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Cherry Strait wired keyboard disassembly

The Cherry Strait wired keyboard is one of the best (if not the best) keyboards I have ever used.

I really like it because it’s quite comfortable to type and also quite silent. 256 altre parole


Treadle Disassembly

The most damaged part of this loom are the treadles. ┬áThere are water stains on the treadle cross member and the metal is well corroded. ┬áThe wood and metal themselves are still sound, but need to be reworked… 52 altre parole

Silver streak

This Mustang was prepped today for paint tomorrow. The body was sanded and washed today in preparation for tomorrow. We also primed the new aftermarket bumpers and spoiler today after literally hours of cleaning them. 87 altre parole


Gotta skin it

Here is an update on the Infinity FX45. The door skin came in today so this afternoon we took the latter part of the day to get the old skin off and the new one on. 130 altre parole

Collision Repair

Out darned scratch

Long time readers may remember this Durango. It was in the shop a while back to get some scratches repaired. Well its back for the same thing. 137 altre parole

Collision Repair

Dually noted

This Ram is getting a couple of battle scars fixed up this week. A small ding in the tailgate and a lager dent in the right bedside will be the focus of the repairs. 43 altre parole

Collision Repair

Lets Learn How to Recycle our waste!

Design for cyclability is to avoid throwing used products into the landfills and instead using them again in a more creative way so that there is no wastage. 575 altre parole