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May 24, 2015 - Upper Rudder Bearing Removal; Cleaning up Repair Site

I spent a good deal of time today making sure I understand how the rudder is put together, and figuring out how to deal with the extensive water intrusion I found yesterday in the awkward area around where the rudder post rises through the deck. 392 altre parole


May 22, 2015 - Poopdeck Upper Skin Removal; Upper Rudder Bearing

When I bought the boat I know there were some areas of water intrusion into the balsa core in the deck.  One of the problem areas I knew about was the poopdeck, aft of the cockpit.   334 altre parole


May 18, 2015 - Toe Rail Removal

I had a couple of hours free after work so I stopped by Loblolly on the way home and removed the remaining foredeck toe rail on the starboard side.   40 altre parole


May 17, 2015 - Removing Companionway Teak; Grinding and Sanding

It was in the low 80s and muggy today.  After about half an hour under the cover sanding the areas that I’d previously filled I started to recognize the early signs of heat exhaustion – not a good way to get much done on the boat.   348 altre parole


D day

I spent most of the day working on the Ghia. I started by removing the spaghetti system aka that big conglomerant of wires in the first two pictures. 115 altre parole

High Performance Finish

No go

We are slowly getting the Ghia disassembled. Today we pulled the engine and broke down the bumpers. The bumpers will be getting modified next week, then sent out for new chrome. 82 altre parole

High Performance Finish

Seat frame

Worked on the seat frame some more today. Took it apart to figure out why the slider was stuck, 60 years plus of crud I suppose.