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GM Law Centre AGM tonight.

The annual general meeting of the Greater Manchester Law Centre steering group* will take place tonight from 6:30pm onwards at the rather wonderful Mechanics Institute… 84 altre parole

Welfare Benefits

NAWRA submission re: the abolition of Attendance Allowance.

NAWRA has submitted a response to the “Self-sufficient local government: 100% business rates retention consultation” voicing their concern at the proposal that Attendance Allowance will no longer be a cash benefit in England and Wales when responsibility for it transfers from the DWP to each local authority’s social care budget. 88 altre parole

Welfare Benefits

Document worth reading: "An introduction to graphical models"

The following quotation, from the Preface provides a very concise introduction to graphical models: Graphical models are a marriage between probability theory and graph theory. They provide a natural tool for dealing with two problems that occur throughout applied mathematics and engineering { uncertainty and complexity { and in particular they are playing an increasingly important role in the design and analysis of machine learning algorithms. 200 altre parole


Records from the Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers

The published version of the Edward Pleasants Valentine Papers is a massive collection. It comprises thousands of pages of record abstracts and transcriptions pertaining to various Virginia families. 807 altre parole



American redneck culture

Glorifies ignorance and prejudice

Cherishes xenophobia


Social Security Number

Die Security Number ist einer der ersten Dinge, die man sich zu Beginn möglichst früh holen sollte. Es ist die amerikanische Sozialversicherungsnummer und jeder der in den USA lebt, brauch eine. 698 altre parole