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Marieah's Coming Out Story

I would never admit it to anyone else, or even to myself… but I knew…

I knew when I was 8 years old. It was when i was discovering myself and my sexuality (which is super weird, because 8 years old seems so young, but i guess i was just an early bloomer?) I don’t know. 1.531 altre parole

Coming Out Story

When I was younger

When I was younger and I used to play

the evil counterpart to my brother’s

valiant knight/Obi-Wan Kenobi

and get knocked off desks with a gift-wrapping roll… 184 altre parole


Interview with the creator of The Outcome Project. 

Thanks for doing this interview with Pride matters.
Can you explain what Outcome is all about?

Outcome, in a nutshell, is a portrait project of LGBT+ people, representing the notion of ‘it gets better.’ In detail, I photograph LGBT people as they are now – as out adults – referencing part of their daily life; the tools of their trade for example, while they hold a childhood photo of themselves. 1.232 altre parole

Interview With LGBT+

Pro Skateboarder Brian Anderson Comes Out

NEW YORK (CBS SF/AP) – Professional skateboarder Brian Anderson has publicly come out as gay.

The 40-year-old Anderson tells Vice Sports he once was terrified that someone in the skateboarding community would discover his sexuality. 113 altre parole


Getting It Right READING THE SIGNS--A Review

Hi there! Today I’m sharing a review for newly released M/M sports romance from Keira Andrews. I’ve always admired Ms. Andrews’ contemporary romances, be they Amish ( 1.192 altre parole


Changes in Life

It’s been a crazy month.  After 2 weeks of vacation, my return to Seattle was to a world of stress: going back to work, some scary health concerns, and potentially the greatest stressor in the world – moving. 575 altre parole


Professional Skateboarder Brian Anderson on Being Gay

Vice Sports has a fantastic feature on skateboarder Brian Anderson coming out of the closet.

Like many gay men, he kept his sexuality under wraps and is finally coming out and talking to family and friends about it. 34 altre parole

Coming Out