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Do Any Other Gay Guys Have Coming Out Songs?

The other day in one of my blogs I referenced I had a song I associated with my coming out. Mine is “Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson.  681 altre parole

#5 / Who Am I?

I am still not recognised as trans by everyone in my life. I live within many microcosmos, each one with expectation of what and who I am; I am always reminded of the heteronormative narrative of western society that makes necessary a ‘coming-out’ in order to be ‘recognised’. 336 altre parole


…And Now, The Bad

Blarrggh where to begin! So I mentioned last time that some bad things have happened and I wanted to talk about them. They’re not bad… 2.436 altre parole


~the silence~

So, since a few weeks ago, when I finally opened up in school, I consider myself out of the closet. But I’m afraid that might not be entirely right, because, even though I’m expressing my gender the way it is, many people don’t know… 464 altre parole


Trying to come out but not succeeding

Hey everyone!

To catch you all up to speed, I have come out to my mother as non-binary transgender already, and she just completely doesn’t understand it at all. 540 altre parole


Talking to Dad about (the problems with) Christianity

My Dad came to visit for a few days this week on one of his whirlwind trips across the country.  It was nice to be able spend some time with him, considering all that he’s been through these last few years.   1.403 altre parole


Can't wait to be a Mom

I’ve been dreaming of a baby for as long as I can remember. I feel Motherhood is my true calling. I am mature enough to take on responsibilities when it comes to raising a child. 192 altre parole