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MySQL - Searching a String Between Comma Separated Values(CSV)

Comma Separated or Comma Delimited Values type of data format in which each piece of data is separated by a comma. They are used for storing many data as single data separated by comma(,). 185 altre parole


Import data values from file with separator using java in Oracle PL/SQL

An example of how to quickly and easily import data from a delimited text file into a table Oracle, using Java.
1. Create java source with name CSVReader. 724 altre parole


Ledger transaction import - CSV - Customer/Vendors

There is sometimes the need to import ledger transactions for Customers and Vendors. Below is a script that will create a journal for AP and AR transactions from a CSV file. 264 altre parole


Conferences, like circles, are pointless...

If you spend any time in the world of the nonprofit you realize one thing quickly, we LOVE to meet. I have been to every iteration of conference, convening, panel discussion, webinar and gathering you can think of. 521 altre parole


Java CSV-Parser Comparison on Github

There are quite a few Java CSV parsers available. If you are unsure which one to choose or you wonder how they perform, have a look at github. 50 altre parole


Resources are coming in, Grab your copy!!!!

Download resources page will allow you links to resources, materials, shapefiles and vector ready files relating to Nigeria. Kindly avail yourself of opportunity of clicking these links and have access to some real good shapefiles and vector data for use. 20 altre parole


#Microsoft Azure DocumentDB Data Migration Tool #Azure #HybridCloud

Microsoft Azure DocumentDB Migration tool enables migration of data to Azure DocumentDB from any of the following data sources: