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Robert Caro to receive honorary National Book Award medal

NEW YORK (AP) — Robert Caro is this year’s winner of a National Book Award medal for lifetime achievement, given for “Distinguished Contribution to American Letters.” 607 altre parole

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It’s Cold In Here

By Ryan Joe

Note: This week, we were supposed to read half of Zero K, but I ended up powering through the whole thing. So needless to say, there are end-of-the-book spoilers. 1.410 altre parole

Book Of The Week

Book Review: Zero K by Don DeLillo

The aftermath of reading this novel is a residual impression of the plot, characters, and imagery as a totality.  However, it is a weak impression. 711 altre parole

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How The Other Half Reads.

Stolen off Slate, abridged because it’s so long. I’ve slashed way down, close to half. It’s still 1300+ words.


If my snatch is illegal, somebody tell me and I’ll report it in my own words or delete it.  1.364 altre parole


The power of art: does it move you?

If, as Duchamp said, art is the interaction between the object of scrutiny and the viewer, then what is our role in that interaction, as viewers? 898 altre parole

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Throwing the Long Bomb In the End Zone

Gary bounced from college to college, from the Ivy League to relative obscurity in West Texas. He could always find a new school because he played football and he was good at his game. 252 altre parole


Quote, Unquote

“American writers ought to stand and live in the margins, and be more dangerous.”
~ Don DeLillo

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