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Lived-In Review: The PMD Kiss Lip-Plumping System

* Promises fuller, more luscious lips
* Instant and lasting anti-aging and plumping effects
* Pain-free suction technology

As a beauty aficionado, I just love when new skincare and makeup products hit the market — especially when they claim to get rid of fine lines, erase enlarged pores and magically plump and tighten  858 altre parole


I once wished we hadn’t meet you. There were times I felt lonely and lost.

I look at my friends, they were the best students in the class. 269 altre parole


Banish Dull, Tired Skin With This Delicious Sounding Organic Vegetable Enzyme Facial Peel

* Gentle, natural enzyme facial peel
* Brightens dull, tired skin
* Combats visible signs of aging

Eminence Organic, the Hungarian skincare line, is all about natural ingredients, putting out products made from 100% organically grown, hand-picked fresh herbs, fruits, vegetables and pure spring water in their products. 182 altre parole


Hogueras ardiendo.

Una noche como la de hoy hace diez años estaba en mi habitación haciendo pompas de jabón para hacerme una foto en ráfaga. Llevaba mi primer sujetador negro y unos pantalones cortos. 224 altre parole


Can This Pillow Revive Your Skin?

* Pillowcase to rejuvenate your skin
* Technology and colorproven to last over 100 washes
* Younger looking skin in as little as 4 weeks… 286 altre parole


SPY Guide: 5 Best New Sunscreen Brands

* Most important product you can buy for the summertime
* New formulations make application a breeze
* New brands feature skin soothing and moisturizing ingredients… 690 altre parole

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Bất kỳ lời nói hay hành vi nào bản chất nó vẫn thế, chẳng có cách nào lấp liếm rằng nó mang hàm ý khác. 265 altre parole