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What a Shame...

I don’t know what is wrong with me and I don’t know what to write.

I know I have to write.  Something is seething in me and it needs ejecting.., 530 altre parole


Chapter 17: Facing Reality

As Sophie and Zachary grew older, Martha and Bostram realised that despite their circumstances, it was unfair to raise their children underground. Thus they made the decision to move to the next county, to a piece of land they could take their horses and raise their children safely. 394 altre parole


The Universal Experience

by Juliann Rich

GRAVITY, my latest book is not a coming out story. It is a coming of age story. When I asked Kathi from BSB for topic ideas for this blog, she suggested readers might be interested in why I’ve written four books featuring LGBT characters. 1.943 altre parole

Bold Strokes Authors

My Mama Calls Me a Liar When She Doesn’t Like What I Have to Say: A Pantoum

I came out to my mama on a Tuesday.
My fingers trembled as I tore a napkin to pieces
And tried not to cry as I pulled words from my gullet. 131 altre parole



My doctors appointment was meant to be today, after 5 but because it was sorted a while ago, my mum forgot and now it’s gonna be at the end of November or probably the beginning of December. 113 altre parole

The day I lost you

My child.

From the moment I found out I was carrying you, I loved you implicitly. I was given the option, to live an easier life or to struggle through the the hardships. 729 altre parole


Special Interview: Jeffrey Weeks

Clayton Littlewood meets gay activist, historian and author Jeffrey Weeks to talk about the new edition of his book Coming Out. It was originally published in 1977 and traces LGBT life in Britain from the late 1800s to the present day. 70 altre parole

Clayton Littlewood