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Happy Father's Day: Durex and Copy Basics

This advertisement from Durex is smart and simplistic that is executed well. The strategy of the advertisement was to convey humor and to distinguish Durex as the best contraceptive amongst its competitors by implying that competitor products lead to higher risk of pregnancies i.e. 256 altre parole

How Durex Makes Content Marketing so Sexy in China?

“Of all the brands using digital and social media to compete for the attention of China’s 668 million internet users,” wrote AdAge, “Durex has emerged as… 932 altre parole

A Brief Analysis of Durex on Weibo and on Wechat

Durex, the London Rubber Company trademarked in 1929, is a portmanteau of “Durability, Reliability, and Excellence”. It has gained  large market share in many countries, among which China is… 434 altre parole

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Why Planned Parenthood Signs MOU with RB Durex

The need to help improve on the sexual health and well-being of Nigerians has led to the signing of a partnership agreement between RB Durex and Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria (PPFN). 300 altre parole


Adultos, vamos brincar aos adultos?

A vida dos adultos é mais triste quando deixam de brincar, seja com os filhos, seja com eles próprios, seja principalmente com quem têm uma relação mais próxima e/ou íntima. 197 altre parole


1963 - Working for Mrs. S

3 minute read

I was fourteen when I found my first job. My mother was friendly with the local chemist, Ruta Strachowska, who was looking for a babysitter for her five-year-old boy, Paul. 1.191 altre parole