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A Letter to Liz Gilbert

Dear Liz,

I hope you don’t mind me calling you Liz.  Having read Big Magic this week, it feels like I know you…or at least, that you know me. 539 altre parole

Living Life

Say what?

Communicating clearly is important to ensure smooth delivery of your message across to the other party. For the listener/message recipient, do listen attentively or read the message carefully so that no part of it is misunderstood. 552 altre parole

From My Desk

origami poker

-origami poker
i’ve folded inside myself so many times,
and i’ll probably do it again.
i’m naive like that,
assuming everyone needs a card or two. 310 altre parole


Ego and insecurity Combined

Crushing a man’s ego means undermining his self-confidence, his manhood, and his fictitious “brag” rights. Once a man’s ego is crushed all hell breaks loose and you become the worst person he has ever met in his life. 384 altre parole


The Wishing Map 36

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The Wishing Map

Chapter Nine: The Ties That Un-bind (Continued)

Previously: Delaying her search for her brother, Gina traveled with the millboy B’frona and her newly adopted dragon whelp “Puff” to a nearby village. 907 altre parole


mitchteemley l'ha ribloggato su Mitch Teemley e ha commentato:

Have you ever experienced the seductive charm of being "celebrated"?  Who doesn't, on some level, desire to be a hero?

The Parable of the Bad Pottery Teacher

I may have mentioned a while back that I’ve been dabbling with pottery lessons.

They started out great, staying that way throughout the six weeks of beginner handbuilding. 1.702 altre parole

Guild Wars 2

Screen Cultures and Selves

Screen Cultures and Selves Reading Notes (Week 4)

Lacan’s Mirror Stage

According to Lacan’s Mirror Stage theory, when baby sees a mirror, s/he fascinates by the reflection, because it is a whole complete body. 458 altre parole