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#107 : Cyborg 009 (1966 movie)

Cyborg 009 equals the epitome of ‘Old School’. Or, perhaps that is a mistranslation; I prefer ‘Old is Cool’. Because with age comes wisdom, or so I keep telling myself as I keep adding up solar cycles and still retain the heart and soul of my youth. 686 altre parole


(AnimeCulture 文化) Ishinomori Manga Museum

Ishinomori Manga Museum(石ノ森萬画館) –  It is a manga museum in miyagi, Japan.  The museum has been opened to celebrate an anime event, a manga artist person, or a promoting situation by building this museum. 47 altre parole

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Episode 17: Advanced Custom High-Teen Podcast


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THIS WEEK: Despite the end of the world and despite Sven’s repeated attempts to drown himself, we take a detour from our detour to get back on topic. 171 altre parole