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Durex flat design

Durex, is an english international condoms brand, the challenge here was to try to do something new for they campaign when this brand have been doing great campaign since a long time. 55 altre parole

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Obezbeđenje je tražilo da mi pretrese torbu, kad sam je otvorila, sablaznili smo se oboje

Danas sam imala neprijatnu situaciju u jednoj prodavnici u gradu. Kada sam pokušala da izadjem, zapištao je onaj prokleti uredjaj na vratima. Nakon početnog šoka, jer znam da nisam ništa “pozajmila”, i svojih neželjenih 5 minuta slave u vidu nepodeljene pažnje svih ratobornih mušterija u prodavnici ženske odeće u vreme sniženja od 70 posto (dakle, solidnog slučajnog uzorka), prodavačice su mi ljubazno tražile da otvorim svoju tašnu i da rešim nesporazum. 561 altre parole


Durex EXTRA SENSITIVE Condoms - Also available in quantities of 12, 25, 100 - (50 condoms)

Durex has over 75 years experience of manufacturing condoms. So it’s safe to say that every single one is the product of a process that’s tried and tested.
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NEW! 12 Durex PleasureMAX Condoms, Specially Ribbed and Studded Condom for His and Her Pleasure

Durex Pleasuremax condoms have both specially positioned ribs and raised dots to MAXimize the sensation during sex. Durex has combined this design with an easy-on shape and reservoir tip to ensure nothing but intensely good times for you and your partner. 23 altre parole

Durex Tropical (Colors & Scents): 100-Pack of Condoms

Add some flare to your sexual experience! Colors & Scents come in orange, banana and strawberry flavors and colors that match. Try these condoms to avoid the latex scent often associated with condoms. 9 altre parole

Durex M-11 52 Mm Condoms Extra Thick More Lubricants

Durex M-11 Condom is a smooth, 52 mm nominal width natural rubber latex, lubricated, non-spermicidal, male condom with reservoir end. Ansell condoms are manufactured in accordance with ISO 4074:2002 and each condom is electonically tested. 23 altre parole

An evening with "ADS".

NSFW content ahead. So please go ahead if your mental age is more than 18. I am not saying real age 18 because I have seen a lot of adult babies in my life and I despise them as they think having age greater than me makes them senior and more mature than me and we all know it is not at all true. 1.017 altre parole