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The Transparent Closet

When somebody reaches an age where they feel comfortable being gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgender, they will ‘come out’ to those who know them. It’s often called ‘coming out of the closet’, and can happen for people at various points in their life. 700 altre parole


My Coming Out Story

As I’ve mentioned previously, I cautiously tested the waters surrounding my closet when I was fifteen by posing a not-so-hypothetical question to my mother.

“Is it normal to have a crush on a girl?” 859 altre parole

A Blog In The Life Of An Individual

Yet another day.

Here are two tweets which sum up the only good moment of the day.

So basically my teacher said the girls could go early and one girl (who is LOVELY btw and doesn’t know about any of this) took me by the arm and said ” You can be an honorary girl” and honestly I smiled so much it was so embarrassing trying to hide it but yeah anyway nice…

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The Letter

Written by Praks!

To You,

We are no longer best friends. We are no longer friends. In fact, we are no longer in talking terms. Yet I write to you today. 467 altre parole

My Spiritual Journey

…And so I’m coming out and saying it…

Spiritual journey! I was, of course, scared to come out and say it because of the negativity I could get. 45 altre parole

Change Gon Come

My Life Updates

Social update: I’m over it. I’m over hiding my feeling and feeling ashamed. I find myself revealing this part of myself to others whenever it comes up without giving it a second thought. 236 altre parole


The best part of everyones beginning in life, not. School is hard, school is necessary and school and be a persons living hell. School for me was awkward, hard, interesting and also frustrating. 498 altre parole