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Disassembly for parts: Sharp AR-M201 All-in-one printer/scanner/copier

I found a all-in-one printer in a container and I figured it would be interesting to take it apart to see the inner workings and maybe find some interesting electronic parts I could use for other projects. 259 altre parole


Notes on "Get Out"

Now, I’m not going to list out my whole disassembly, since that would be longer than what I want my individual posts to be.  But below are some observations that I think are interesting for thinking about the movie.   760 altre parole


On Plot Disassemblies

I like to take movies and books and disassemble them to see how earlier plot points, images and dialogue justify later plot points, images and dialogue.   181 altre parole


The Nintendo Switch disassembled

Last Friday, Nintendo released their newest console “The Nintendo Switch” and like with most devices released, there were a whole slew of destruction videos. If you’re not into those, you may enjoy a careful disassembly video of the console. 28 altre parole


I disassembled my Galaxy S4.

There’s the photo.

I disassembled it cuz I accidentally put my phone near the shower while I was showering, and my phone was soaked.

It had charging issues. 70 altre parole


How to disassembly & clean Delux Mouse

I like using a Delux Mouse (We called vertical mouse)because I want to Health Hand. This mouse can relax my channels and collaterals.  If not using this kind of mouse. 39 altre parole

It Really Works! (Pallet Disassembly)

I mentioned this earlier. I finally built one for myself, and it really works! It takes about 3 minutes to disassemble a whole pallet.