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Girls seweet tea time

We all love sweets and have sweet party with little bit of alcohol.

Here is a good idea.

Have a nice cake stand or english tea time set. 34 altre parole

New York

Not too bad...

Took bus to Michigan Avenue today. Lunch at Eataly and dessert at Ghiradelli’s. The nicest part was that it was a Tuesday, weekday, so the restaurants were only lightly inhabited. 33 altre parole

NYC - 8/13/16 - Eataly Downtown

A lesson in why to never go anywhere on opening weekend.  Despite what I had read, I found the layout to be completely confusing and I backtracked several times trying to find certain sections.  51 altre parole

New York

A Trip To Eataly Downtown

Eataly Downtown open some weeks ago and it’s as deliciously awesome as one would expect. Aisles and aisles of magnificent Italian treats and of course, the fantastic restaurants and bar if you just want to chill and mangiare. 20 altre parole


The Best Ships Are Friendships!

Remember “You’ve Got Mail” with Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan?  It’s one of my favorites. Hearing from so many amazing people on the blog has been kind of like that.   404 altre parole

Patti, Elliot, and the rest of the world are sad about "Brangelina"

Chief Geek Officer Elliot Serrano was the one and only side car tonight, accompanying Patti through Brangelina’s divorce, the latest on Eataly with GM Jason Goldsmith, a 1776 cast party, and of course, “Tell Me Something Good”. 18 altre parole

Patti Vasquez


Thats a lot of Linguine and Clams

The phenomenal worldwide success of Eataly epitomizes what the food boom is all about. There are 30 Eataly locations worldwide and we estimate that 2016 Global sales will approach $500 million. 224 altre parole

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