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Family or Beliefs, Part II

I recently had a “coming out” conversation with my brother. I’ve never yet broached the topic of my transition out of Christianity with anyone in my family. 450 altre parole

Atheists And Believers

The Cats out of the Bag!

Sylvia, Jack, Ethan and I all went to my mother’s house today for Thanksgiving. My brother was there with his wife and two kids, my niece who is 11 and my nephew who is 5. 298 altre parole


My hetero coming out to my lesbian mother.

My mother likes women. It is what it is. She likes many other things, such as jazz, Native American art and Veuve Clicquot. But, yes, my mother is a lesbian. 479 altre parole

Non Classé

Our Voices, Our Stories: Disputing the Stereotypes of the Single Story

Last week, November 16 – 20, was Transgender Awareness week; a week aimed at augmenting the visibility of the transgender and gender non-conforming community and highlighting the issues that we face. 1.020 altre parole

Coming Out to My Family

I came out to my family as transgender last weekend and it feels great to have that off my shoulders. They took it really well for the most part. 140 altre parole


It Gets Better: Coming Out

This is a conclusion to my several posts on genders and their labels.  I will probably still write more, but I thought this just tied everything up nicely.

The Vase On The Mantle

I left my marriage to a woman two and a half years ago ago to live my life as an openly gay man. My decision to leave was a painful one. 1.554 altre parole

Coming Out