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Still Life | 4-Elements ... Coca Cola - Version ...

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4-Elements … Coca Cola – Version … :-) 7 altre parole

Still Life

whines, how longs & putting it out there

It’s time to come clean.

I used to have a ‘Why me’, whiny tendency which ran deep.

Very deep, in fact it was my go to inside voice. 240 altre parole

Blog Jots

Harry Potter và câu chuyện về một đế chế truyền thông hùng mạnh

Có lẽ ai trong số chúng ta cũng biết tới Harry potter- bộ tiểu thuyết giả tưởng của nhà văn người anh J.K.Rowling. Nhưng rất ít người biết tới Emerson Spartz, đó chính là chủ nhân của Mugglenet – cộng đồng fan Harry Potter lớn nhất thế giới. 1.894 altre parole

Doanh Nhân

Why You Can Be Healthier if You’re a Cheapskate

I’ll admit it: I’m a cheapskate.

I like to think of it as “frugal.”

Whenever I ever see something I want to buy, I will look for 10,000 other ways to get it, or make it, cheaper myself. 812 altre parole


Morning Dose and Unanswered Prayers

I often ask God when I can have this and that. When it comes to waiting for a long time, I just resort to praying harder and asking Him to say YES. 342 altre parole


"Dose painting" -- a new type of radiation therapy for prostate cancer?

Two technologies have been brought together to allow for a new kind of radiation treatment known as simultaneous integrated boost (SIB) or, more informally, “dose painting.” The two technologies are: 962 altre parole