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Get installed SCSM Version for multiple computers by using PowerShell

I recently worked in a project where people are working with several Service Manager environments. First there is like a development environment where everyone does first steps and sees how it goes. 393 altre parole

Service Manager

Making a CSV file- using Notepad

What is a CSV file and what is its purpose?
CSV stands for Comma-Separated-Values. It is used to store tabular data in plain text. As the name suggests each value is separated by a comma. 113 altre parole


Python, XLRD, and Microsoft Excel Tutorial

Recently, I accepted a new job in an IT help desk after working in a major University/Hospital datacenter. During the course of my daily routine, I need to access a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet on a Windows network shared folder. 1.345 altre parole



Recently I had another challenge, which I believe has the characteristics to be a common problem. I have a table with attributes, in CSV format, one of which is geospatial. 558 altre parole

Data Mining

Fetch flat files from FTP into Salesforce

I have been working on this and found a way to fetch flat files from FTP into Salesforce. I have taken it for csv files. Below are the points to follow – 86 altre parole


Export mysql databases with mysqldump to .sql .csv

## mysqldump is the command to obtain all data and schema from mysql databases, mainly to migrate databases between servers.

mysqldump -u {user} -h {host} {database}  > ~/dump.sql…

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Re-pivoting data using OpenRefine's Columns to Rows feature


A frequent challenge for transforming time-series data (e.g. weather, meter data) is changing columns representing multiple times of the day to a single column or in OLAP terms what might generically be described as an “Hour of the Day” or “Interval” dimension. 179 altre parole

Columns To Rows