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Thousands fill Ecuadorian streets to protest President Correa

Ecuadorians mobilized in cities around the country to protest Correa

Thousands of protestors trudged through pouring rain to protest President Correa and a variety of his policies today in Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca and additional Ecuadorian cities. 263 altre parole

The Trope of the 'New'

Perhaps the most annoying part about arts design and film is the trope of ‘New’. Why is the new so appealing to the human mind? Can you really sell your theory/concept/product/manifesto piggybacking on the claim of being a novelty? 159 altre parole



‘Przez całe życie byłem żołnierzem, stacjonowałem w Kalifornii i w Izraelu, w Europie też byłem. Tu wróciliśmy na emeryturę, ale niedługo też wyjedziemy. Do Lojy, tam mieszka nasza córka. 605 altre parole


Ecuador Going After 'Ink Assassin' Over Controversial Political Cartoon

Published by VICE News Feb 17

The government of Ecuador has sanctioned a well-known political cartoonist for his “offensive” depiction of an Afro-Ecuadorian politician, in a case that media rights advocates say is a clear sign of intimidation against opposition voices in Ecuador’s media. 1.343 altre parole



‘Przyjechałam tu bo.. miałam taką możliwość. Miałam siostrę w Ekwadorze, więc zdecydowałam się wyemigrować. To było 50 lat temu, od 40 lat prowadzę tu hotel.’ 850 altre parole


Ecuador president's social media counter attack

QUITO, Ecuador (AP) — Far from laughing along with those who poke fun at him on social media, President Rafael Correa has created a website and Twitter account to marshal digital counterattacks by his supporters against the “defamers.” 859 altre parole