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Securing printed data in the ‘paperless’ office

While we are supposedly in the era of the paperless office, intentional leaks via printed documents remain very common and can be just as damaging as their digital counterparts. 1.214 altre parole

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Why Turn the Page on a Found Document?

I am not exaggerating when I say, some of the best nuggets of information can be found when you turn the page on a document once you have found the person you are looking for.  778 altre parole

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Document worth reading: "Deep Learning for Sensor-based Activity Recognition: A Survey"

Sensor-based activity recognition seeks the profound high-level knowledge about human activity from multitudes of low-level sensor readings. Conventional pattern recognition approaches have made tremendous progress in the past years. 124 altre parole


Keyboard Shortcuts

When it comes to serious work, I believe every second counts, and this is why I am always excited about learning new ways in which I can maximise whatever time I have. 1.009 altre parole


GUATEMALA – Legalisation of Documents Waived Under Apostille Convention

Effective 18 September 2017, the Hague Apostille Convention has entered into force in Guatemala. Guatemalan documents for use in other signatory countries, and documents from other signatory countries for use in Guatemala, will no longer require consular or embassy legalization, if they have been affixed with an apostille. 22 altre parole

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Tools I Use: Docusign

I stopped using an archaic FAX machine a while back because I don’t believe in using paper for anything.

I no longer run to an office supply store to get signed documents scanned into PDF format, emailed to the other parties and archived for my records. 137 altre parole

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