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Dev Blog 8 (19/2/17)

This week mainly consisted of me going through and fixing glitches and bugs that one make the game hard to play and some that are just visual bugs. 649 altre parole

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Swift by name, Swift by nature

So, following the Makers Academy graduation, I and some of the other grads had a meetup where we caught up, and put our heads together to come up with some ideas for projects we would like to do over the upcoming weeks… There were quite a few good ones and a couple that I came up which really sang to me (as they would :-p ) … 101 altre parole


[DEV] Bézier Spline Road Generation

This week I implemented a Bézier spline path generation tool in Unity to use for track generation. With this tool the user can, in real time; enable or disable looping (when enabled the last point is aligned with the first), set the width of the generated path, set the number of segments generated both along the length of the path as well as across the width of the path, and change the type of each point. 183 altre parole


[DEV] Prototype start and technical tests

Hi , I’m of the programmers.

This week , we started on our first prototype for the game. As a baseline , we decided on an arena game where you had to defend against waves of enemies which would be based on melee combat. 102 altre parole


Model-view-controller architecture in Unity

This is going to be a more technical series of posts. I’m going to look at what’s going on under the hood in Delugional, and some of the approaches I took to keep the code manageable. 613 altre parole


The fun is in the making...

There are two kinds of people. People who like to play, and people who like the make things.  And among those who like to make things, I can see two more kinds of people between them: 537 altre parole


Pokémon Go is getting 80 new pokémon this week

Pokémon Go is getting a whole lot bigger very soon. Today developer Niantic announced that 80 new pocket monsters are coming to the mobile game later this week. 293 altre parole