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Parasite origins

A plague of visions infests
his mind, his soul, the essence
of a putrid sort pervades the air
mingling with dolorous intent
to conjure the phantasms of loss… 179 altre parole

Album Review – Avulsion Rupture / Àglæccræft (2015)

If you believe in God, start begging Him to have mercy on your spinal cord when you listen to this very talented Black Metal act from the UK. 783 altre parole

Death Metal

Forcefed Horsehead - Hunting Witches

 In terms of raw brutality, Forcefed Horsehead have stepped down when it comes to their cover art design, but their music has increased compared to their last album, “Deux”. 185 altre parole

Metal Reviews


Welcome to the first installment of Metal Mondays! Every week, I’ll throw you guys a recommendation to add to your “Church Burning” or similar kvlt activity playlist. 85 altre parole


Piah Mater – Memories of Inexistence (Review)

Piah Mater are from Brazil and play Progressive Death Metal. This is their début album.

This is Progressive Death Metal that’s expertly played and produced. 178 altre parole


Gone Fishin' (I Wish)

Heads up to anyone who’s wondering why the posting frequency is down for the next month. I am not being lazy, or dead. It’s the time of  the  year when young actuaries  get  to do battle with CT exams, so the vast majority of the next month will be spent with my nose buried in financial equations (Y’know, keeping it super metal). 94 altre parole