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DEV - New build

So we are getting towards a final result. I’ve uploaded a new build that contains some new awesome stuff like enemies that break apart when they get destroyed. 23 altre parole


AI Ragdoll + Player Interaction

Player Interaction:
– Elevator

– New Pick Up display & Automatic Pick Ups

AI Ragdoll:



I’m enjoying the work that Kyle Simpson has done on understanding how the compiler (yes, he says JavaScript is a compiled language not an interpreted one) declares and hoists functions and values. 594 altre parole

Mac Configuration

Turn off mouse acceleration

$ defaults write .GlobalPreferences com.apple.mouse.scaling -1

The default is 0.5 if you want to restore it.


Notes From ReactATL Meetup

Great time tonight at ReactATL Meetup hosted by Andrew Smith and Taggart Bowen-Gaddy. It was an open format where people could come in with questions or examples and just talk code. 301 altre parole

Four Steps to a Better GitHub Profile for Bootcamp Grads

When I graduated from Dev Bootcamp, I didn’t know how to market myself to employers. What’s the best way to market myself so I can at least land a technical phone screen?  965 altre parole


The Car is an Engine

Over the past few weeks I worked on my 2008 Nissan Maxima. While I had changed the spark plugs late in 2015, I never thought about publishing a post on the experience. 1.248 altre parole