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Who's your choice for Gideon and Eva? 

Sylvia Day and Lionsgate TV want to know who the Crossfire Series fans would choose to cast for Gideon Cross and Eve Tramell.   

Sylvia Day tweeted asking her Crossfire fans who would we choose between David Gandy or Henry Cavill and Scarlett Johansson or Blake Lively.  172 altre parole

Gideon Cross

Just About 72 Percent Of Women Are In Total Agreement That This Is The 'Perfect' Type Of Man

Since our very earliest interest in boys, most of us have been searching for the perfect man. At 10 and 11, we flip through teeny bopper magazines equating perfection to pre-pubescent members of boy bands and from there, for the rest of our lives, we’re focused on the idea of… 562 altre parole

David Gandy, Lily James and Neighbours Turning 30: It's Been an Odd Old Week...

No word of a lie: most days at work are spent slavishly in front of my computer – replying to e-mails, grappling with excel documents and reading press releases are the reality of a day working on a magazine, not models, facials and glamour galore. 160 altre parole


Sunday Sizzle

Excerpt from BLOOD TOY

Image credit: By Walterlan Papetti [CC BY-SA 2.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.0)%5D, via Wikimedia Commons

PS.  David Gandy is a heartthrob.  There is a certain scene inspired by this pic.   11 altre parole

Dapper Dan's: 3.17.15

A depart from his recent militarized looks, Kanye West dons a clean and contrasting look while heading to the next show for London Fashion Week. While I prefer this more dapper side, (Don’t forget Fonzworth Bentley is his former ace.) I’m sure the army vet choices will soon return o enjoy it while it lasts! 97 altre parole


Ladies in Suits

After reading a post over at Zoe’s featuring images of actors in suits for the female population to drool over, it gave me the idea to do a post about ladies in suits for the guys out there. 245 altre parole

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