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Report on the Pride-Week Activities

Report on the Pride Week Activities

Red Guards Copenhagen (Construction Committee)

The committee for building the Red Guards Copenhagen hereby concludes its propaganda work during the Copenhagen Pride Week, which ran from the 15th to the 20th of August this year. 1.164 altre parole


Document worth reading: "Copy the dynamics using a learning machine"

Is it possible to generally construct a dynamical system to simulate a black system without recovering the equations of motion of the latter? Here we show that this goal can be approached by a learning machine. 140 altre parole


Using WhatsApp as a Private Store for your Documents and Notes

WhatsApp is a perfect messaging app for staying in touch with friends and family. It is super-fast, works on nearly all phones (including desktop computers) and Facebook has no plans to charge WhatsApp users. 289 altre parole


Document worth reading: "Temporal anomaly detection: calibrating the surprise"

We propose a hybrid approach to temporal anomaly detection in user-database access data — or more generally, any kind of subject-object co-occurrence data. Our methodology allows identifying anomalies based on a single stationary model, instead of requiring a full temporal one, which would be prohibitive in our setting. 127 altre parole


Welcome to English 020!

Welcome to English 020!

This is your class blog. I will put important documents on this page for you. You can download them and print them if you want, or you can read them online. 90 altre parole


MHC's HOME NOFA is now available

The HOME Investment Partnership Program, “HOME Program”, provides safe, decent, affordable housing for very-low and low-income citizens. The HOME Program is governed by 24 CFR Part 92 and other federal cross-cutting regulations. 58 altre parole