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What to Know About the Election in Ecuador

On Sunday, February 19, voters in Ecuador will go to the polls to elect a new president and vote for members of the National Assembly. Here is what you need to know about the electoral process and the candidates: 368 altre parole

Domestic Politics

A Return to Political Instability for Ecuador?

By John Polga-Hecimovich*

General elections on Sunday could mark the beginning of the end of an impressive period of stability in Ecuador. Ecuadorians will elect a new congress and a replacement for the powerful and populist Rafael Correa, the longest-serving chief executive in the country’s history. 559 altre parole


So it’s dark and dingy out in the garden. The rain lashes against the windows, and when it is safe to get out into the garden there’s nothing really to see. 765 altre parole


Daily Flower Candy: Correa 'Marian's Marvel'

My sweetie jar has been a little empty of late, so I think it’s high time I resumed my occasional Daily Flower Candy series, highlighting some of my favourite garden-worthy plants. 478 altre parole


Relembre a trajetória do volante Corrêa, aniversariante do dia

Nesta quinta-feira (29), o volante Corrêa, que atuou por Palmeiras, Atlético-MG, Flamengo, Portuguesa, Fortaleza e Dínamo de Kiev, da Ucrânia, completa 36 anos de idade. Após disputar as duas últimas temporadas pelo clube cearense, o jogador está sem vínculo atualmente. 357 altre parole


Christmas Cheer

The last time I was up at 6am on Christmas morning I was ten. With a three-year-old in the house it was inevitable that we’d be roused before dawn to see if Father Christmas had paid us a visit: quite a shock to the system, especially for Him Indoors. 205 altre parole


Corrêa anuncia que não permanecerá no Fortaleza na próxima temporada

O volante Corrêa anunciou que não permanecerá no Fortaleza para o ano de 2017. O jogador, que disputou as últimas três temporadas com a camisa tricolor, usou sua conta no… 250 altre parole