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How is it possible? Bands never discovered? The passion.

I think I’m amazed everyday that I surf the internet or talk to people.  I’ve been collecting music since the early 80’s.  Yet to this day and nearly everyday I am finding bands that I have missed through time or still discovering so much new shit.  497 altre parole

Death Metal

Lima's Legendary Grande Dame Gets A Makeover

The splendor of Peru’s vibrant capital city is on display at the newly renovated Country Club Lima Hotel, a historic property in the prestigious San Isidro neighborhood. 246 altre parole


Against the Spread: NFL picks Week 7

Last week went about as bad for me as it could have in terms of picks. Like, really bad. It’s a bad sign when you’re doing your picks and you keep wanting to switch games. 642 altre parole

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Taylor Swift Hosts Fan-Only 'Reputation' Playback at Rhode Island Home

By Scott T. Sterling

There’s no place like home, especially when you’re Taylor Swift and the home is an oceanfront mansion in Rhode Island.

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DYSMORFECTOMY - Hypothermal Dissection

From the depths of Carhaix Plouguer, France, Dysmorfectomy is a one man brutal death metal band formed in 2015 and has been getting some popularity through Slam Worldwide as this project is back with the sophomore album titled Hypothermal Dissection. 191 altre parole


Coraxo - Sol

Label: Snow Wave Records

Though it’s not what might necessarily be termed a big release, Sol, the second album from sci-fi inspired band Coraxo… 634 altre parole


Exclusive Premiere: Legend - 'Charging the Field'

What does it take to be a legend? Is it making incomparable milestones, breaking world records in summit, overarching and usurping another’s title for glory? Is it courageouness- do we measure a legend by their steadfastness in heart as they launch themselves into improbably difficult situations, with the intent and mindset to perservere? 611 altre parole