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Intro to Julia: Filtering Rows with R, Python, and Julia

In one of my earlier posts I introduced the Julia programming language by comparing how you can read and write CSV files in R, … 5.124 altre parole


Import/Export CSV in Rails.

For exporting data from a rails model to CSV. Assuming you have a model Book with fields: name, author, code, isbn and image_url.

CSV.open("books.csv", "w") do |csv|
  csv << ["Name", "Author", "Code", "ISBN”,”Image URL"]
  Book.all.each do |book|
    csv << 
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Dat to csv with PowerShell

From our previous adventures installing Linux-like shells so we can use grep and sed, we may have given the impression of avoiding Microsoft tools. It’s time to correct that. 231 altre parole


Building Sustainable Futures - how CSR is becoming CSV

Simone Hindmarch-Bye is the co-founder of Commercial Group, and the brains/heart behind their CSR policies and achievements. Simone described the moment she was inspired to take action – after watching the 2005 film ‘An Inconvenient Truth’ (one of my favourite films ever!). 606 altre parole


Pycurl and Pandas - Get csv file and explore it

Importing libraries

import pandas as pd
import os as os
import pycurl
import csv

To get the location of current working directory


‘C:\\Anaconda’ To change the working directory… 362 altre parole


2015 in Pictures 27/52

We took the wolfdogs to a sensory garden for a couple of hours on Sunday afternoon. They had a huge enclosed area to explore, part of it was mown and some had been left more like a meadow with paths through it. 65 altre parole