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Thank you guys for ordering ”ORIGINS OF REBELS ANGELS” Australia limited edition CD’s. JIHADeathmetal and Xenophobic Entertaiment really appreciate your support which makes a huge difference for the bands. 101 altre parole

Bandung Death Metal

Music Review: Condition Critical CD: Operational Hazard

BY: TJ Fowler

Available: Now

Label: Burned by God Records

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Extreme metal has always been a very hit or miss category for me.  521 altre parole

Heavy Metal

Oldies throwback

A retreat into the past with 2 classic gems :)

Katatonia – Rainroom

Katatonia – Murder


TheTrueBringerOfDeathZine reviews AMLB

WRTX  takes  the  old  school  death  and  thrash  metal  styles  and  mixes  them  in  with  more  of  a  modern  metal  sound  to  create  their  own  musical  style,  the  production  sounds  very professional  for  being  a  self  released  recording  while  the  lyrics  cover  dark  and  real  life  themes.

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Jason had the pleasure of catching up with the lads from Oslo Faenskap – a bunch of heavy metal upstarts from… Oslo of course!
This being their first major European Tour supporting the legendary Black Metal band…

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DE PROFUNDIS signed with Wicker Man Recordings

DE PROFUNDIS have signed a worldwide deal with WICKER MAN RECORDINGS, a new label who is assembling a roster of original and exciting bands and with an excellent distribution throughout all major territories. 97 altre parole


[video] ENGRAVED DISILLUSION – Into Oblivion

Here is ENGRAVED DISILLUSION’s new music video for ‘Into Oblivion’, a track taken from their recent album “The Eternal Rest”!

It’s something quite different to our first single/video ‘Embrace The Flames’ in that it’s the heaviest song on the album with probably the catchiest chorus. 39 altre parole