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Friggin' Pyramids

Most of us have gotten a pitch from company, that promises great riches over a short time. The thing that makes this opportunity so great is that you’re paid for what you business you conduct and then you’re also paid for everyone on your team under you. 518 altre parole

This Article May Be Illegal - Lifting the Veil of Silence on Standardized Testing


What you are about to read may be a criminal act.

I may have broken the law by putting this information out there.

Edward Snowden… 1.827 altre parole

Corporate Education "Reform"

The evolution of the Starbucks logo

For the last couple of days, I have been going through my bajillions (that’s a number, right?) of digital photos. I am working to update my personal travel and design blog here that I have neglected for years.  276 altre parole


Sail Sunset in Venice

Experience a Venice sunset from the water on this evening sightseeing sail.

Get aboard our beautiful sailing boats, for this peaceful, picturesque sail to see the city… 102 altre parole

Things To Do In Venice

What kind of Business Artist are you?

Boom! After a bit of research and personal analysis, I conclude that there are 3 classes of Business Artist:

  1. The Corporate Business Artist
  2. The Fine Business Artist…
  3. 497 altre parole

Psychology of colour

There is more to colour than what meets the eye. Colour can represent an array of things to the viewer. To make things more difficult, a colour can have many different meanings to people, for example, in china red is associated with luck, however in the west, red is often the colour used to represent the Devil – Evil. 81 altre parole