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Kada je najbolje vreme za buđenje (po ajurvedi)

Ako vam je ujutro teško da ustanete, postoji mogućnost da je rešenje problema – verovali ili ne – da ustanete ranije!

Možda vam ovo u prvi mah deluje nelogično i čini vam se da vam je svaki minut dodatnog sna dragocen. 373 altre parole

Just like that Explosion! Saturday in double dose with soooo techno in after part ...

just like that! Explosion! Saturday in double dose with so much techno in the after party to this fuck galley there
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Link Rolling

Breakfasts of Nashville

If you’ve ever searched a location on Pinterest, you’re likely to find pins and posts about food. In planning a trip to LA, I recently came across a few myself. 629 altre parole

Bagel Face Bakery

Toxicity: The Dose Makes The Poison

Elyce Powers

On the left you can see a meme from the Natural News, it’s meant to fear monger; it’s meant to scare you off of taking medications you may need to have a good quality of life, or even survive. 208 altre parole