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Diary of a Comic Fan Part 2 - Look In Years

How do kids get into Comics today.

Not dissimilar to the ‘70s, it seems, by TV tie ins and now computer game and online app medium such as Mindcraft or graphic novels by the odd YouTube vlogger. 696 altre parole

Comic News

Olha a pata, pá!

Já é o 3º post em que falo de sapatos. Há uma razão de ser: o estilo tem de ter bons alicerces, devendo começar de baixo para cima. 196 altre parole

Moda&afins/Fashion And So On

Modest Super Hero

“Are you a superhero?” the snotty boy with a thin film of dayglo popsicle on his face, asks.

He was asking the man in the dandyish Edwardian suit of shades of blue plaid with skinny pants and mirror polished, brown leather shoes. 71 altre parole

Flash Fiction

World's First Phonetic Music Video from Johann Sebastian Punk!

Ever willing to challenge the norm, Johann Sebastian Punk, our favourite Italian pop star EVER, has released the first music video ever made which features phonetic subtitles. 29 altre parole


Five-Hundred Word Challenge 298: What Suffering

The desk is made of wood and I am sitting in front of it.

I don’t feel as tired as I have over the past few days. 508 altre parole


Do Write For Fame

Why be amongst, the futile clan
Whose passion’s but, an overkill
Better be a pawn, in their game plan
Who ain’t the ones, hunting goodwill! 81 altre parole


The Dandy

The first issue of children’s comic The Dandy arrived in December 1937. The final printed edition came out on 4 December 2012, the comic’s 75th… 277 altre parole