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Google Play now lets you try some games without downloading or installing

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Google today introduced Google Play Instant, a Play Store feature allowing gamers to play certain games on Android devices without downloading or installing them. 379 altre parole


Downloading A Pdf File

You can start reading the PDF file while it’s still downloading. Downloading Large Adobe PDF Files. Download times of large PDF files vary based on connection speed. 534 altre parole


Don't Overcomplicate.

Want to know a #Retail #Secret?
If I were to tell you the trick to #Simplify your life and reduce your #Stress,
would you try it at least for the next #30daychallenge ? 166 altre parole


Google Images just made downloading photos more annoying

(Source: thenextweb.com)

Google Images is pretty much the default way of finding photos around the internet, but the company just made a small but signficant change to how you access images. 254 altre parole


Getting YouTube (and Other Online) Videos

Most students are visual learners so teaching using video content just makes sense. The ‘seeing is believing adage’ could be restated as seeing is learning. The problem is often in getting content. 1.011 altre parole


Searching for and downloading music using Youtube-dl

Youtube-dl is one of the most fun and useful utilities I’ve come across. It’s available for all major operating systems and using the out-of-box command line interface is as easy as it can go. 642 altre parole