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Rivers of Nihil - Monarchy Reviewed

Back when the first Rivers of Nihil album released, my readers were pretty split. The enthusiastic ones notified me of its existence and others scoffed at it being vapid metalcore. 458 altre parole

Entombed - Wolverine Blues

Yes, Wolverine Blues. Death Metal week is about to end and we continue with another classic album. I realize that thousands of people have written stuff about this album. 344 altre parole


Wake Up and Smell the Satan! – August 28, 2015

Greetings on this most bleak of mournings. I have arisen from my blackened tomb with great pleasure to bring you another installment of poisonous filth as your own day dawns. 153 altre parole

Daily 'Bang

Call of the Void tour poster

The Call of the Void guys are heading out on the road with Bleak in October. If you live east of the Rockies, they might be in your area then. 15 altre parole


Subterror - Antropomortum (Review)

This is the first EP from Brazilian Death Metal band Subterror.

Subterror play ugly, primitive Death Metal with elements of Grindcore/Crust.

This is raging and brutal music straight from the underground that tears through the 24 minutes on offer here like a frenzied animal looking for meat. 130 altre parole


Napalm Festival goes up in smoke

WORDS: David Creamer

Recently, the gig promotion company that was Napalm Promotions has been forced to cancel the long awaited Napalm Festival in light of Napalm Promotion’s… 364 altre parole

Death Metal

Review: Antiquus Infestus - Order of the Star of Bethlehem

I found these guys after reading a review of their ‘Cult of Ra’ demo in a Transylvanian zine I bought a few years ago. Man that sounds troo kvlt… Anyway, I looked them up, and it turns out their last EP is available for buy it now on Bandcamp. 192 altre parole