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Quote of the Week

Writing is a form of personal freedom. It frees us from the mass identity we see in the making all around us. In the end, writers will write not to be outlaw heroes of some underculture but mainly to save themselves, to survive as individuals.

– Don DeLillo

'Disinvited' Eagles weren't going anyway

Swamp Rabbit was getting on my case for not being a football fan.

I’m a fan of the players,” I said. “It’s the NFL I hate — the overpaid commissioner and the spoiled rotten billionaires who own the teams. 353 altre parole

Mainstream Media

As My Nephew Descends into the 'White Noise' of our Civilization |Review of "White Noise" by Don DeLillo (Originally published in 1985, this Viking Critical Library edition released in 1998)

My nephew is about to graduate from university. He is about to find out that a lot of his ideals and training are going to crash with the realm of the ‘real world.’ So how do you prepare somebody for that? 1.232 altre parole

So Very, Very Cold

Don DeLillo’s most recent novel Zero K (2016) is one of his slimmer volumes, divided into two ten-chapter parts with an anomalous sliver of a section in the middle.  1.951 altre parole



As he waits for the gunshot that will kill him to sound in the final paragraph of Don DeLillo’s Cosmopolis, protagonist Eric Packer catches a glimpse of his own death in the crystal screen of his smartwatch. 430 altre parole


Don DeLillo and his Death-Dealing Golden Arrow


With apologies to Don DeLillo. And his death-dealing golden arrow.


Sacred Gardens: A Meditation on Possession in Don DeLillo's The Body Artist

Possession is a strange concept. Like many of the categorizations we use to piece together what roughly might be called our social existence, possession is marked more by its ambiguities than its certainties. 933 altre parole