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Reverse Engineering Guitar Hero

What do you do when a ten-year-oldĀ video game has a bug in it? If you are you fix it, even if you don’t have the source code. 256 altre parole

Software Hacks

Sony D-141 Discman

Over the weekend I received this very cute Sony Discman from a local book and comic and game and collectible and whatever-you-can-think-of store. It was given to me by the owner and said he’d charge me if it works but if not, then whatever. 615 altre parole


The Builder Pattern (Part IV): Automated Implementations

In a previous post (The Builder Pattern (Part II): Implementation), we looked at how to implement the Builder pattern in Java. But… what if we didn’t have to write the code? 1.529 altre parole


The Builder Pattern (Part III): Implementation Tweaks

Roll up your sleeves: we’re going to dig in and look at some Java bytecode today!

In our previous post (The Builder Pattern (Part II): Implementation… 1.185 altre parole


Completely Owning the Dreamcast Add-on You Never Had

If you’ve got a SEGA Dreamcast kicking around in a closet somewhere, and you still have the underutilized add-on Visual Memory Unit (VMU), you’re in for a treat today. 434 altre parole


day 164

Got the front window in, I bought way to long a cap so that will have to be done later. Started the disassembly of the rear window, afraid the glass did not survive.

Vintage Trailer