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Get a job's console logfile from a Jenkins pipeline

Here’s a short tip describing how to access to a pipeline job’s own Jenkins console log. You may need it for whatever purpose, whether it is archiving the logs along with the created artifact or taking any build decision after analyzing the logs. 159 altre parole


Prince Quest: Game Expo Edition

Prince Quest has been a sort of pet project for us while learning GameMaker Studio 2.  This platformer takes inspiration from classics like Mega Man X, implementing dashing and wall jumping for a fluid movement system to complement levels with a high degree of verticality. 225 altre parole


In the beginning...

Right then, let’s get this cleared up… I have no idea what I’m doing.

This project is going to be run over the summer until I reach university. 503 altre parole


Automatycoon: Game Expo Edition

For those that are keeping up with Automatycoon, this release of the game was the version we showed off at the Florida Polytechnic Game Expo.  171 altre parole


Mexico Is More Welcoming To Haitian Immigrants Than The US

Haitian migrants, a group that President Trump singled out as particularly unwelcome immigrants, have found a home in Mexico, as the United States turns away increasing numbers of asylum seekers at the border. 377 altre parole


Learnt Jekyll!

Oh nu, previous post was longgg! To compensate, here’s a short one. (yey an excuse! haha)

I learnt a new way to make a website: with… 28 altre parole


Android: Splash Screen with Kotlin

There are different opinions on whether having a splash screen on your Android application or not.

Personally, I think splash screens are a good place where you can showcase your app’s nice design and give your users a good first impression. 305 altre parole