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No. 01.09

I’ve said from the very beginning that

I could not come out until my father was dead and

Now that he’s dying

I feel the need to expedite my process… 7 altre parole


Out at 15

I used to be envious of the guys I saw with the beautiful girls. At that young age I had no idea that I could have who I percieved to be the beautiful girl too. 59 altre parole


Bait and Switch by Blythe H. Warren

Liv is a passionate aquarist (yes, that’s a word: she works in an aquarium) sharing her love of fish with the public. She has one good friend, goes out drinking and has brief flings with women. 239 altre parole


On Being Bi and Pride Month

For the first time in my life, I’ve been embracing pride month as a bisexual woman. This is a weird thing. Even just typing that sentence makes me a little nervous, which, when I think about it, is kind of crazy. 319 altre parole

Opening Up To Y'all About Myself

Today’s post will be drastically different from the entire rest of my blog, because today’s post is about me. Not books, not writing, reading, or authors, but me. 1.356 altre parole


Guest Post: Coming Out After Coming Out

As June is Pride Month, as many of you may be aware, I thought that it would be a nice idea to give somebody the opportunity to write a guest post for my blog as a result of this! 553 altre parole


MovieReview#06 : The Confession Of Father John Thomas

A confession of a lesbian girl about her sexual fantasies to a Church Father becomes a trigger point for him to acknowledge his queerness.

Ratings : 5/5… 255 altre parole