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Love without labels

A few weeks ago I told my stepdad I’m gay. I wanted to tell him for a really long time now but I knew he wouldn’t be as accepting as the rest of the family I told. 357 altre parole


"You are a sinner" - a fallacy

For so long now my sense of self has been about what I DO. It seems that I can’t even remember a time where it was different. 1.229 altre parole

Coming Out

The Date!

Sorry for the delay internet is down so am at a Mc Donald’s using their Wi-Fi :)

So Thursday arrived and it was time for my date. 525 altre parole


Tolerating Intolerance

Coming out of the closet was a gradual process for me. The first person I came out to was a friend in 2003, but I had my biggest coming out in 2005. 2.206 altre parole

Evil Feminist From Space

Who in the World is Richard Grenell?

One of the strange things about presidential campaigns is that they will often thrust previously unknown people into the spotlight. I mean, how many people could name Alaska’s governor prior to 2008? 372 altre parole

Evil Feminist From Space

Why being bottom is harder than being top...

Aarrrgghhh! People always ask “are the woman?” or “are you the man?” That is fucking annoying and makes me want to slap the bitch across the face. 542 altre parole


Some thoughts on "coming out"

Hello, loyal readers (I’m well aware that might just be one person at the moment, but you never know what could happen in the future)!  You may have noticed I’ve tidied up a bit around here.  1.080 altre parole