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ZERO K - Don DeLillo (2016)

When I learned that the author of White Noise – a staple of postmodernism – had written a science fiction novel, I was delighted. I thought… 1.497 altre parole


Blog about Don DeLillo's novel The Names, which I read a few weeks ago and now only half remember

A physical copy of Don DeLillo’s 1982 novel The Names is on a shelf a few steps away from me. Normally I’d pick it up and thumb through it before writing about it—or better yet, reread it before writing about it—or even better, simply not write about it at all. 621 altre parole


"White Noise" (Post 1/2)

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Post 2

Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel and winner of the U.S. National Book Award for Fiction. I read a Contemporary American Fiction Penguin edition that had been on the college circuit for several years. 2.553 altre parole

Reading Journal

Books I read: 2018 edition

I uploaded this post by accident when showing a student how to “publish immediately.” Hopefully I’ll have more books I’ve read by the end of 2018 because this is a pretty short list! 1.601 altre parole

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