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We are, because they were.

“Suddenly, all of my ancestors are behind me. “Be still ” they say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands”– Linda Hogan…

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Weekly Update: Week 6

Finalizing the UX

This week’s changes consist of a plethora of things. First of all, the UI has been updated with custom icons and images to be more coherent with the style of our. 206 altre parole


[Dev]Small tweaks & Bug fixes

worked on fixing bugs in target indicator ,powerup timers and  tweaking randomisation script.


[DEV] Implementing the HUD

This week I implemented HUD functionality within the updated framework. It contains health bars, energy bars, an enemy counter and a victory- and deathscreen.

If either player dies the game is lost, the light beam ability now uses energy in stead of charges. 44 altre parole


[DEV] Managers, bug fixes

This week was mostly spent on fixing bugs, improving the structure o
f our code, and adding more to the managers. Some bugs were created by moving things around and being moved to the managers, which sometimes made variables not accessible. 54 altre parole


[DEV] Progress Week 6

  • All enemies for one wave can be inserted into one single .txt document. Spawns can also be assigned an index to make the spawn a certain wave…
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[DEV] Camera Improvements 📸

This week I focused mainly on improving the camera. First, I added three options for the camera’s position, which can be cycled through while playing. 194 altre parole