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Radiation Units: A Slippery Opponent

Be prepared. You are now entering a world where dose, dose equivalent, effective dose, and committed dose are all different quantities. This is your road map; don’t get lost. 695 altre parole

Fission Fragments

Over 5.7 million watched a Facebook live link, waiting for Samsung Note 7 to explode

Ever since Samsung Galaxy Note 7 burst into flames, the company has been struggling to restore confidence and trust in the firms products despite the unrelenting attack from users who bought the smartphone. 92 altre parole


[U.S.] "Drinking water contains massive doses of prescription drugs"

” If you don’t use appropriate, lab-validated water filters, you could be drinking a bizarre cocktail of drugs on a daily basis…

A study published in Environmental Science and Technology Letters published water analysis data from 59 small US streams. 15 altre parole


Special Episode #3: Meds & Blood Sugar

Meds & Blood Sugar

People with chronic diseases don’t get holidays or vacations from their medication.

4 ways medication can affect blood sugar:

1. Type of medication:  the goal of the medication that people with diabetes take is to lower blood sugar – either by increasing insulin sensitivity, encouraging the pancreas to make more insulin, or to replace insulin that’s not naturally made anymore.   391 altre parole


'Dose - Bloom' Track Review

“Maybe it’s popular because the world seems like a really sad and alienating place to be in right now. Maybe the discord of ‘shoegaze’ is an auditory mirror of that. 281 altre parole

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