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Review: The Shiva Hypothesis - Promo 2015

Dutch death metallers The Shiva Hypothesis dropped their demo recording last year, and have kindly sent me a copy for review. They market themselves as for fans of Behemoth, Gorgoroth, Death and Immortal; bands that I rate very highly so I’ve got a bit of anticipation for this. 169 altre parole


Obscured Velitation

Last Thursday marked my first gig at a British venue since I saw Fallen at the Underground in Stoke at the end of May. I had a drive eastwards along the A50 to Nottingham to catch Californian death metal quartet Skeletal Remains play at the Running Horse. 704 altre parole


enough meathead metal vocals

i’m so fucking sick of the shitty growling vocals that have been dominating extreme metal for the last, oh i don’t know, 15 years? it sucked when it started and it sucks even more now because everyone has had more than enough time to realize that they’re not heavy. 345 altre parole

Album Review: Evil Priest - "Evil Priest"

As good as metal has been so far in 2016 — and that’s an understatement — the only thing that rivals it is metal that conjures up the inimitable past, and Peru’s… 327 altre parole


Tyla VS Xioliablue In 2016

even though it makes sense that Tyla is independent, the time has not yet passed again to even explain it.  Tyla took everything and is my past self legalized by government to be my name.  454 altre parole

A Brief History Of Modern History

I Woke Up Like This: Bolt Thrower - “Remembrance”

Karl Willetts visited my dreams last night, so this song being in my head when I woke up makes some sense.