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Simply. Beautifully. Jesus.

The smoke from the SCOTUS is clearing, our Women’s soccer team has World Cup status and the White House is white again. Will life here ever be the same? 1.180 altre parole




I had two interesting experiences the other day. 1) A female client said to me “you probably won’t understand this because your not a woman…”. 589 altre parole

Transgender Female To Male

I Don't Like Her Lifestyle

Cameron Esposito is a comedian with a fascinating intellect, and she’s also a close personal friend of mine. And by “close personal friend”, I mean we once got our hair cut next to one another, sitting side-by-side for nigh on twenty minutes.  1.421 altre parole

Gay Marriage

Timewarp Tuesday! 5 photos into my past.

TIME WARP TUESDAY!!! Because that sounds way better than Throwback Thursday, and I am on my older laptop that has all my photos on it today, so…. 1.862 altre parole


Today's PGA Blog Topic: Coming out. (some explicit content)

I believe one of tha hardest parts of being a member of the LGBTQ community is coming out. Some just don’t have the family support to feel safe enough to do so, others have families who could care less, and support them just the same as any other family member. 1.931 altre parole


Why hide it? Just be who you are!

It’s such a shame so many people hide their real me.

They rather be seen for what they aren’t than be true to themselves. Why go through this? 220 altre parole


Coming Out as a Family??

This is post is about our son, The Graduate. I’d love your input, but it’s a very personal topic for me and my family. Read and comment carefully, or else! 642 altre parole