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Millennial spectres

This essay was originally published in Issue 4.2 of Inquire Journal of Comparative Literature.

Millennial spectres: space, time and the haunting of modernity in Don DeLillo’s… 7.766 altre parole


“This is the nature of modern death,” Murray said. “It has a life independent of us. It is growing in prestige and dimension. It has a sweep it never had before.

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History Of Me

National Book Awards Finally Get It (Mostly) Right With Ta-Nehisi Coates' and Robin Coste Lewis' Well-Deserved Wins

“One question I found myself asking frequently,” Andy Borowitz told the crowd at the beginning of last night’s National Book Awards, “is, ‘What the fuck is the National Book Foundation?’” (It turns out there is no satisfactory answer.) 787 altre parole


The Atrocity Exhibition - J G Ballard


For some reason, maybe out of fear or just plain laziness, the generic cookie-cutter novels of naturalistic fiction have claimed the right to comment “rationally” on the human project, tell us “who we are” and “why we are”, but as I was reading… 934 altre parole

Quality in Culture #2

A while ago norwegian author Audun Mortensen wrote an essay called «Teser om kvalitet» («Thesis on Quality»). Here he reflected upon how we can spot the good from the bad in art and literature. 41 altre parole

Sublimation Point

for M.B.
The answer is entropy—how smell works—

little bits of everything—always spinning

off from where they were—flying off at random

into the world—which is to say into air. 176 altre parole

Small Words

Don DeLillo Announces New Novel, ‘Zero K’ About a "Secret Compound Where Death Is Exquisitely Controlled"

Yesterday, Scribner announced that Zero K, a new novel by Don DeLillo, will be released next year. Zero K is DeLillo’s seventeenth novel in a bibliography that includes 1985’s… 262 altre parole