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Document worth reading: "Deep Reinforcement Learning: Framework, Applications, and Embedded Implementations"

The recent breakthroughs of deep reinforcement learning (DRL) technique in Alpha Go and playing Atari have set a good example in handling large state and actions spaces of complicated control problems. 150 altre parole


A Lawyer Reads...the Facebook Terms of Service and Data Policy (Part 3)

In the modern, digital world, each of us is asked to read and accept hundreds of pages of terms and conditions governing the way we use our products and services.  1.669 altre parole

Research Notes

The following are some “thinking aloud”-type research notes which reference recent posts. In part, they concern a John Phipps, surveyor, in Orange County, North Carolina in 1812. 916 altre parole


Accidents ULM – Etat des lieux

Isère – 1er avril, Oise – 6 avril, Indre-et-Loire 23 avril, Drôme – 24 avril 2018, les crash d’aéronefs ULM  se multiplient avec l’arrivée du printemps et de l’été. 578 altre parole

Reinhard Finke

Document worth reading: "One Big Net For Everything"

I apply recent work on ‘learning to think’ (2015) and on PowerPlay (2011) to the incremental training of an increasingly general problem solver, continually learning to solve new tasks without forgetting previous skills. 255 altre parole



Les accords de Lusaka
signés le 10 juillet 1999 dans la capitale zambienne



Nous, les Parties à l’Accord de cessez-le-feu,

CONSIDERANT l’Article 52 de la Charte de l’Organisation des Nations Unies relatif aux arrangements régionaux concernant les questions relatives au maintien de la paix et de la sécurité internationales dans le cadre d’une action régionale appropriée; 1.309 altre parole