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Wingardium Lesbianosa

Last week on Nobody Scissors: Me and Shmashley started dating and I finally did the sex (no we didn’t scissor).

I kept my relationship with Shmashley a secret for as along as possible. 557 altre parole


"PHAMTOMS OF TRUTH" by Swara Shukla

It feels as if a percussion band is playing inside my head. I grunt and try to force my eyes open. I can make out a faint silhouette looming over me, but can’t do much more than squint. 2.766 altre parole

Indian Writers

Elements of a Walk: Part Two

Note: I had been writing this piece almost as it happened I stopped writing because I realized more and more that whatever it was that I was getting down in type was not about walking. 10.518 altre parole


Connecting Anxiety and Identity

As I’ve mentioned on previous posts, I recently took a trip to Iceland.  It was while there that I spent a lot of time contemplating my future and experimenting with being open decided that I couldn’t hide myself any longer and needed to work on coming out.  512 altre parole


A picture says more than I ever could.

Now before I properly get into this I am going to have to content warn this post. There is a lot of talk of self harm, depression and mental health issues, and this post will not be suitable for people who will not be able to cope with that. 815 altre parole

The summer journey

This is a project that I have been working on all summer and I am excited to be a part of and share. I am excited to be more open and to be a part of this discussion in and out of my LDS faith. 116 altre parole

Coming Out To Your Doctor?

So, this morning while scrolling through Facebook I saw a post about a guy who decided to come out to his primary care physician. He was more anxious and nervous to tell his doctor than he was to tell his wife. 376 altre parole