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Limitless Season 1 Episode 6

Limitless Season 1 Episode 6

Side Effects May Include…

In file they found that her father goes to rehab in very expensive clinic, they decide to find out what happen to her father. 310 altre parole


Daily Dose. Flash Fiction.

Thomas took a swig from the bottle, then grimaced as he felt the burning heat of it move down his throat before blooming in his stomach. 635 altre parole

Creative Writing

Lethal Dose

I ride high on sunshine
On ultraviolet waves

Ripping atoms apart
Beaming through everything

UV-c uplifted
Atmospheric rays

Waves on the winds
Of the ozone copse


785. Stokes Croft, No.111

This is another piece that has been waiting and waiting in my archive and which I can at last write about, having recently found out who the artist is. 146 altre parole


This Colon Cleansing Remedy Has Powerful Efficacy, You Will Need Just 2 Ingredients

The intestines process 100 tons of food and 40000 liters of fluids during a period of 70 years, meaning that about 10 pounds of fecal deposits and toxic waste pile up in the stomach every year, and thus contaminate the blood and lead to great damage to the body. 295 altre parole

Natural Remedies

over on the dose

heard it all before

and the words

and left as all of the memory

and difficult as its own pain

and yet falling into self pity… 55 altre parole