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An Easy Way To Get Your CSV Data into Mongo DB

Do you have a bunch of CSV files laying around that you’d like to be able to run queries against? This post is going to discuss an easy way to accomplish that. 1.070 altre parole


Import, Export ASP.NET Core localized data as CSV

This article shows how localized data can be imported and exported using Localization.SqlLocalizer. The data is exported as CSV using the Formatter defined in the… 1.530 altre parole


Cannot write to csv with spark-csv in Scala


Name: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError
Message: Could not initialize class com.databricks.spark.csv.util.CompressionCodecs$

One line answer: make sure that the scala version is the same for


JSON to CSV with Jackson

Needed to convert some JSON output to CSV this week on one of my REST endpoints. Previously on this endpoint I was using Gson to do the conversion. 719 altre parole


Transforming CSV data to RDF with Grafter

Part of my work is to develop pipelines to transform already existing Open Data (Usually CSVs in some data portal, like CKAN) into RDF and hopefully Linked Data. 242 altre parole


Who is Claude Wiseler?

With the selection this week of Claude Wiseler as the leading candidate for the CSV, Bettel’s expected opposition for the position of Prime Minister is now known. 315 altre parole