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Coming Out (A Message to Parents)

There are so many comedy routines that rely on division of gender roles for the punchline. Many of them go like, “What she said/What he heard…” and the audience roars with laughter as they connect with the lack of communication that goes on in their own marriages. 301 altre parole

Coming Out

When the Russians Came

Ok friends. We are going to span this chapter over several seasons, but let’s start shortly after I was stationed as an Air Force troop near Salt Lake City, UT. 3.241 altre parole

Excavating the Closet

11 August 2011

I sympathised with my friend Alan Clark having his debut novel Rory’s Boys launched in the same week as The Stranger’s Child… 2.526 altre parole


Dear friend

If I was a fairy godmother, I would make all of these things happen for you.

Some of it goes beyond my beliefs, your beliefs, the pastors and teacher’s believes. 290 altre parole


Coming out to a Homophobic Father and Religious Grandmothers

So this past weekend, my girlfriend finished coming out to her family. After coming out to her father (and best friend) a couple of months ago, she decided she wanted to come out to her grandma as well. 623 altre parole


Are you a gay?

A few years ago, when K’s cousin, Andrew, came to the US for a few weeks for vacation from Taiwan, he asked us “What do I say if I have a gay friend? 491 altre parole