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Its Toyota week

This Corolla was involved in a moderate fender bender late last week. We have parts on order and most should come in tomorrow. We will be sending this over the frame shop, hopefully tomorrow to get a light pull on the front end to move everything back into shape. 15 altre parole

Collision Repair

Running Boards

I pulled the running boards off the donor truck. The first one was a pain in the neck. The first two bolts, square bolts, I was able to get a socket wrench on them and broke them in half. 65 altre parole


Radare Visual Mode Dynamic Debugging

To follow up on my last post on working with radare, I wanted to talk about visual mode. This is a mode that is more familiar to me specifically the debug print mode. 71 altre parole


June 20, 2015 - Indoor Game

The yard moved Loblolly indoors this week, as promised.  I stopped by on Friday and tore the shrinkwrap off.  What a relief!  No more ducking under and stepping over straps.   220 altre parole


Disassembly and Debugging with radare2

I started off with a simple program to work with disassembly and debugging.
int main ()
return 42;

I saved this code in a file called basic.c. 209 altre parole



The parts truck has been stripped of all the front sheet metal and brackets:

Still need to pull the hood but will need help for that. 31 altre parole