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Not me

I am not driven by a mission to civilize.

Not Don Quixote.

Not interested.

Don’t feel the need for a yellow girl burden.

Not me. 33 altre parole



What is the point of being “white”?
When inside can be so black?
What humanity does not lack
Is pretentious pretense.

Black or white
Not a matter of skin… 54 altre parole


Donna Donna

 Hitler Salute!

Salam readers!

November lalu, salah satu UKH dari Jurusan saya tepatnya sekolaHI mengadakan sebuah kegiatan Malam Trasi (Malam Sastra dan Seni). Event Malam Trasi merupakan wadah bagi mahasiswa HI Unhas untuk menunjukkan, mencurahkan, menyuarakan perasaan, kegalauan, kegembiraan apapun itu yang mereka rasakan melalui sajak, puisi, lagu, ataupun melalui sebuah pengakuan. 1.741 altre parole

My Life, My Rules

Meditation On Six Strings

I like to play banjo, guitar, bass, Dobro etc. visit my soundcloud at

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About The Smiling Sheep Problem

Sheep are basically friendly because they don’t anticipate the butcher…

title=”Smiling Sheep” – photo by John Ketola, kindly sent to my group BLOG IT! Click on the image to enter John’s galleries on Flickr… 62 altre parole


Understanding human affliction through Donna Donna

An originally Yiddish song, sung by Joan Baez, about ‘a calf being led to slaughter’. Written somewhere during the onset of World War II – and also the Holocaust – it firstly analogizes the mass annihilation of Jews by NAZI Germany. 15 altre parole

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