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My coming out story

My coming out story isn’t what most people assume it is. For me I never really came out as bi sexual, it was just something I was always open with and didn’t need a name or to be explained to anyone, I felt I owed no one an explanation. 618 altre parole

#104 Outed – ‘Mentally Ill For Attention’ 

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When you’re young (or Donald Trump) you do things for attention; kick, scream and whine. We want all eyes to be on us, and for a child you can understand why. 407 altre parole

Mental Health

Week 167 - What other people need to update when you change your name

Being trans is rarely easy and in the hustle and bustle of my name change updates last year I overlooked an important type of name change: things that only other people, usually family, can update. 561 altre parole


What Does Androgyne Mean?

I should start this post by stating that I am no expert in this field. I am still navigating my own gender identity, and each day can be a struggle. 1.429 altre parole




I love cupcakes and mango pineapple smoothies, I believe in unicorns. I still watch kids show and enjoy them very much! I love to write. 105 altre parole


My Life In Sepia Tones: A Metaphor for Coming Out Later in Life

Imagine if you will that at 19 years old you make a lifelong commitment to a way of coloring your life. From that point on every activity, every friendship you develop, every family choice you nurture and every goal in your life is colored by the stroke of one paintbrush. 740 altre parole

Coming Out