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Welcome to my world.

Hi dolls, my name is Morgan-Francis Hughes. I am a welsh student, 17 years young. My blog is called well dressed but stressed as quiet frankly A levels are driving me to insanity and I wanted a page to discuss things I enjoy most.  191 altre parole


02-07-16 Shakespeare Shits In My Popcorn

the ticket I bought for

the theatre at the round and round

was wasted,

on the silliness of winter’s dramatic play,

lost to the aftermath of her merry cavorting laugh, 105 altre parole

Coming out? Not so easy.

I wonder how I will tell my parents that I’m not the daughter they always knewI wonder how I could tell them that I fell in love the minute I spotted her… 308 altre parole


My Experience With Hormones, Part 2

Last time, I wrote about the physical changes that I’ve been experiencing since starting hormone therapy 15 months ago.  While they are definitely the most fun changes, the emotional changes definitely exist as well.   557 altre parole


4th Man Out

Stop forcing Dorothy Cuda on me!

Year Released : 2015
Director: Andrew Nackman
Cast : Parker Young, Evan Todd, Chord Overstreet, Jon Gabrus, Jennifer Damiano, Jordan Lane Price and Doug Moe… 1.160 altre parole

Film Review

Christian 1

For those of you around long enough to remember the story of Christian from my old blog. I am starting again and re-writing and releasing the chapters. 3.156 altre parole


Out, Outter, Outtest

In part of the dream,
I came out.
Or should I say
came outter,
or would it be
more out?

I was out already
but there was another… 251 altre parole