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Boxes, tape and a dread responsibility

This isn’t an easy post to write. Every aspect of it goes against my better nature – and my worst nature too.

It concerns an action that I’m not proud of, one that I will never repeat, a deed which has left me sick to the stomach, questioning my core values and reassessing my life’s direction. 467 altre parole

Cormac Looney

On 'Obsessions of the Lonely'

My experimental essay/reading of Zero K, Don DeLillo’s latest novel, is now up at 3:AM Magazine. Yeah, yeah – more fragmentary writing. It couldn’t be avoided, I promise (and more is on the way). 34 altre parole


Zero K by Don Delillo Review - Cryo-Sleep

So I’ve just finished Zero K by Don Delillo and am quite relieved to put it down. Although the novel is only 270ish pages long, it felt a hell of a lot longer. 711 altre parole


Wasted, wounded

I unfolded the bag cuffs, released the latch and lifted out the bag. The full stench hit me with shocking force. Was this ours? Did it belong to us?

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Tristan Foster: Don DeLillo and the obsessions of the lonely

We remain death-bound, this is our only trajectory. That clichéd but critical binary: life and death. The only binary, maybe. Or the only one that matters, because I want to live, I don’t want to die, I want to go on writing this.

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Vectoral Characterisation and Thomas Pynchon’s ‘Against the Day’

The problem with making generalisations about the oeuvre of any novelist, particularly when you haven’t read all of their novels, is that one just might find that one of their major works is an extended allegory of your wrongness. 1.785 altre parole

Don DeLillo interviewed by John Mullan about 'Underworld'

Don DeLillo, making a rare appearance on the publicity trail for Zero K, talking about his 1997 novel Underworld. Goes into strange coincidences, life imitating art post  45 altre parole