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A love/hate relationship: music in ads


  • Always the real thing
  • If you like a lotta chocolate on your biscuit, join our club
  • WOOOOOAAAAAHHH! Bodyform! Bodyform for you!
  • “There’s millions” says Geoffrey “all under one roof” (great despite being misheard by most)
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Più smart a letto con Durex?

Siete iperconnessi e non riuscite ad abbandonare lo smartphone neppure in bagno o a letto?

Vi farà piacere che la Durex® a inizi di marzo ha annunciato lo studio di  114 altre parole


Facebook Eyes Kenya, South Africa For Targeted Marketing

Facebook has announced the launch of a new programme targeted at helping advertisers reach users in high-growth countries like Kenya and South Africa. The social network called it Creative Accelerator, which is designed to help brands unlock the power of personal storytelling in the target countries. 182 altre parole


Do Brands Matter in Africa?

Many people argue that brand awareness, and more importantly brand loyalty, is low in much of the African continent. Given the per capita GDP in particular of many African nations, academics and bureaucrats often argue that basic commodities, such as rice, oil, sugar, soap, clothing, etc. 1.411 altre parole


Durex Announce New Technology to Make You Orgasm!

Condom giants Durex have launched DurexLabs – the company’s first step into digital technology.  DurexLabs will be developing a series of products which use technology to help in the bedroom, and they’ve already announced that their first product will be designed to “help users achieve an orgasm”! 119 altre parole

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