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September 13, 2015 - Stbd Chainplates; Port Side Deck; Bow Pulpit and Stem Fitting

I began today longboarding the port side deck outboard of the cockpit.  After sanding I checked it with a straightedge and declared it done.

I then turned my attention to the starboard chainplates.   251 altre parole


September 12, 2015 - More Work on Aft Hatch; Filling and Fairing; Bow Pulpit Unbolting

I started today sanding the port side deck outboard of the cockpit.  Still some low spots remaining, so I applied more epoxy filler.  I then did the same with the new base for the new aft hatch. 133 altre parole


Catching Up...

Well, summer is past, vacations and Annual Guard Training are over and I finally have time to sit down and catch up on the blog.  We’ve made a lot of ground on the Jeeps and I’ll hit the high spots here. 771 altre parole



Yesterday and today was spent doing quite a bit of sanding on this Chevy truck. We still have a fair amount left to sand on it but this is showing some great progress. 11 altre parole



Between yesterday and today, we have pretty much disassembled this ’86 Chevy truck. We will start the body work and sanding process later this week. Since the owner purchased this truck new, he really wanted to step up and make it nice again. 17 altre parole

Body Filler

Getting Fit.

This little Honda came in to get a minor collision damage fixed up. We will be installing a new fender and repairing the front bumper and the left front door. 86 altre parole

Collision Repair