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SQL Server Timeout Error – Importing CSV file

Other day I got a SQL Timeout error while importing Article’s using a CSV file which is of 75 KB size.

Below are my troubleshooting steps and Fix . 205 altre parole


Reading CSV files from an SD Card

Writing CSV files to an SD card is a fairly easy matter, build a string, adding a comma between each number and send that string to the SD card. 295 altre parole


How to: Remove VMs from any Veeam Backup Job from a list

In this post I’ll demonstrate how to remove a VM from a Veeam backup job based on a csv list. The script is altogether at the bottom of the post. 228 altre parole


Reading CSV files with Python

Imagine that you have a CSV file named test.csv that looks like this:


Here’s what a Python file that reads the CSV file would look like: 231 altre parole

File Import

The most complicated system I have ever worked on is a custom file import tool created for the project I was on at Dialexa this summer. 1.142 altre parole