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Latest Version of Step 4 Inventory

Hi Everyone!

For some reason, I am always trying to create the perfect Step 4 Inventory, even though I know that there is no such thing. 87 altre parole


Document worth reading: "Leakage in Data Mining: Formulation, Detection, and Avoidance"

Deemed “one of the top ten data mining mistakes”, leakage is essentially the introduction of information about the data mining target, which should not be legitimately available to mine from. 200 altre parole


Invitation Letter for Matt Fradd's "The Man Talk" on 6 Nov 2015


We, from Filipinos for Life, believe that young people everywhere need to realize the truth about their dignity in Christ and their eternal destiny as adopted children of God. 256 altre parole


Three Bookkeeping Documents Every Business Owner Should Know

Get to know the essential bookkeeping documents that every business owner needs to be familiar with and the reasons they are important.

Document worth reading: "Stochastic Gradient Descent Tricks"

Chapter 1 strongly advocates the stochastic back-propagation method to train neural networks. This is in fact an instance of a more general technique called stochastic gradient descent (SGD). 27 altre parole