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The Builder Pattern (Part IV): Automated Implementations

In a previous post (The Builder Pattern (Part II): Implementation), we looked at how to implement the Builder pattern in Java. But… what if we didn’t have to write the code? 1.529 altre parole


The Builder Pattern (Part III): Implementation Tweaks

Roll up your sleeves: we’re going to dig in and look at some Java bytecode today!

In our previous post (The Builder Pattern (Part II): Implementation… 1.185 altre parole


Completely Owning the Dreamcast Add-on You Never Had

If you’ve got a SEGA Dreamcast kicking around in a closet somewhere, and you still have the underutilized add-on Visual Memory Unit (VMU), you’re in for a treat today. 434 altre parole


day 164

Got the front window in, I bought way to long a cap so that will have to be done later. Started the disassembly of the rear window, afraid the glass did not survive.

Vintage Trailer

Hacking a DLL - Disassembly for beginners

At the beginning of this month, the Mossad published a hacking challenge. out of curiosity I took some time playing with it and while progressing within the challenge I discovered a dll file which should contain a hint (admin password for a fake chat room). 325 altre parole


Disassembly for parts: Sharp AR-M201 All-in-one printer/scanner/copier

IĀ found a all-in-one printer in a container and IĀ figured it would be interesting to take it apart to see the inner workings and maybe find some interesting electronic parts I could use for other projects. 259 altre parole