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When ego creeps in, make sure it takes a back seat

Ever have a vision for your life or career and wonder how you were going to get there?

I think about it all the time. Almost too much. 321 altre parole


Au mieux, je suis égocentrique. Comme tout le monde mais avec un manque d’humilité qui fait en sorte que je ne m’excuse pas de l’être. Oui, je suis le meilleur dans certain truc et je vais le dire. 218 altre parole

Walking in Water.

It’s a funny thing about beginning a novel. Sometimes you swim, sometimes you’re in over your head, and sometimes you have a slog for a while before you make that splash. 1.167 altre parole


| what a scream |

Everyday life can occasionally seem like a string of bad birthdays. No matter how old we are or how many times we’re disappointed, we still harbor expectations. 285 altre parole


Question: I really struggle with anger towards people. Once I get angry, it just stays with me and builds. What can I do about this?

First, understand what anger is: it is a process of sensations in the body which the mind identifies as anger. Normally, there are corresponding thoughts to the sensations that trigger the physiological response. 526 altre parole

Poem : Orphic Self of an Occult Life

My Orphic senses

They tell me another story

There is a weeping heart

That weaves my veins together

My occult demons

They foretell a distant nemesis… 73 altre parole


Fard - "Kalt wie Schnee" (Video)

Am 09. Oktober erscheint Fards neues Album “Ego”. Heute wurde eine weitere Videoauskopplung veröffentlicht. Der Song heißt “Kalt wie Schnee” und wurde von Gorex, Joshimixu und Abaz produziert. 144 altre parole