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Android Dev Notes 4

Learned how to create animations today: http://developer.android.com/training/animation/cardflip.html
However, after seeing them in action I decided not to use them. I believe in smooth, minimalist UIs over fancy animations (remember PPTs, nobody wants to see an animation for every object) 30 altre parole

Android Notes 3

I have an idea: allow the user to directly post to Facebook, imgur, Reddit, etc. Link an account and 1-click directly post.

In the future maybe integrate with Firebase + Ionic framework for a fluid UI. 67 altre parole

Android Dev Notes 2

Pro tip for centering the hint within an EditText:
I found this gem on SO :)

I have to say though, even though the UI is unfinished, I am immensely proud that I have been able to create a UI that is responsive, has potential to be fluid and beautiful. 46 altre parole

Android Dev Notes 1

I managed to get my custom dynamic action bar working for the main UI, integrating with fragments. It’s quite responsive, being lightweight and less than 20 line of code for each fragment, not counting layout files. 91 altre parole

Introducing StaffPad

StaffPad is a revolutionary new music notation application for Windows 8.1 and Surface.

StaffPad allows composers, musicians, students, teachers – anyone interested in music – to write notation by hand directly onto virtual manuscript. 30 altre parole


Upload File via DOS Command

Trés simple si vous souhaitez copier un doc vers une bibliothèque SharePoint via une commande DOS.

net use r: http://sharepoint/sites/Demo/Documents%20partages
copy “C:\Users\Documents\Stats.xlsx”  “r:\Stats.xlsx”