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I Chose the Wrong Day to Go to Eataly

I’ll start this one with the current list of my biggest weaknesses:  Pizza, Bread Pudding, small spiders, Ramen, foreign movies, big spiders, White Truffles.  Yes, white truffles!   679 altre parole


adventures in eataly

the food in italy is not normal. let me explain. never in my life have i been somewhere where literally everything you eat causes a mini mouth orgasm.. 221 altre parole


Late Fall Playoff Recap

contributions from Alex Gara, Alicia Harvey and Matt David

Back-to-back champions in both leagues makes it tempting to think that the Sunday Night Eataly Bocce League and Monday Night Chop League were chalk from start to finish. 1.542 altre parole


Christmas with Paul and Eataly

Last week, we headed to Paul early for breakfast and a media preview of their new Christmas collection. The hustle and bustle of Paul surely doesn’t stop even at 9 am, people gotta get their pastries and coffee. 222 altre parole


Eataly is coming to Boston!!!

“A 1/2 pound of prosciutto di Palma – sliced super thin please!” is something one might request in a cheery way at the deli. You get home and unwrap the wax paper hoping to see almost translucent slices of perfectly cured prosciutto but instead you find thick, leathery pieces of meat with a thickness closer to American cheese slices. 446 altre parole


Strawberry Bruschetta with Sulla Honey

I discovered Sulla honey during my first trip to Eataly in downtown Chicago.  What an incredible experience!  Eataly is an Italian marketplace with everything from mini restaurants, tasting areas and high quality ingredients whether fresh or packaged.   221 altre parole


eat play love

Eat Play Love group show with art50 @ Eataly Istanbul  3 Oct- 30 Nov 2015

Artists: Seçil Yaylalı, Cins, Genco Gülan, Beril Ateş, Azime Sarıtoprak, Beyza Paksın, Taşkın Esin, Göksu Gül, Begüm Mütevellioğlu, Baysan Yüksel… 23 altre parole