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Samsung Gear 360 (Looking inside)

It looks like 2016 will be the year of Virtual Reality explosion phenomenom and general availability for everybody, and not only for consumption of contents (glasses), but also for creation. 213 altre parole


January 4, 2016

Loblolly’s hull and deck are as ready to paint as I can get them until the yard moves her over to the paint shed.  The one other thing I can do is scribe the waterline – I’ll do that just before we move her to the paint shed.   593 altre parole


Disassembly required

The couch left first, about a month ago. My bed went next. A week after that, the kitchen table and chairs walked away. Unworn clothes, unwanted gifts, and unused kitchenware, old books, plants, and appliances have all gone. 339 altre parole


Sega Mega Drive - 25th Anniversary

The electronics evolves by leaps and bounds, but today, 25 years ago, the first 16bits home console reached Europe.

It was the SEGA Mega Drive, a console which stills today have a cool and smooth mechanical design: 76 altre parole


An Intimate Look At A Jano

This is a Leclerc Jano loom…

I bought it a couple of weeks ago for $70.  Friends went and picked it up.  My wife brought it home two days ago when she returned from a working trip to their city. 111 altre parole

October 11, 2015 - Filling Holes; Sanding; Some Disassembly

I started today washing the amine blush off the newly laminated upper skin on the starboard side deck, then sanded the patch with 60 grit in preparation for the filling and fairing process. 355 altre parole