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Importing Data into R

One of the most important features we need to be able to do in R is import existing data, whether it be .txt files, .csv files, or even .xls (Excel files). 588 altre parole


[Python] tuple and namedtuple


tuple is a built-in data structure of Python. In short, it’s a heterogeneous immutable collection.
heterogeneous: a tuple can contain items of different types… 623 altre parole


Generate CSV in Ruby on Rails

In case you want to generate a CSV file containing certain number of Rows and Columns into it then Ruby on Rails comes with it’s own Class called… 155 altre parole

Ruby On Rails

[Day 3][Lesson 4]Bắt đầu viết các chương trình C

Bài trước chúng ta đã nói về pointer, mình cũng giả định mọi người đã code thử các chương trình C và quen với những syntax đơn giản rồi. 789 altre parole


MS Excel: Prevent Scientific Notation When Using Text to Columns

When opening a CSV in Excel, text fields containing only numerals (invoice numbers in this instance) display in scientific notation.

1230555522 becomes 1.23E+09… 124 altre parole


process csv file comma within double quote by php

With CSV data export from ebay may have commas in it with double quote:

name,email,56,phonnumbere,GB,"house number, street name",comment,department,...

explode() from php will not process the right array. 27 altre parole


Reading CSV files with Powershell

Powershell has a wonderful commandlet that sucks a CSV file into memory in one go (import-csv), but the contents and methods required to read the CSV once you have loaded it are a bit odd. 198 altre parole

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