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Anonymous Q&A: "I don’t really know what I identify as. I just identify as I really like girls"

Interview and answers by anonymous(es)
A special thanks to Irina Nakon for interview transcription

Q: At what age did you come to terms with, or at least become aware, of your LGBT identity? 2.915 altre parole


I kissed a boy and i liked it (i'm breaking out part 4)

So…. I went on a date with the guy from work. Wow, what a breath of fresh air, the conversation is east flowing, there is no stress, no nerves this guy makes me feel so relaxed. 206 altre parole


My Path to Me

I haven’t been good about posting anything, and one of my favorite ways to get back into the writing habit is to begin with a story. 4.511 altre parole


My Coming Out Story

Coming out as gay is a bitch!

Every gay man or woman who had to come out knows it! Today I am an openly gay man in a community filled with bigotry and hypocrisy. 1.345 altre parole


Come Out, come out, Wherever Y/you Are!

Happy Gay Pride, Fort Lauderdale.

Today was Gay Pride here in the city by the sea. And a beautiful day it was. Sunny, warm, a nice breeze and just an estimated 40,000 people celebrating on the beach together. 586 altre parole

Submissive Roles

Kafka's Doorway

Excited – coming out! I turn the knob,
step through and find, the rear of another closet.

© Chagall 2017



I am the good girl,

The play by the rules girl

Obey, abide, stay on the right side

And I’m told, everything’s going to be alright. 364 altre parole