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Lets Get Aztec'd

Hey guys!! What’s up?

Hope you all are enjoying the monsoon whilst staying swish ;) . Its august, the month when the rains slowly calm down by the end of it and leave behind the greenery. 356 altre parole


We Are Your Overlords

Wednesday is not a dandified cocktail of a day. If you have no idea what I even mean read the previous post and still have no idea what I mean but realise I like the phrase so much I have repeated it for no good reason. 144 altre parole


You Snooze-day You Lose-day

Tuesday is a dandified cocktail of a day. A day for catching up with my son and hearing the good news that he’s been accepted onto the MA at Manchester he seemed most into taking. 110 altre parole


"Cotton Candy"

Day 5 finds me in a ribald mood. Thank you Sunde, for putting out the entirely innocent and innocuous term of cotton candy. I’ve made of it what I’ve made of it. 142 altre parole

August 2017 Poems-31 Daze

The Rise of the Rude Boy: Jamaican Style

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When one thinks of the term Rude Boy (Rude Bwoy) in the United States, the suggestive song lyrics of pop singer Rihanna’s tune of the same name come to mind. 569 altre parole

Fashion And Race