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Wikimedia Foundation welcomes Kourosh Karimkhany as VP of Strategic Partnerships

A long-time media executive, Kourosh Karimkhany has worked with leading companies such as Yahoo and Conde Nast — where he spearheaded the acquisition of Wired.com, Ars Technica and Reddit. 461 altre parole


CSR: What you didn’t know about Section 135 and didn’t bother to find out!

This post is in response to a column by a media person and friend featured in First Post.

The reason, of course, is to dispel the myths and mythology that seems to be surrounding common knowledge and understanding of Section 135, of the Companies Act, 2013, which makes CSR ( or much criticized  as the 2 percent tax) which companies have to make as part of their reporting. 1.846 altre parole


The Scoop – EHRs Today | Mobile Search to Engage | UBM’s Big Deal

One Direction news dominated today, making it a bit more challenging than usual to work on today’s Scoop. Back in my day, boy bands stayed together until it was good and… 476 altre parole


The City Spotlight is on Birmingham

Maybe it was due to a lack of regional knowledge, but Birmingham was never really a place that was on my travelling radar. I am ashamed to say that whenever I considered a visit to England, invariably my favourite ‘go to’ places were Manchester and of course, that distinctly well-known city of London. 1.206 altre parole


How Corporate Worship Can Confront Individualism

Good church leaders constantly confront the American Christian’s primary language, individualism.  We are born and bred to speak it fluently.  Yet, the notion that “we can do it”, “it is up to us”, “your life is in your hands” is antithetical to the grace of God and the blessings of sovereign providence.   331 altre parole


Urban Roots Salon - San Diego Photography

Our neighbor has been the proud and hard working owner of her very own salon for the past year or so. Everytime I drop by there is always something new and upgraded so I figured it was about time for me to come in and do some photos for her. 30 altre parole