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Low-dose Hormone-replacement Therapy Treating Tbi

I watched a “radio” interview discussing one doctor s methodology of using low-dose hormone-replacement therapy to treat men and women with traumatic brain injury (TBI), and possibly also PTSD(?). 66 altre parole

A Dose of Nutrition to Fight Dog Arthritis | Nzymes

Looking for the right nutrition to fight dog arthritis? Celery, alfalfa, mango, papaya and ginger are ingredients to help maintain healthy dog joints.

Androgen deprivation therapy and escalated dosing in radiation therapy

Several recent studies shed light on the optimal use of androgen deprivation therapy (ADT) used in conjunction with radiation therapy (RT), including new learnings about timing of ADT, RT dose, and their use in various risk categories. 1.694 altre parole


Texas down to last lethal injection dose

The Texas execution of a Mexican Mafia hit man Wednesday leaves the state with only enough of the lethal injection drug pentobarbital to execute one more inmate before their supply is exhausted, … 14 altre parole


Reactor Chimney: Biggest Reactor Leak is Legal

The technical limit requires human sacrifice

Every reactor releases 50 micro curie of radioactive gases: which is 1,850,000 becquerel EACH SECOND!

The Boiling Water Manual from GE, also for TEPCO`s holocaust reactors… 260 altre parole