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ESP8266-EVB support for JTAG development with flash load, breakpoints, disassembly, step debugging in Visual Studio C/C++

Ivan Shcherbakov @SysProgs shared interesting article. He wrote support for ESP8266-EVB to VisualGDB Visual Studio plugin for embedded software development in C/C++.

With this plugin you can use JTAG to debug code in ESP8266, also to set breakpoints, view the disassembled code etc. 9 altre parole


Uh oh

This Cobra is in the shop to get a fresh new paint job. Unfortunately, the left quarter, left door and rear bumper  have been repaired before. 151 altre parole


Products Leegoal T8 Tamper Proof Screwdriver Security Torx Driver

Xbox One Consoleby MicrosoftPlatform: xbox One3.8 out of 5 stars See all reviews (515 customer reviews)Price:$499.99 Eligible for free shipping with Amazon Prime.In stock on December 31, 2013.Order it now.Ships from and sold by Amazon.com. 286 altre parole

30 minutes per bolt

It took at least a ½ an hour for each of the four bolts attaching bumper brackets to the bumper. Big wrenches, grinders, cut off wheels, and cold chisel to get er done. 38 altre parole


Its Toyota week

This Corolla was involved in a moderate fender bender late last week. We have parts on order and most should come in tomorrow. We will be sending this over the frame shop, hopefully tomorrow to get a light pull on the front end to move everything back into shape. 15 altre parole

Collision Repair