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Things to come

The point of this blog-post is to give you an introduction and an idea of who I am and what I’m offering. 60 altre parole


Strava Upload - A Library For Synchronization of Strava Activities and Other Services (Suunto Movescount, etc.)


Strava Upload is s simple library that  synchronizes moves (activities) with Strava. In the first version it supports moves from Suunto Movescount (a generic move/activity class is planned to support other services). 312 altre parole


New Version of the Movescount Backup v1.0.2 Has Been Released

A new version of the MovescountBackup v1.0.2 has been released. It fixes deserialization error while downloading GPS files from Movescount and contains code refactoring too. 16 altre parole


The Mistakes I Made As a Beginner Programmer

Let me make one thing clear first. If you are a beginner programmer, this article is not meant to make you feel bad about the mistakes that you might be making but rather to make you aware of them, teach you to spot signs of them, and remind you to avoid them. 6.944 altre parole


Determining the whereabouts of whales

Only recently did the Natural History Museum of London change their fossil centrepiece from Dippy the diplodocus, to Hope the blue whale, and already she is leading the charge to give scientists an insight into the life history of the largest animal on Earth. 380 altre parole

Oracle Dev Meetup

Another month and another Meetup.  Last night was the quietest session we’ve had. But then we covered Identity Management and whilst the subject is so important it isn’t too popular. 43 altre parole