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DeLillo: The Roundness Of These Moments

“To love and touch, the roundness of these moments was crossed with something wistful now. All sex is a form of longing even as it happens. 28 altre parole

Post-Soviet America and Don DeLillo's 'Underworld'

Don DeLillo’s 1997 novel Underworld opens in 1951, at a famous or infamous baseball game, (depending on whether you care more about the Brooklyn Dodgers or the New York Giants) where Frank Sinatra, Jackie Gleason and J. 1.030 altre parole

Review: Zero K - Don DeLillo

My DeLillo shelf is home to White NoiseUnderworldThe Body ArtistRatner’s Star, and now the writer’s newest: Zero K… 945 altre parole


The Body Artist: Solitude and Ghost Stories

After taking a couple months off from Don DeLillo (Ratner’s Star was completely disappointing to me), I wanted to dip my toes back into the water that is potentially America’s greatest living writer. 698 altre parole

Modern Baseball & Modern Punk Podcast

Alex and Matt got together to talk about Modern Baseball’s new album. Before they got into the album, they did a Buy or Sell (3:00), had a quick discussion on television dramas vs. 172 altre parole


Underworld, by Don Delillo, 1997

Some novels are easy reads – the pages roll past in a blur, the events have a pace and unity that keep you turning the page, but the reader sometimes feel a bit of a passenger, riding the tide of the novel without having to do any work. 1.377 altre parole

Book Review

DeLillo's Zero K: High Technology Meets Immortality

Nathaniel Rich (New York Review of Books) reviews the American writer’s latest novel

In Zero K Don DeLillo has found the perfect physical repository for his oracular visions, his end-time reveries, his balladry of dread. 419 altre parole

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