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Published by Sourceline: How to Preserve Old Documents, Photographs and Files?

One of the most asked questions on genealogy blogs and in Facebook genealogy groups is how to preserve old genealogy documents, papers, photographs, and digital files. 36 altre parole


Document worth reading: "RStorm: Developing and Testing Streaming Algorithms in R"

Streaming data, consisting of indefinitely evolving sequences, are becoming ubiquitous in many branches of science and in various applications. Computer Scientists have developed streaming applications such as Storm and the S4 distributed stream computing platform1 to deal with data streams. 80 altre parole


Living and working in Vietnam

Documents for living and working

Whenever it is necessary to visit a government office, it is important to arrive 15-30 minutes before opening time in order to take a number and get faster service. 343 altre parole


Document worth reading: "Training Very Deep Networks"

Theoretical and empirical evidence indicates that the depth of neural networks is crucial for their success. However, training becomes more difficult as depth increases, and training of very deep networks remains an open problem. 72 altre parole


Circles of hell in applying for a permesso di soggiorno

The Divina Commedia was a bit revolutionary in its time. And not only because it harshly criticized some important people of the church. Instead of writing his epic poem Latin, the lingua franca at the time and the acceptable language for published writing, Dante Alighieri expressed himself in his native Florentine, which was mostly only a spoken dialect at the time. 1.171 altre parole


How to Attest Your Documents in Dubai: 3 Steps (with Pictures)

How to Attest Your Documents in Dubai. Over the years, Dubai has grown into a financial, commercial, and tourist hub within the region. It has already been attracting businesses as well as workers who are looking for greener pastures….