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In their minds
Prevails an ice-cold principle:
“To get the maxium
For a minimum”

Blindly they are oriented
Towards money and power
While tears flowing unseen… 62 altre parole

Poems & Art

Do people enjoy being sad?

So a lot like everybody else in the world, I have many sad friends, I have many depressed friends, I have many friends that struggle to wake up in the morning and many friends that struggle to fall asleep at night. 670 altre parole


The sound of my soul.

Flood of tears. Something I thought will never occur in my life too soon. I got chained mentally to a shore because I tried to jump into the water – sea of emotions. 253 altre parole


To clash with an ego as an ego deploy the trigger points of the ’’other’’ ego to attack ’’your’’ own ego. Never defend yourself. Fight fire with fire, kind of. 112 altre parole

The Caterpillar

As I weave the last few layers of my silken tomb, the temptation of flight is almost too much to handle. The thought of fluttering, velvet wings, reflecting the guiding starlight, consumes the darkest spaces of my mind. 98 altre parole