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Summary Of Our Meeting This Week

Hi Everyone!

Thank you for your participation and sharing during our meeting this week.

The telephone conference numbers for our group are:

Telephone conference number:  729 altre parole

Trump has opportunity to release secret JFK files within months - will he do it?

(NationalSentinelConspiracy: President Donald J. Trump will have a golden opportunity in a few months to put an end to decades of conspiracy theories surrounding the assassination of President John F. 599 altre parole

President Donald J. Trump

Document worth reading: "The Challenge of Non-Technical Loss Detection using Artificial Intelligence: A Survey"

Detection of non-technical losses (NTL) which include electricity theft, faulty meters or billing errors has attracted increasing attention from researchers in electrical engineering and computer science. 170 altre parole


Entitlements - Benefits / Laws / Other - Version One

Please excuse the rushnessed of this, I have so much information I’ve just gone into autistic overload at the thought I could be providing information to people whom deserve help – as thats what I’ve spent the last few years investing my life towards. 124 altre parole


Teaching about the Vietnam War

In the year 1975, “White Christmas” in some measure, became part of American military history.

The United States Army operated the song “White Christmas” as the secret cue directing American soldiers to evacuate Saigon.  834 altre parole

Digital History

Sitecore MongoDB Blog series: Part 2-Understand scaling, contacts and queries

In previous blog post we have gone through MongoDB introduction with Sitecore, features and installation.In this blog we will go over available scaling options in MongoDB, and then followed with introduction to contacts and out of the box queries. 771 altre parole