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day 2

Pulled the siding off the door side of the trailer. This side will have to serve as the shape pattern.

Vintage Trailer

Seeking Treachery in a Questionably Sourced Phone

Have you ever considered sourcing an off-brand phone from the China markets? Why, or what stopped you? The answer is data and identity. You are trusting both when you decide to use a smartphone. 268 altre parole

Security Hacks

The Virago - Part 1 : Disassembly

Purchased in december 2011, the 1997 Yamaha XV535 Virago was my first “big”bike (previously owned a little Kawasaki 100 two-strokes).

Some specs, as listed by… 111 altre parole


No disassembly required

Remember a long time ago (for those of you who were around a long time ago, like me) how popular model cars were? Frankly, I’m not sure they even exist any longer. 1.242 altre parole

Coleman 501 Camp Stove

The Coleman 501 camp stove was a short-lived stove from 1962, which was recalled for safety reasons, and succeeded by the safer and more successful 502. 715 altre parole

Stoves And Lanterns

Back From the Lost...

It’s been too long since I last posted to my blog on the Jeep.  Since the last post we’ve had a pretty wild winter where we didn’t get a lot done in the shop.  1.739 altre parole


OM in the News: Designed for Demise

Apple just introduced a piece of technology that will likely never be used by any consumer. Instead, it kind of cleans up after them: a robot that breaks down iPhones for recycling. 265 altre parole

OM In The News