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Its been a while…None the less here are a few images from the travels I have done in the past year and a few buildings I found that were unique. 268 altre parole


Red + Black in the USA – The place where the world changed

The United States of America, a cultural powerhouse and dominant world player. Over three weeks the Red+Black Architect took a tour through a few of the most iconic pieces of the USA. 1.024 altre parole

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Spring Break in Berlin, Part 4 [March 2015]

Before we wrap up the Berlin trip, let me contextualize where I am as I write this. I’m currently sitting on the floor of a weirdly heavily populated terminal at Boston Logan airport at 1 am, jealously guarding a pair of electrical outlets beside me. 1.541 altre parole


L Tower Is Toronto's Biggest Eyesore

In case you were wondering what that 58-story monstrosity was on The Esplanade and Yonge Street, it is known as the L Tower. It is the work of… 363 altre parole


A gamble that paid off

PerspectiveThe largest privately-funded construction project in the USA at US$8.5 billion, the urban metropolis CityCenter in Las Vegas brings together an all-star crew of architects and designers… 363 altre parole


Reflecting everyday life

PerspectiveDaniel Libeskind tells Perspective about his first project in Singapore, Reflections at Keppel Bay

“It’s not just a physical reflection,” says Daniel Libeskind of his first and latest project in Singapore. 291 altre parole


The Wings / Studio Daniel Libeskind

© Immersive

Daniel Libeskind teamed up with the professionals at Immersive and Innovision to realize the four 10-meter-high, “shimmering” sculptures that are outlining the Milan Expo 2015… 54 altre parole