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Sering kali, kita memiliki data GIS yang berbentuk tabel atau dalam bentuk spreadsheet Excel yang diperoleh dari berbagai sumber atau integrasi dengan software lain, seperti integrasi dengan ENVI. 366 altre parole


Sneak Preview – HadoopOffice: Processing Office documents using the Hadoop Ecosystem – The example of Excel files

I present in this blog post the sneak preview of the hadoopoffice library that will enable you to process Office files, such as MS Excel, using the Hadoop Ecosystem including Hive/Spark. 127 altre parole


Logstash as CSV pump to ElasticSearch

Ever wondered if the Logstash can pump comma separated data into ElasticSearch? Yes, the whiskers man can do more!

This configuration was tested against version 2.4.0 and ElasticSearch 2.4.1 on Windows 7. 239 altre parole


Textual Data Export by Configuration

An often by customers wanted feature is to get a data export to a text/csv file, which can then be edited in excel or text editor. 762 altre parole

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Dirty Excel Secrets: CSV

While behind the scenes at Data-8 we have countless databases whirring, hundreds of bespoke workflows validating data, and what seems at times like unlimited storage, the input we often see and output we often provide are just humble spreadsheets and text files.   463 altre parole

Data Quality

No Server, No Org account - No Problem

Have you been working with shapefiles, .csv files or map notes in ArcGIS.com and wish that the resulting layer could be made available outside of the web map?  281 altre parole

ArcGIS Online

Importing Data into R

One of the most important features we need to be able to do in R is import existing data, whether it be .txt files, .csv files, or even .xls (Excel files). 588 altre parole