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Sega Mega Drive - 25th Anniversary

The electronics evolves by leaps and bounds, but today, 25 years ago, the first 16bits home console reached Europe.

It was the SEGA Mega Drive, a console which stills today have a cool and smooth mechanical design: 76 altre parole


An Intimate Look At A Jano

This is a Leclerc Jano loom…

I bought it a couple of weeks ago for $70.  Friends went and picked it up.  My wife brought it home two days ago when she returned from a working trip to their city. 113 altre parole

October 11, 2015 - Filling Holes; Sanding; Some Disassembly

I started today washing the amine blush off the newly laminated upper skin on the starboard side deck, then sanded the patch with 60 grit in preparation for the filling and fairing process. 355 altre parole


September 27, 2015 - More Core Repair; Wood Trim Removal

I prepped the area around the starboard chainplates for new balsa by sanding the top surface of the lower skin, vacuuming up the dust, and cleaning the area with acetone.   237 altre parole


September 20, 2015 - Finish Removal of Hatch and Stem Fitting

I finished removal of the salon overhead hatch.

The mounting shim for the salon hatch is screwed into the deck with wood screws.  I’m not certain it was epoxied into place – it may have just been screwed into a bed of sealant.   66 altre parole