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An Episode -- Fiction by Dan Nielsen

“Cal, I can’t go on like this.” Suzy Nicholson stared out at the dark. It was winter. It was 4:30 in the afternoon.

“Why is that, Hon?” Cal Nicholson was still looking at the TV. 670 altre parole

from Americana by Don DeLillo

The door of Quincy’s office was orange and his sofa was dark grey. Some of us in Weede’s group had doors of the same color but sofas of a different color. 326 altre parole


"The Pale King"

This was boredom beyond any boredom he’d ever felt. This made the routing desk at UPS look like a day at Six Flags.

Tackling a David Foster Wallace novel is like sitting in the middle of Times Square observing the the minutia of all the activity while simultaneously watching an episode of Seinfeld and feeling like a part of a Don Delillo novel.

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Books And Essays

April Book Reviews (Roundup)

Again it’s been a bit of a slow month on the reading front, had some personal stuff going on that distracted and I’ve also been writing my own shit, something that doesn’t always gel well with reading a bunch of books. 199 altre parole

A room with a view

The nineteenth century critic, essayist, poet and writer Leigh Hunt gave a small request to himself and a recommendation to others no doubt when he wrote, … 863 altre parole

An Affirmation of Estrangement: Don DeLillo's Mediations

Early in his memoir A Scholar’s Tale, Geoffrey Hartman makes a few comments on his dissertation, and then first book, Unmediated Vision: An Interpretation of Wordsworth, Hopkins, Rilke, and Valéry… 1.737 altre parole


Hemingway died one day and Pynchon was born the next (DeLillo on Pynchon)

It was as though, in some odd quantum stroke, Hemingway died one day and Pynchon was born the next. One literature bends into another. Pynchon has made American writing a broader and stronger force.

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