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Greater Manchester Fringe: Dose

FOLLOWING the build-up coverage to this year’s Greater Manchester Fringe, I caught up with theatrical duo Fèar Donn as they enter a fresh piece named… 414 altre parole

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7.10.16 dream haiku

40th birthday
a sidewalk stranger offers
“doses for the show.”


Britain dealt a dose of the Brexit blues

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

LONDON: Sadness, insomnia, frustration and confusion: the Brexit blues have gripped many European Union supporters since Britain’s shock decision to leave the bloc last week. 625 altre parole

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Liquid Lipstick Splurge

I’m sure you all heard of Dose Of Color and Lime Cime Velvetines liquid lipsticks.
First time ive heard of them i thought they were just overpriced lipsticks and that all liquid lipstick are the same and feel the same on the lips and i was totally wrong here ive had MUA and revolutions as well as some NYX sued one and they all kinda crumble if you re-apply it or rub your lips together *yikies* however NYX sued lipsticks are good but they don’t dry fully matte and don’t really stay in place. 241 altre parole


How NOT to give salvage radiation after primary radiation failure

Recently, we commented on a couple of small studies where radiation re-treatment was used effectively and with acceptable toxicity. In one study, we saw that SBRT has been used after external beam radiation failure. 417 altre parole