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“Giving Up” made me want to give up on it

Reviewed for Netgalley

Giving Up by Michelle Engardt

I guess I’ll be the bad guy here because other reviewers seemed to love this book, but not me. 622 altre parole

The platonic use of "GIRL-FRIENDS" and why it is problematic for me as a gay ladyperson.

If you are a person who refers to your female friends as your "girl-friends", I want to let you know why I don't entirely like it. 315 altre parole

LGBTQ+ Stories: My Story

By Adrian Lucas, Staff Writer

I will say the name I am using as the author name is not my real name. My real           name is Sophie, but the name I prefer is Adrian. 365 altre parole


My coming out story

Last year I came out to the world. And I thought it would be a good idea to write the story here and share it with you. 399 altre parole

Coming Out

Queer in the Field

By: Carla Hernández

As an archaeologist, there is nothing I love more than fieldwork. I love everything about it – even the early morning hikes in the cold, the constant feeling that my body needs a break, the lack of internet, Netflix, and all those luxuries that I enjoy back home. 669 altre parole

Coming Out

Ahh-I'm Coming Out So You Better Get this Party Started

I’ve never had to deal with coming out because I’ve always been out. I guess it’s one of the perks in growing up in an all-girls school. 732 altre parole


But Jess I want to meet Queer Folks: On Finding Community

When I first came out, I’m pretty sure pretty quickly I had a conversation on the best place to find other queer friend and/or lovers. It can be hard to do, especially if someone isn’t… 886 altre parole