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Does Coming Out Matter?

Harvey Milk implored gay and lesbian people to, “come out, come out,” because he knew that visibility would help educate the larger public about the LGBT community. 286 altre parole

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my mind kept going back to the eight of pentacles after my reading yesterday, trying to sift through various meanings and what this card might be trying to tell me. 498 altre parole

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In the spirit of Chelmsford Pride this Saturday – and London Pride, in a couple of weeks time – I thought I would write about my experience as both a closeted and out queer person. 1.302 altre parole


'I knew then that I never want to contribute to the corrosiveness of wanting someone to stay hidden.'

The final article posted to coincide with LGBTQ Pride comes from musician, writer and actor Carrie Brownstein. In a particuarly poignant excerpt from her memoir, Brownstein relates her the story of her father, who came out as gay at the age of 55: 291 altre parole

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T Minus 10

I have ten days left.  Ten days of living in the wrong gender.  Ten more days to put up with this existence.  Ten days until my life changes forever.   2.138 altre parole


'I was pushing myself creatively but I was still nervous to order at a restaurant.'

In the second of three posts honouring Gay Pride – here are a couple of articles on two gay men who continuously make waves in the alternative/indie music scene, while displaying the sort of honest humanity that goes hand in hand with the process of counselling. 159 altre parole

Counselling & Psychotherapy