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Revealing the secrets of Cyprus: Ancient Akrotiri Project

Phil Abramson, an Archaeology Advisor in DIO shares through his blog about a multi-disciplinary project using archaeological excavation, survey, geo-morphology and marine archaeology to get to grips with how the peninsula has been formed and exploited over several thousands of years… More information


#ThrowbackThursday: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow by Rainbow

For the first of these Throwback Thursday posts I thought I would take you as far back as possible within the music I regularly listen too, while still keeping it connected to metal. 215 altre parole

Moonlight Metal Review

Deejay Dio - Vibrate Mixtape @08082706312

Deejay Dio {🎧📀Dio~Baba📀🎧} has done is visibility studies and find out what the fans like to listen to in a time like this and the Mix shows how Interesting 2017 has been and how 2018 is going to look like. 228 altre parole


The Nine Circles Playlist Vol. 25 (1.15.2018)

Fifteen days into 2018 and I’m already blown away by metal’s new releases and equally blown away by what’s to come. It was a busy weekend that was surrounded by a handful of these albums and by last night it hit me that I hadn’t listened to the same album twice (well, I did listen to that… 69 altre parole

Audio Things

Song Of The Day: Shadow King, "I Want You"

Shadow King was the hard rock supergroup that imploded on arrival. With the success of Damn Yankees, it’s not surprising that labels were looking to replicate that phenomenon. 112 altre parole

Song Of The Day

Tarot Diver 3

Last time we discussed suffering, and the way out of it. Now it’s time to see where this album leads us. 1.216 altre parole