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Sia Announces New Core Dev, Duplicati Integration and Community Resources

Sia, the decentralized cloud storage platform that uses SiaCoin as its settlement currency, has published a new blog post today, describing the most recent developments in the project’s ecosystem. 10 altre parole

Tensorflow 설치 (Windows)

인공신경망 구현에 큰 도움이 되는 라이브러리인 Tensorflow는 Windows에서도 지원됩니다.

원래 글 : Tensorflow API 문서

2017 – 10 기준

Python 설치

우선, Python을 설치해줍니다.

python 3.5 다운로드 페이지 41 altre parole


Integration of commerce systems into CoreMedia

CoreMedia is a powerful content management system that can easily integrate with commerce systems to provide seamless augmentation of commerce shop systems. We provide the integration code for the open-source Magento system as an example of this. 595 altre parole


Done: Night at the museum ☑️

I’ve been AFK for a while (holiday) so I just wanted to post the details of the final version of night at the museum I finished a few weeks ago that I delivered as part of my Udacity VR course. 432 altre parole


Interpreting Feedback: Asteroids and Laser Wars

Theres a theory that consumers don’t know what they want to buy. I think this is for the most part cynical and disrespectful, but it is based on something true. 424 altre parole


Propagating Agile habits and a state of mind

Agile is a state of mind. Developing agile habits is crucial. The agile lines between the business and IT are blurry. Business and IT conduit talent knows this well. 1.124 altre parole