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‘Przez całe życie byłem żołnierzem, stacjonowałem w Kalifornii i w Izraelu, w Europie też byłem. Tu wróciliśmy na emeryturę, ale niedługo też wyjedziemy. Do Lojy, tam mieszka nasza córka. 605 altre parole


Ecuador Going After 'Ink Assassin' Over Controversial Political Cartoon

Published by VICE News Feb 17

The government of Ecuador has sanctioned a well-known political cartoonist for his “offensive” depiction of an Afro-Ecuadorian politician, in a case that media rights advocates say is a clear sign of intimidation against opposition voices in Ecuador’s media. 1.343 altre parole



‘Przyjechałam tu bo.. miałam taką możliwość. Miałam siostrę w Ekwadorze, więc zdecydowałam się wyemigrować. To było 50 lat temu, od 40 lat prowadzę tu hotel.’ 850 altre parole


Educating the Poor

Many people claim that government must educate, because otherwise the poor would not be able to afford education for their children.

The only problem with this theory is the facts. 444 altre parole


What is art, anyway?

Yesterday I traveled to Quito all by myself to see some kind of art thing happening downtown. Way back when I was in Baños, I met a girl named Gabriela who lives in Quito, owns an art gallery and is quite a talented artist herself. 471 altre parole

What now for China-LAC?

by Margaret Myers

China is an increasingly important economic partner for Latin America. Although the Chinese economy has slowed somewhat in recent years, trade and investment in LAC are on the rise. 617 altre parole