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The Body Artist: (Re)Reading Don DeLillo in Dark Times

Excerpt from my essay, (Re)Reading Don DeLillo in Dark Times:

“Are we more similar to animals than we care to admit, caught in vast murmurations and blind herds that obey some ancient code humming in our DNA? 391 altre parole


On Not Writing (And a Bunch of Mini-Reviews)

Recently I was asked where my posts have disappeared to. That’s a good question that I keep asking myself, in fact. I have not stopped reading (not even close- in fact my pace may have even increased as of late), but my motivations for reading and writing seem to have shifted. 993 altre parole

Quote, Unquote

American writers ought to stand and live in the margins, and be more dangerous.
~ Don DeLillo


0500 - Quote, Unquote

Underworld by Don DeLillo

It starts with a baseball game and spans a half century.

Here’s an interesting book in that it’s 850 pages and almost entirely plotless. Not so much a narrative as a collection of vignettes, usually following a collection of interrelated characters but not always. 509 altre parole


White Noise - Don DeLillo: A Review

Date finished: April 28th 2017

Life is better when you have a book token. I was fortunate enough to be in this position recently, and went and spent an hour and a half choosing two books to buy whilst destroying a friend’s will to live. 645 altre parole


Book Review | White Noise by Don DeLillo

Yesterday, I told you guys about how I read American Psyhco by Bret Easton Ellis for a class I took in my final year at University. 620 altre parole