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What are dependency injection and context?

Pretty basic concepts in software engineering… I learned them, but many years ago. So, when I have to read a document to learn a new language and stumble upon terms, my memory does not summon clear definition of them. 127 altre parole


Blind Brain

Got tight deadline here or maybe that i twas slowpoke that i can’t even imagine about how fast day come to another. And this day i begin to work on my assignment, yes. 184 altre parole


Modular MicroSPAs

Warning – this is just an unstructured thesis and a challenge for myself to find a solution for building applications with microSPAs. There is no real substance here, just me brainstorming and recording thoughts. 521 altre parole


Farming Simulator 2017 How to Enable Dev Console Tutorial

Farming Simulator 2017 How to Enable Dev Console Tutorial

This is a quick tutorial of how to enable (and use) the developer console for Farming Simulator 2017. 66 altre parole

Farming Simulator 17

[DEV] Reworked Camera System

Since the camera still had some issues outside of the first level, I decided to rewrite the cameraBehaviour script. I did this and now there is no possible way players can move outside the cameras view. 35 altre parole


2016 Albums of the Year: Blood Orange - Freetown Sound

The Telescope presents: the top albums of 2016. We gathered best-of lists from staff and contributors, crunched some numbers and came up with a list of records that unanimously wowed us this year. 351 altre parole