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Feature: Alumni Path

Check out this interview with Robert H. Smith School of Business, Office of Career Services.

Brittany McCoy, a 2016 Marketing and Supply Chain Management graduate gave this advice to current Smith students: “Take the first job you can in the industry you want to get into. 182 altre parole


A book that’s got it’s heart in the right places.

Having said that let me elaborate.

It’s the same story that Indian authors have fed us over the years. 364 altre parole

Book Review

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to win and lose at the same time?

I previoulsy worked for a company that is a major defense contractor for the government.

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Starbucks to replace Plastics Straws by Paper and Biodegradable Alternatives

The trial will take place in May. Starbucks is also discouraging the use of single use paper cups in their stores by charging an extra. Starbucks signed the UK Plastics Pact.


How do you secure a cybersecurity company?

Ross McKerchar is our newly appointed CISO. We met up with him to find out more about why he took on the role, how his career led up to this, and what we can expect to see in cybersecurity in the coming months. 1.711 altre parole



Chase your dreams, they say
And you run, and you run,
For what?
Are those dreams yours?
Or are they the scraps
Thrown from your master’s table, 33 altre parole