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Day 5: Bizarre Nocturnal Issues

Very strange night indeed….I was awoken by my partner three times shaking me to wake up due to myself removing one leg from the bed and stamping on the floor whilst shouting. 206 altre parole

Day 4: Storm in a teacup

After a nourishing sleep I head for the truffle capsules. I start with one capsule at 730am. I’m still trying to find the right balance as too little there’s little effect and too much may result in visual disturbances. 244 altre parole

Day 3: The good & bad entwined

So day three is here already. Today is a “non microdosing” day. I must admit I’m amazed at the lack of cigarette cravings still (I’m normally like a bear with a sore head hunting down one last nicotine fix). 197 altre parole

Day 1 of microdosing....baby Jesus & withdrawal time!

It’s 7am and the kids are up, I make their breakfast and pop my first capsule and wash it down with apple juice (vitamin C quickens absorbency). 195 altre parole

The loaded capsules!

As mentioned I’m not going into any details on preparation but I wanted to show you how many truffles go into size 00 capsules.

After grinding the truffles (once they had been fully dried) x60 capsules were made from a fresh harvest of 50g. 13 altre parole

The start of the truffles microdosing journey......

Welcome to my journey of discovery.

This blog will cover an increasingly popular phenomenon called microdosing, however this microdosing blog is unlike anything I’ve seen online for the following reasons: 138 altre parole

Pediatric mcas / mcad

We’ve been at wits end past several months with eleven year old sons constant tummy troubles. Finally got in to see an allergy specialist that I requested referral to specifically because of seeing mast cell disease mentioned on his website bio. 88 altre parole