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Culture is the ego of a society

I am pretty sure somebody already said this – I would be surprised if no one has yet – but here it is: Culture is the ego of a society. 609 altre parole



I don’t really write poetry but I did in my last post so I wrote another one. I hate Narcissists, I understand the psychology of how they are who they are but I still can’t stand people like that. 322 altre parole

The Supreme

‘Man is the supreme of creations’, say men themselves. True, as far as our knowledge. We try to lay an iron hand on almost all elements around us, and attempt to modify it with utmost curiosity and exploration skills. 137 altre parole


ego & mind

firebug nymph .. (click to enlarge ..)

Mind is
all the records
of past experiences,

Ego is the
– like/dislike
– important/special/not at all
factor on any of the above: 13 altre parole


Saga Alfa 2.0: Alfa, Beta e o vulcão.

Saga Alfa 2.0: Alfa, Beta e o vulcão.

No mundo, vive o indivíduo Alfa, mas logo chega um outro indivíduo chamado Beta.
Beta tem os mesmos poderes de manipular a realidade como o Alfa. 2.003 altre parole


Love America 

I’m America. I was named after my paternal grandmother who died before I was born. She was a gifted artist, a woman who made a huge impact in a small town in Puerto Rico. 837 altre parole


Saga Alfa, capítulo 1: O indivíduo Alfa

Saga Alfa, capítulo 1: O indivíduo Alfa


Farei uma série de sagas dá história do indivíduo Alfa. Indivíduo Alfa é um personagem hipotético, onde ele representa o anseio de nosso ego, em sua total potencialidade, onde as limitações da realidade não se aplicam. 2.722 altre parole