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Radiation is all around us

Many people might fear radiation, but there is no reason to. Everybody experiences small doses. Even exposures during nuclear accidents and clean-up are relatively low. While ionizing radiation has been linked to… 481 altre parole

#769: Take steroids

Or, to be more accurate, steroid–singular.

Because after I took the first pill as part of 3 medications designed to finally stop the sickness I’ve had for a month now, I searched to see if you could drink alcohol while on steroids (priorities, people). 215 altre parole


Radiation vs. Contamination: What's the Difference?

Ever build a fire and notice falling ash dusting your hair and shoulders? That ash is certainly not something you want to smear in your hair and on your clothing. 544 altre parole

Duke Energy

ddayly mail on line

Girl, 18, found stuffed in a suitcase died from ‘mixed drug overdose’ http://dailym.ai/1CKoDVO @MailOnline


Low-dose Hormone-replacement Therapy Treating Tbi

I watched a “radio” interview discussing one doctor s methodology of using low-dose hormone-replacement therapy to treat men and women with traumatic brain injury (TBI), and possibly also PTSD(?). 66 altre parole

A Dose of Nutrition to Fight Dog Arthritis | Nzymes

Looking for the right nutrition to fight dog arthritis? Celery, alfalfa, mango, papaya and ginger are ingredients to help maintain healthy dog joints.