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19 de enero del 2019

Llegue a una exposición en la Cdmx. Empecé a observar cómo conformaba la luz en las esquinas. Todo brillante para que resaltaran los cuadros. Observé sus técnicas con detenimiento. 129 altre parole


The Beauty Benefits Of Shea Butter (and The Shea Butter Lotions You Should Get)

When it comes to the benefits of Shea butter, listing the things this miracle ingredient doesn’t do would be a much shorter list than going through all its attributes. 122 altre parole


7 Best Drugstore Skin Care Launches For 2019 (So Far)

* Innovative products with affordable price points
* Anti-aging serums, masks, lip balms, and more
*  Commit to your skin care routine in 2019

If one of your New Years resolutions to take better care of your skin without breaking the bank, you’re in luck. 742 altre parole


Semana 2: consolidando hábitos

Essa semana o foco foi em consolidar os hábitos que estou cultivando. Mantive os treinos de corrida, ajustando os dias de treino de acordo com outros compromissos que também são importantes para mim. 256 altre parole


How to Choose the Right Collar for Your Face

No man is an island—and his collar shouldn’t be either. A gentleman’s shirt collar does not exist in isolation. It has the important job of framing your face, which is very handsome to begin with and deserves plenty of attention. 565 altre parole


Neutrogena Just Launched an Oil Based Version of Their Best-Selling Retinol Serum

* Lightweight and fast absorbing
* Dramatically reduces the appearance of wrinkles
* Intensely nourishing

Neutrogena is always on the cusp of the latest and greatest in skin care. 213 altre parole


This “Nutt Butter” Lotion is (Almost) Exactly What it Sounds Like

* Refreshing, anti-chafing lotion for men’s nether regions
* Formulated with aloe and shea
* Not for toast; does not go well with jam

This multipurpose lotion isn’t afraid to proclaim its true purpose. 229 altre parole