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Output \\ Disassembly of an Alarm Clock

Following on from my post Reflection \\ Things Come Apart, I had a go at the disassembly process myself…

  • The full size of the disassembly, with every single component laid out, can be huge in comparison to the original object itself.
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Reflection \\ Things Come Apart


Older objects were typically well built, most likely put together by hand, and more often than not, repaired when broken. Sadly in today’s culture, we throw things away when they break. 306 altre parole


Output \\ Disassembly - How is material valued?


As the city of Vilnius grows, what stood before is lost – erased to allow for new development, for the imposing towers of the new Central Business District, for the future. 432 altre parole


Coleman 222A Peak 1 Lantern

Recently, I picked up a Coleman 222A lantern. It was made 1 month before my trusty 400A backpacking stove which I’ve been using since I bought it new back in 1987. 1.044 altre parole


Reverse Engineering Guitar Hero

What do you do when a ten-year-old video game has a bug in it? If you are you fix it, even if you don’t have the source code. 256 altre parole

Software Hacks

Sony D-141 Discman

Over the weekend I received this very cute Sony Discman from a local book and comic and game and collectible and whatever-you-can-think-of store. It was given to me by the owner and said he’d charge me if it works but if not, then whatever. 615 altre parole


The Builder Pattern (Part IV): Automated Implementations

In a previous post (The Builder Pattern (Part II): Implementation), we looked at how to implement the Builder pattern in Java. But… what if we didn’t have to write the code? 1.529 altre parole