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Monkey Shines

Hello, All & Happy Saturday!!

This ol ‘humor writer has uploaded his Oct. column.  Head over and read about the corporate hijinx that happens in “Monkey Shines” : … 7 altre parole


Apple has forced the entire tech world to realign

”The theme of the Box conference was mobile technology, and Cook asserted that businesses still have only a halting grasp of mobile’s potential,” Marcus Wohlsen reports for Wired. 289 altre parole


Going Corporate

Back into the belly of the beast!

So it is – I tried to get eaten, mangled, dismembered by it but upon arrival of the winged creature, I noticed he was old, toothless, all gums, with delicate digestion that cannot process creativity and sunbeams. 134 altre parole


“Don’t Play that Card” – The Glass Ceiling Remains

Now before you roll your eyes and think, “boy, not another one of these,” read on to hear my take on how women fit into the corporate jigsaw. 644 altre parole

Public Square

Russia Attacks ISIS In Syria

Yesterday Russian Sukhoi Su-25 & Su-34 fighters destroyed an ISIS command center, a logistics center and a terrorist training camp in Syria.

Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear during his meeting with US President Barack Obama last week that Russia would take a decisive role in helping Syria defeat ISIS. 382 altre parole

Dean Henderson

Edward Reidhead l'ha ribloggato su Deep Background... e ha commentato:

Hello Everyone! Here's a report on the mid-East from my friend Dean Henderson... If you see Dean in the media/TV you may notice that his Integrity is self apparent as he discusses complex and twisted reports on the mid-East and Financial matters... Enjoy- Edward  

Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Boryana Dineva as Vice President of Human Resources

Boryana joins the Wikimedia Foundation from Tesla Motors, where she led the Human Resources Analytics, Information Systems, and Operation groups. Photo by Myleen Hollero, freely licensed under… 455 altre parole