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Daniel Libeskind + Alte Oper Frankfurt Concert Project

I received an email the other day from Nina Libeskind alerting me to a wonderful upcoming event in Frankfurt on 21-22 May 2016.

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Creative Process

Zaha Hadid and Sou Fujimoto Among 30 to Design Pre-Fab Pavilions for Revolution PreCraft

VOLU Dining Pavilion at Design Miami. Image Courtesy of Revolution PreCraft

Following the recent trend of luxury pre-fabricated structures like Muji’s recent three huts, Robbie Antonio’s “ 1.084 altre parole


The foreign press seems obsessed with the Freedom Tower, as if...

The foreign press seems obsessed with the Freedom Tower, as if it was the only thing going on here. In fact, we’re trying to keep a huge juggling act in balance, with the tower as just one of the many balls in play. 6 altre parole

Daniel Libeskind

Gaudi's Sagrada Familia in Barcelona to be completed after 120+ Years

Even after over 100 years, the Sagrada Familia that Antonio Gaudi started in 1882 and where he lived during its construction is still in the works to be completed… 54 altre parole


Deconstructivist is the appearance characterized by vehemently non-rectilinear forms, and the juxtaposition of divergent and often angular components.

Daniel Libeskind // Jewish Museum, Berlin