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Code to read a simple CSV file in Dynamics 365 for Operation

Hi Everyone,

In my today post i am going to show you, how we can read a CSV file in D365 for operation using temporary blob storage technique. 162 altre parole

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Getting Data Off Proprietary Glucometers Gets a Little Easier

Glucometers (which measure glucose levels in blood) are medical devices familiar to diabetics, and notorious for being proprietary. Gentoo Linux developer has some good news… 185 altre parole

Medical Hacks

Tutorial para aprender a crear capas de eventos en gvSIG Desktop

Hoy os presentamos un vídeo-tutorial que nos enseña cómo crear una capa de eventos, una de las tareas que antes o después necesitaremos hacer con nuestro SIG. 78 altre parole

GvSIG Desktop

BetaNews: Tad is a smarter CSV and data viewer

BetaNews: Tad is a smarter CSV and data viewer. “Tad is a free cross-platform tool for viewing and analyzing CSV files and tabular data. Open a CSV file and it’s displayed in a simple table. 20 altre parole

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Minecraft custom server implemented in C++, work in progress.

Currently implemented status checking, basic login with encryption and trivial chunk data upload. Socket listening on both IPv4 and IPv6. 149 altre parole


Seeding DB with Paperclip Images with CSV

I needed to seed my app, hosted on Heroku, with new users.  Since I wanted to created a lot of the them, I wanted to CSV.   181 altre parole


MySQLMove PivotWizard Adds SQL,CSV, MS Access Support and Chart Creation

If you haven’t been following along, MySQLMove is a tool that started out as a way for MySQL developers to do things the free tools to manage MySQL did not manage well. 1.242 altre parole