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Import CSV or any delimited text file in Excel using VBA

This post demonstrates how to import CSV or any delimited text file in Excel using VBA code.

Each line in the text file is written into one row in a worksheet.

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Oracle Form 6i - Create File (.CSV)

l_out_file text_io.file_type;
l_linebuff VARCHAR2(4000);
l_path_full VARCHAR2(2048);
l_filename VARCHAR2(2048);
l_dash VARCHAR(4);
l_delimiter VARCHAR(1) := ‘,';

IF SUBSTR(, -1) ‘\’ THEN
l_dash := ‘\';
END IF; 67 altre parole

Create File

Checking how clean your CSV file is? CSV fingerprints (from @vicapow ) shows it visually

Now "unfortunately" the files I tried were all clean so showed up nicely with a full yellow screen and a two-colour version, but I can see where this can help quickly seeing if you have missed anything, especially when files get bigger. 43 altre parole


How to Open/ Export capture file as CSV from TCPDUMP in Wireshark

This is a short clip that demonstrates how to use a script that will run TCPDUMP, save the capture file and then open this file in Wireshark which then can be exported as CSV. 57 altre parole

Collection Data

The collection is tiny. Ten objects. It’s liberating to have such a small collection, because our work can be not related to understanding the scope and scale of it, but to quickly dive into stories about each object. 711 altre parole


The Simplest Way to Generate CSV Output From Hive in Linux Shell

If you are wondering the easiest way (at least IMHO) how to generate data output in HIVE in Excel-like CSV compatible format without modifying any table or using 3rd party java plugin is: 77 altre parole

Gak Penting

図一覧をCSVファイルに出力するプラグイン – 0.9.3公開