different movable bridge designs. I’d never seen that unique bi-level variant before; what other solutions have engineers come up with when a bridge has to be moved out of the way for a boat to pass? 142 altre parole


How Adding Paper Towels, T-Shirt Scraps or Screens to Sand Makes It Both Strong and Structural

It’s crucial for designers of physical objects to understand how the world around us is constructed. Whether your materials of choice are wood, metal, plastic or fabric, your comprehension of how that material behaves is the first step in you creating a successful design with it. 91 altre parole