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L Tower Is Toronto's Biggest Eyesore

In case you were wondering what that 58-story monstrosity was on The Esplanade and Yonge Street, it is known as the L Tower. It is the work of… 363 altre parole


A gamble that paid off

PerspectiveThe largest privately-funded construction project in the USA at US$8.5 billion, the urban metropolis CityCenter in Las Vegas brings together an all-star crew of architects and designers… 363 altre parole


Reflecting everyday life

PerspectiveDaniel Libeskind tells Perspective about his first project in Singapore, Reflections at Keppel Bay

“It’s not just a physical reflection,” says Daniel Libeskind of his first and latest project in Singapore. 291 altre parole


The Wings / Studio Daniel Libeskind

© Immersive

Daniel Libeskind teamed up with the professionals at Immersive and Innovision to realize the four 10-meter-high, “shimmering” sculptures that are outlining the Milan Expo 2015… 54 altre parole


Friday Bench: Royal Ontario Museum

We were asked on the tour bus if we liked this building as it’s considered to be a controversial design. Yes, I do.


Living with history: a Berlin city centre walk

Germans live with history, Berliners especially so.  The city is dense with memorials and museums, each of which documents or remembers an aspect of the country’s fractured past. 3.685 altre parole


DAM, That's a Fine Museum

Article by Leann Schneider

Consider a museum without visitors. Suddenly, a center of carefully curated specimens with a purpose becomes an eccentric billionaire’s basement. In his forward to the collection highlights guide the director of the Denver Art Museum, Lewis Sharp, states, “great art and outstanding architecture do not constitute a successful museum experience. 783 altre parole

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