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Do you Have AIDS? None of Your Business? Umm, but your cock is in my Butt.

Now preceding, Judge Walker-

Judge- Okay, people, today’s first case, we have the family of an 8 year old boy versus the neighbors across the street. 325 altre parole

Highly Important ET Disclosure: Confirmation Process in Progress

by Giorgio Piacenza

The “GIMBAL” video is the first officially declassified video by the U.S. Government of a true UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon). The location date and time and other factors are not shown in the case of this official video that is under an  3.079 altre parole


Back in 2006, I had no idea at the time what my simple vacation would reveal to me, about the use of Blood rituals. For me it was a long needed vacation, a trip to Ireland!

34 altre parole

84th Holistic Doctor Murdered

Unfortunate news to hear this trend continues. Send love and light to our doctors and healers.



Dear Ascending Family, Happy New Year and wishing you all an increased spiritual connection with a heart overflowing with feelings of unconditional love, compassion, empathy and peace in the new cycle.

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Disclosures by IPs and other Professionals appointed by IPs conducting Resolution Processes.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Board of India (IBBI) has issued circular No. IP/005/2018 dated 16th January, 2018 for disclosures by Insolvency Professionals and other Professionals appointed by Insolvency Professionals conducting Resolution Processes. 987 altre parole