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If You Love Something Set It Free...

It is time I set Brian free and move forward.

Following our last meeting I could see the pain and conflict in his eyes and his heart.  941 altre parole

Transgender Day of Visibility

This is the post I wrote on my personal Facebook wall today…

Today is the Transgender Day of Visibility. Jeremy hasn’t been out for very long, only since the summer, although zie’s been edging towards being out for a while before that… testing the waters with both myself and other family members. 412 altre parole


My coming out letter, draft #2

Here’s the second draft of my coming out letter that incorporates feedback from some folks on here and Twitter, and that I’ve talked to in person. 1.080 altre parole


Tales From The Gay Bar - "Ask a Silly Question" or "The Coming Out Starter Kit™"

I first came out of the closet some 12 years ago. (I say “first” because coming out is not something you do once. It is something you do over and over again your entire life.) In those 12 years I have been asked many questions about my coming out and sexuality in general. 1.545 altre parole


My Mixed Orientation Marriage

A year and a half ago we decide to open our marriage. My husband and I had been having a lot of conversations about missing our twenties when we were a lot more free than we are now.   764 altre parole

Coming Out

Agape Love

Last Friday, March 27th, I had to privilege to share the stage with 8 other performers who authentically shared their coming out story through a faith perspective. 800 altre parole


I Am A Total Loser!

So after not seeing my friend Brian for over a year, but texting him at a minimum, “good night” for the last two years I went to see him.  632 altre parole