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The Minority Curse

Living in Australia has exposed me to people who came from different walks of life, from different circumstances and has made me realize…most of us don’t really know what it’s like to be broken, to fear for your life and its us who have not known suffering personally that are holier than though, pass judgement and dictate what the world is. 805 altre parole


Why I came out

I have been asked why I had to come out as bisexual for everyone to know. I did it because I didn’t want to hide who I am. 159 altre parole

Difficulty coming out as bisexual

A recently published study in The Journal of Marriage and Family explored the coming out experience for bisexuals; the authors of the study “analyzed how social and cultural factors shape disclosure processes for bisexuals.” … 276 altre parole



There will always be those questions that throw me off guard. I think that’s just the dynamic of siblings. The younger ones seem to always want to keep the older ones on their toes. 871 altre parole


Long time no see but i guess i should update you guys on what’s going on. Im still not out and still trying to but freaking out at the last minute, still very dysphoric. 146 altre parole

dull ache

I am in my own room.  It’s the fruits of our labor yesterday (both of us) and today (I stayed home, alone).  It went better than I could have ever hoped for as my husband was helpful and accommodating and tonight I’ll sleep in my own bed in my own room. 252 altre parole