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Spinning Uncertainty

A crippling activity has invaded human life. The two fundamental ways of being have been increasing in contrast. The first way involves a boldness that presupposes much of the world is what we make of it. 1.148 altre parole

Freedom And Healthy Living

Success and purpose

Consider the yew in the image. At least 2000 years old. He exists, in his magnificence. With all the evidence of different periods of growth, of stagnation, of movement in a new direction, of just being. 902 altre parole


Old Megyn, New Megyn.

May 23, 2016

I sat down with Megyn Kelly the other day.

We hadn’t seen each other in a while. She has shorter hair now. It makes her look smarter and it would indeed seem Megyn has wisened up to me. 364 altre parole

Donald Trump

here I am working and thinking, and probably missing life...

I have just taken care of an urgent matter related to work and risked along the way to clash with a colleague of mine (since I am correcting their stuff…). 588 altre parole


Just A Day of Ego at Play

Blue sky. Apple tree blossoms.  Fresh green grass. Sunshine and gentle wind.

Sounds like heaven, doesn’t it?

“I wish I had worn my Sketchers. These shoes aren’t as good for walking.” 166 altre parole


The First enemy Mankind Encountered

Mary was a new kid in school.She was a bit nervous to meet new people.Days passed by,but she got no friends.She expected other kids to talk to her;all she got was nothing but disappointment.One day,another kid in his class introduced himself as John and he wanted to befriend her.Mary was happy that she got a new friend and days passed happily. 885 altre parole

Untangled Thoughts