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Crosman 451 Hammer saga: Part 3

I made a separate model of the different components and their relationship based on a photograph over which I traced the contours.

I will try to give you the short version of the problem. 826 altre parole

Crosman 451 Hammer saga: Part 2

I went to my friend’s place to use his metal band saw to roughly cut the shape.

Back to my place, it was time to fine tune the contour with files. 1.186 altre parole

Crosman 451 Hammer saga – Part 1

Canadian World of Replica Air Pistols reader R-Gun Pete recently added a vintage Crosman 451 to his already vast collection of replica pistols. Like many 451 owners, he was concerned about the fragile sintered steel hammer which has been known to break. 2.409 altre parole

Replacing the Keyboard for Dell N4030 Inspiron

Hi guys!!! So recently I’ve been playing games a lot…. And some moments where it’s quite difficult to beat the boss I smash the keyboard hard.this eventually lead me to a keyboard with broken keys and sometimes I have to press hard to get the output. 147 altre parole


Home Again

The more I looked into the parts that were needed, the more I came to suspect that other parts and repairs might be required as well.   112 altre parole

day 2

Pulled the siding off the door side of the trailer. This side will have to serve as the shape pattern.

Vintage Trailer

Seeking Treachery in a Questionably Sourced Phone

Have you ever considered sourcing an off-brand phone from the China markets? Why, or what stopped you? The answer is data and identity. You are trusting both when you decide to use a smartphone. 268 altre parole

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