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How to import the Products data through csv file in OpenERP(Odoo)?

If you want to import the customer data through csv file in OpenERP(Odoo) follow the below mentioned steps:- Step-1 Go to purchases Menu and Click it. 66 altre parole

R and #: how to read header

If you want to read your file with the header you have to put following command and check that your header name should not contain # in the start fo the line containing header. 28 altre parole


Using CSV file with webMethods Integration Server

So you have built a webservice that do certain things on transaction model. Then you need to do the exact same thing, but instead of realtime, you need in a batch, processing certain amount of data at once, instead of one data per-request. 879 altre parole


Importing Data Into Your Table From A CSV

Written with [x] in mind:

  • Rails – 4.2
  • Ruby (and Ruby Standard Library) – 2.2.3
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy – circa. 1979



Fake data

I was listening to DotNetRocks on the way home, and they mentioned a fake data site… nothing special about that, but it’s useful to have at least 1 flagged that you can turn to when you need it. 32 altre parole


Cycle Stop Valve for your Water System

I recently installed a Cycle Stop Valve CSV1A to provide a constant pressure solution to my existing submersible pump, pressure tank water system.  It’s a very affordable solution to a common problem of well pumps cycling between 40 psi and 60 psi when drawing water for long periods of time.   478 altre parole

Constant Pressure

File berekstensi CSV

File berekstensi CSV (Comma Separated Value) atau *.csv merupakan bentuk file yang memiliki data tabular, yaitu data berbentuk baris dan kolom seperti file dalam Ms. excel. 78 altre parole