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The day without immigrants

You may have noticed yesterday that some of your local businesses were closed for the day. A grassroots protest called a Day Without Immigrants called for immigrant workers and business owners to take the day off and take to the streets. 226 altre parole


Spring Ahead to the Slow Lane in Italy's Po Valley and Lake District

By Jean and Peter Richards

A short driving trip meant to fill time and gaps in our travels in Italy turned into three memorable weeks along the Po Valley and into The Lake District just as it awakened in April. 1.553 altre parole


Week five

January 29 – Go sledding with Jude and Truman

There is no snow. My husband took the dog to the beach to run around a bit, and I went to the gym. 593 altre parole


Italian Boston Field trip

On Friday, January 27th, Italian students from all levels traveled into Boston to check out the Leonardo da Vinci exhibit at the Boston Museum of Science and have lunch at the new Eataly store.   272 altre parole

Italian 1

Field(trip) of Dreams

Imagine, if you will, a place.

Not just any place, but a place that is inside another place.

Some call it…a room. A room where a group of people engage in learnings. 602 altre parole

Mess Hall