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Export Power BI Desktop data to CSV Files

A few months ago I published a PowerShell module called PowerBIETL that allows you to export all your Power BI Desktop file data to a SQL Server database: 65 altre parole


Writing a CSV file in batches

CsvHelper is a great package for reading and writing CSV files. Sometimes you want to write a CSV file in batches, for example when you export a large database table to a CSV file. 86 altre parole


Edition 3#

Diagnosing a Linux-Only Unit Test Failure (Article)

Jon Skeet

” This is an odd one. I’m currently working on Cloud Firestore support for C#, and I’ve introduced a  231 altre parole

October 2017

Using Node-Red to graph scale data

Having used Node-Red briefly about two years ago, i decided to load it again onto the Raspberry Pi which listens for my BS440 scale. Just to dig into Node-Red and see where it got. 353 altre parole


Discover the recently added import options for RoboForm 8

RoboForm now supports data import from 18 different browsers and password managers, as well as CSV!

If you’re not currently a RoboForm user, it’s more than likely you have a list of passwords stored elsewhere. 228 altre parole


Reading nested parquet file in Scala and exporting to CSV

Recently we were working on a problem where the parquet compressed file had lots of nested tables and some of the tables had columns with array type and our objective was to read it and save it to CSV. 337 altre parole



beeline -u 'jdbc:hive2://my.example.com:7676/;serviceDiscoveryMode=zooKeeper;zooKeeperNamespace=hiveserver2-hive2' --outputformat=csv2 --showHeader=true -e "select * from database.hive_table" > HW_data.csv

Additional Parameters :

   --showHeader=       show column names in query results
   --headerInterval=ROWS;          the interval between which heades are displayed
   --fastConnect=      skip building table/column list for tab-completion
   --autoCommit=       enable/disable automatic transaction commit
   --verbose=          show verbose error messages and debug info
   --showWarnings=     display connection warnings
   --showNestedErrs=   display nested errors
   --numberFormat=        format numbers using DecimalFormat pattern
   --force=            continue running script even after errors
   --maxWidth=MAXWIDTH             the maximum width of the terminal
   --maxColumnWidth=MAXCOLWIDTH    the maximum width to use when displaying columns
   --silent=           be more silent
   --autosave=         automatically save preferences
   --outputformat=  format mode for result display
                                   Note that csv, and tsv are deprecated - use csv2, tsv2 instead 26 altre parole