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Basic Dosa batter or Plain Dosa recipe and tips

Dosa or simply dose` (Plain dosa)  is an Indian pancake or crepe which is very common breakfast across south India and in recent years a type of dosa form, Masala dose/dosa is extremely popular world-wide. 426 altre parole

Breakfast Recipes

Let It Be

“Your life will get so much easier when you start letting people be who they are and stop expecting them to give you what they don’t have or don’t know how to give” – Tyler Perry… 358 altre parole

Turmeric: Complete Guide [Infographic]

by Health Perch

Turmeric may be the answer to a number of  ailments. From digestion troubles to healing wounds—Chinese and Indian medicine have been using turmeric since the seventh century A.D. 53 altre parole


16 Breathtaking Travel Blogs That Give Us a Dose of Wanderlust

Pack your bags, and grab your passport. Today we’re taking you on a trip around the world with these sixteen incredible travel blogs that will give you a major dose of wanderlust. 25 altre parole


The Medicine is in the Dose

Homeopathy literally means like cures like.  The difference is in the dose of the medicine prescribed.

Take arsenic, for example.  In high doses, a person who was healthy will have a very particular remedy picture after drinking much well-water that is contaminated with arsenic.   145 altre parole


Project Problem #5

This will be the final problem for the project.  I apologize for this being late, but you’ll still have a full week to complete it.  You’ve done well so far and I’m proud of the work you’ve done!  103 altre parole

A Dose of Happiness

I have to share with you my new purchase, the smile on my face when it arrived was ridiculous! It has been raved about on YouTube and on Instagram by all of the beauty guru’s, mainly in America, I just had to try it. 270 altre parole