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Has anyone taken this as a small dose for sleep and/or chronic pain? I know it s a tricyclic anti-depressant, but sometimes used in smaller doses for sleep or pain (I have problems with both). 58 altre parole

Survival benefit of dose escalation for higher risk patients

As discussed in a previous article, there is a seeming discrepancy between the findings of Kalbasi et al. and RTOG 0126, at least for intermediate-risk patients. 597 altre parole


What you should know before using essential oils

Essential oils have been used for many years for physical and psychological or emotional illnesses. Essential Oils are separated and extracted from a plant (i.e. from its leaves, stem, flowers, bark or roots etc). 190 altre parole

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By AsapSCIENCE via YouTube

This episode was inspired by the work of James Kennedy. Check out all of his ‘Natural’ food infographics on his website: … 10 altre parole


FDA strengthens heart risk warning for popular pain relievers

WASHINGTON (AP) — Federal health regulators are bolstering warning labels for popular pain relievers, adding information about the risk of heart attack and stroke in the short term. 406 altre parole

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Lower dosing of abiraterone acetate in treatment of elderly prostate cancer patients

A group of Italian clinicians and researchers have reported that low-dose abiraterone acetate along with very low-dose prednisone appears to be both effective and safe in the treatment of elderly patients between 85 and 93 years of age with castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). 261 altre parole