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Import of points in AutoCAD

Imagine you are working for a small construction business that can’t spend large amounts of money on advanced software but you need to bring coordinates into basic AutoCAD. 249 altre parole


How to convert a CSV file to a shapefile in QGIS using Python

In this task, we will use python scripting for converting a Comma-Separated Values file (also known as CSV file) to a shapefile using PyQGIS.

We will use a sample  500 altre parole


Creare in QGIS a legaturilor catre un fisier CSV

Stiu, e in italiana, dar un video face cat o mie de cuvinte.


Quando si importa un CSV in QGis, è necessario specificare solo 2 colonne X e Y. 21 altre parole

Importing from CSV data to Excel

Importing multiple CSV files from a source location to a single excel file with each tab named with loaded CSV filename. In this blog, we will go through steps to automate the above task via Windows’s Power Shell and via UNIX’s Perl scripting. 935 altre parole

Excel Tips

Oracle External Tables - Part 1

If Only I Could Write A SQL Query On Data in a File…

Imagine you have a text file with data in, such as a CSV (character separated values) or ASCII fixed width fields, wouldn’t it be great if you could treat it like a table and write SQL queries against in?   2.069 altre parole


Taming filebeat on elasticsearch (part 3)

This is a multi-part series on using filebeat to ingest data into Elasticsearch. In the first 2 parts, we have successfully installed ElasticSearch 5.X (alias to es5) and Filebeat; then we started to break down the csv contents into fields by using ingest node, our first ingestion pipeline has been experimented. 1.500 altre parole


Export Event Viewer to CSV

Getting access denied error messages or requests to export event viewer logs to a csv or txt file?

I’ve got your back! In this post I am going to show you some simple Power Shell / cmd line techniques to export Event Viewer logs with minimal hassle. 449 altre parole