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About Computer and It's Evolution

This note is based on Introduction to computer and it’s evolution. You can briefly study on history of computer it’s advantage, disadvantage, features, characters, uses, types of memory, generation of computer and their difference between, classification of the computer, etc and many more. 10 altre parole


Make USB Bootable

Download the below file. Study the notes and you can easily make your USB Flash Drive Bootable.



Guide document on Political rights and Representation of Persons with disabilities and the Electoral Process

Centre for Monitoring Election Violence is the first election observing organization in Sri Lanka that spearheaded numerous initiatives beneficial to the realization of voting rights of persons with disabilities with the auspices of  the Election Commission of Sri Lanka. 45 altre parole


That Horrifying Moment When...

I hope none of you have felt the intensity in which my heart sank when I got to Cork February 21st. I should start by specifying that I had a great time in Cork, and that this unfortunate event has a happy ending! 920 altre parole


Confused Husband Has No Idea Why His Wife Took Him To IKEA, Hilariously Documents The Entire Trip

Nathanael Showalter was recently dragged to IKEA by his wife, for reasons entirely unknown to him. But, like any good husband, he decided to take lemons and make lemonade, so he documented the entire, bizarre and infuriating experience, and subsequently posted photos of his journey… 369 altre parole


Tips To Stay Safe When Traveling Out Of The Country

Traveling abroad is something everyone wants to do at some time in their life. These excursions to other countries are usually filled with excitement and charm as tourists explore the sights and histories that the world has to offer. 182 altre parole

Document worth reading: "Narrative Science Systems: A Review"

Automatic narration of events and entities is the need of the hour, especially when live reporting is critical and volume of information to be narrated is huge. 60 altre parole