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Life and death

“… So what do you think happens then?”

“Nothing… non-existence.”

“So what is there to fear in that?”

“Well, I’ll stop existing!” he said, as if that should explain it. 622 altre parole


Losing My Life

I’m not sure which is harder, contemplating this scripture from the book of Mark or reading Oswald Chambers’ entry for March 12.

After calling the crowd together with his disciples, Jesus said to them, “All who want to come after me must say no to themselves, take up their cross, and follow me. 407 altre parole


An Invitation to Deliberate Discourse

En-visioning the future & living in the present
while hearing the ghosts of our ancestors speak
to us of wisdom from the soul, these are a few of… 317 altre parole

Applied Psychoanalysis

* Be Foolish

I used to have mixed feelings about being serious. A part of me thought I should be more like the earnest people around me. That I should try harder… should apply myself… should focus more… should set serious goals… 225 altre parole

Middle Ground

Double Trouble: Twin Studies in Psychology and Space

If you aren’t already familiar, NASA’s ambitions to send people farther than the Moon meant setting its sights on Mars. To further our understanding of what prolonged travel in space would be like, astronaut Scott Kelly has begun his endeavor to spend 159 days on the International Space Station, where he will travel 153,300,000 miles. 521 altre parole



the need to want to have
an ego lingering in the dark
tipping the iceberg
demanding: me, here, now

the problem:
incomprehension and panic
when faced with the word ‘relax’.


Thinking Out Loud