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Ego and Logic

If you cannot,
I cannot,
Because I am not that kind of man.
If you think
You are 100% correct.
I think too,
I am a genius. 45 altre parole

Meditation: who are you?

So tell us about yourself, without saying what you do or your hobbies or describing your personality? Not an easy question, after all.

It’s a difficult question because we download who we are and run with that version, until one day it stops working. 125 altre parole


Violet's New Friend Thinks She Is In Love With Him. This is False! (older entry) 4/25/17 tues 9:46am

it is so crazy windy out. i’m keeping the doors closed, cuz everyime I was leaving them open, they were getting slammed shut. And I mean slammmmmmed shut. 1.774 altre parole

Have you ever had one of those personal sessions where you analyse past desicions and actions, and wonder exactly why you chose to go through with them? 634 altre parole


Identifying with self

Think of all the roles you play in your life, from mother or father, provider, democrat or republican, atheist or christian. May be you are a student, doctor, lawyer, policeman, drug dealer, psychiatrist, software engineer, accountant, salesperson, American, Indian, Chinese, South African, Brazilian, Canadian, or Italian. 369 altre parole


Getting Handsy

I continuously lull myself into thinking that because something interests me, then that something has always been my thing, and thus I’m justified in acquiring it by any means necessary. 590 altre parole


The Dissolving

In one of his question-answer sessions, Mooji explains that the reason consciousness chooses to come into the play of form is because it loves experiencing: it loves the variety, the contrast, the tastes. 549 altre parole