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Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to be completed after 120+ Years

Even after over 100 years, the Sagrada Familia that Antonio Gaudi started in 1882 and where he lived during its construction is still in the works to be completed… 54 altre parole


Deconstructivist is the appearance characterized by vehemently non-rectilinear forms, and the juxtaposition of divergent and often angular components.

Daniel Libeskind // Jewish Museum, Berlin

Remembering 9|11, Far from New York

“The light of Liberty shines through the Book of History. This Book is open to the memory of the heroes of September 11, 2001.” —Daniel Libeskind (1946– ) lead architect for New York’s re-imagined World Trade Center complex and designer of… 828 altre parole

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Historic Scale Models

And the Classic Buildings they helped design.

Would the world’s greatest architecture have been as beautiful –

Without the benefit of the architect’s scale model? 6 altre parole

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Here and There

Its been a while…None the less here are a few images from the travels I have done in the past year and a few buildings I found that were unique. 268 altre parole


Red + Black in the USA – The place where the world changed

The United States of America, a cultural powerhouse and dominant world player. Over three weeks the Red+Black Architect took a tour through a few of the most iconic pieces of the USA. 1.024 altre parole

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Spring Break in Berlin, Part 4 [March 2015]

Before we wrap up the Berlin trip, let me contextualize where I am as I write this. I’m currently sitting on the floor of a weirdly heavily populated terminal at Boston Logan airport at 1 am, jealously guarding a pair of electrical outlets beside me. 1.541 altre parole