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Continuation of Gender throughout History #5

Due to the lengthiness of the previous post, this post will continue summarizing the Purdue article‘s explanation of the views of gender in the 19th Century. 494 altre parole

Fruit Tasting: A Pluot® Menagerie

We’ve got something special here today: a review of four different fruits! Well, they’re all pluots, just different varieties. What the heck is a pluot and why did I buy it? 2.106 altre parole


Dandy Denims

Hey Guys!!! Hope you guys are doing well, its been a long time since my last blog post. So the monsoon is over and the winters are approaching. 189 altre parole



The Dandy

Walks off the bus


Opens his umbrella


Like he stepped off a private jet


Who is The Hermit Poet?

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Human Condition


Dandy is another early Atari release that would go on to be extremely influential… even though relatively few people seem to know its name today. 84 altre parole

8-Bit Games