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TAXI - 13.09.15

Far away from the opulence of a grand stage (or even the ambience of a studio), Dirty Protest’s latest offering was in a cramped and stuffy café basement. 455 altre parole


A Dirty Protest

Our previously pretty living room now resembles a soft play area. There are no nicknacks in reach of little hands, brightly colored pieces of plastic are scattered everywhere and half of the floor is covered with large foam mats. 162 altre parole


Around the Villages: April Announcements

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the naughty step

In the Stratheden IPCU (intensive psychiatric care unit)/Ward 4, Fife, Scotland, February 2012, a young nurse described the seclusion room as “the naughty step”.  She was on duty when my son was locked in this room for hours overnight, in the dark, for at least the fourth time.  481 altre parole

Chrys Muirhead

Barclays Bank Closed After Man Deposits Piles Of Steaming Poo (GRAPHIC PICTURES)

Note: Now here’s a peaceful, creative means of fighting tyranny, while letting off a little steam…literally :)

South West News Service  |  Posted: 30/06/2014

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News And Politics

Dirty protest in Doncaster - Conviction appeal fails

We became aware of a story about a man from Doncaster who staged a dirty protest at a police cell. The Star reported  that Allen Vincent appeared in court for a two-day hearing in front of a judge and two magistrates. 443 altre parole

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