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HTC ONE M9 :- Disassembly,Teardown and Screen Replacement Guide

We bring you the latest “HTC M9″ repair dis-assembly.

This is not at all an easy process. We suggest you to take it to the nearest HTC repair center if you break any thing.Trust us, it’s hell repairing this phone yourself.


Samsung Galaxy S6 - Looking Inside

Some users have already got their first Samsung Galaxy S6 final samples and disassembled them to take a look inside.

Time ago there were a leakage of its user manual, suggesting that its internal battery could be exchanged easily: 288 altre parole

Galaxy S6

In Search of a Donor...

In Search of an “Organ” Donor

It’s the beginning of August and Joel’s headed off to Advanced training (artillery school, he likes to blow things up).  930 altre parole


FSExploitMe and Exploit-Exercises

If you are interested in learning about ActiveX exploitation, security researcher/consultant/professor Brad Antoniewicz has created FSExploitMe for just that purpose.

You’ll want a copy of Internet Explorer 8 to get the most out of it, but fortunately you can… 71 altre parole



After disassembling I’ve started with the framework (welded rear), sandbasting and coating follows.


imMISCible - No cON Name CTF Qualifiers 2014

This is one of the challenges that I managed to solve in NCN 2014 qualifiers and decided to write about it as a lot of the knowledge involved here about how Python works was new to me. 893 altre parole

Cherry Strait wired keyboard disassembly

The Cherry Strait wired keyboard is one of the best (if not the best) keyboards I have ever used.

I really like it because it’s quite comfortable to type and also quite silent. 256 altre parole