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Sociology, CMAS Professor Passes Away

Susan G. Baker, associate professor of sociology and former director of the Center for Mexican American Studies (CMAS), has passed away. Officials in the Department of Sociology and Anthropology were notified this week. 176 altre parole

Sociology And Anthropology

Pozos están en condiciones operativas: CMAS

Coatzacoalcos, Ver.


Los pozos profundos perforados el año pasado se encuentran todos en condiciones operativas y entran en funcionamiento de forma escalonada, intermitente y de acuerdo a las necesidades del sistema, que es dinámico, aclaró el director de la Comisión Municipal de Agua y Saneamiento, Sergio Amaro Caso. 172 altre parole

#HotpixHotpixHotpix: THE CMA's#


ok…Now we are doing a little better! We took it up a notch…and the winner is….drumroll………Rumer Willis.Sexy, classy, that body my GOD. Well done, girl… 88 altre parole

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What Sellers Should Know About CMAs

Whether you are buying or selling a home, your real estate professional can give you a snapshot of the local market known as the competitive or comparative market analysis or CMA. 30 altre parole

Mengenal Organisasi dan Pelatihan Selam Dunia

Masih bingung ketika mendengar begitu banyak nama organisasi afiliasi selam? Bingung memilih tempat pelatihan selam berlisensi di kota anda? Pernah dengar apa itu POSSI, CMAS, PADI, NAUI, SSI atau ADSI? 350 altre parole


CMA Fest announces more free shows!

CMA Fest is an incredible time of year in Nashville when people…

…from all over the world come to see our country singers/bands perform!

I’ve had fun observing people from all over the world flocking to Nashville and sometimes I don’t even notice until I hear to gentlemen talking in Russian with backpacks around downtown or when I just meet someone in passing and ask them where they’re from and what brought them here :D… 413 altre parole

Colo. standardized test assesses students' knowledge of 'social studes'


Apparently the people that made this weren't College & Career ready #StopCommonCore @michellemalkin pic.twitter.com/wX33y9pW8T

— Quinn (@Quinnrob76) April 10, 2015

@9NewsEducation @9NEWS C'mon. They spell on a percentage correct basis.

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