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Well, apparently (and I’ve just realised this) it is!! The only reason I know who a Dandy is, is because we were made to do an assignment on them in Second year at college. 506 altre parole


Space Dandy (anime)

Hello my darlings you’ve got Glamour and I’ve got…a dilemma. You see I’ve just watched all 28 episodes of this anime and I’m still not really sure what to say about it…. 825 altre parole

Anime Review

Jidenna adds Afrikaan heritage to Western Hip-Hop on The Chief

Most known for the legendary debut of “Classic Man,” Jidenna has proven to be just that. Earlier this year, Jidenna released his first album titled, “ 1.042 altre parole



Dandy is my range of all natural male care products. Carefully crafted and specifically formulated for men.

How did I start Dandy??… Why should I be the only one to enjoy the wonderful experience of using all natural skin care products….so I created a fuss-free, easy to use range for my significant other. 27 altre parole

Disco 2000

Comics, to me, are as important a piece of literature as any other. Like all art some are better than others, some exemplify all that is good about comics others exemplify all that is bad but to dismiss the entire genre as childish or in some way ‘low art’ is itself truly childish. 1.609 altre parole


Carpe Diem and what Space Dandy really is about:

If you ask anyone what Space Dandy is about, a word that will definately pop up is ”fun”. Some would say that the show is just about that. 379 altre parole