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UX Design Tools: Axure

The first stage of development in UX Design Tools: Axure  is Getting Started. This area covers Creating a new document, Creating and organizing pages in Axure, Managing pages and Setting up grids and guides.


3 years and counting

Over the past few months we have done a lot of stock taking on our existing website. This has helped us inform the way we want to move forward with the re-development. 312 altre parole


Document worth reading: "Understanding Big Data Quality for Maximum Information Usability"

The barriers to entry for high-performance scalable data management and computing continue to fall, and “big data” is rapidly moving into the mainstream. So it’s easy to become so focused on the anticipated business benefits of large-scale data analytics that we lose sight of the intricacy associated with data acquisition, preparation and quality assurance. 182 altre parole


Authenticity, Archives, Storytelling, and Gaming

As an archivist, I spend a lot of time thinking about documentation, what makes one document indicative of one period or another, what makes the probable date of a photograph be the 1890s instead of the 1870s, what makes this computer file the authentic copy that the donor wanted to send me, versus some weird copy I got off a disk.   878 altre parole


Field Service Post Card

Good communications between soldiers at the front and their loved ones in the UK was recognised very early on as being as important to troops’ morale and efficiency as good rations. 340 altre parole