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making happy memories

Almost every weekend right now, I feel extremely depressed. Maybe it is because I don’t have friends around, or I am not motivated or pressured to do work. 266 altre parole


The Correction

Goodbye false pride
Lost you on the south side
Sometimes stars collide
Even when you don’t try

In the sheath, I honed my path
Drew the sword, gave it a slash… 132 altre parole


Pesan Final untuk Anak Interdimensional Kalian

Pesan Arcturian disalurkan oleh Sue Lie 19 September 2016

Menghargai Anak Interdimensional Kalian


Terlepas berapa usia kalian, anak batin kalian selalu bersama kalian. Bahkan, ketika tubuh kalian bertambah tua, anak batin kalian kembali mengingatkan kalian, bahwa hidup adalah sebuah siklus dan kematian hanya sebuah transisi. 1.153 altre parole


Life after Facebook?

I quit Facebook this week. Well, mostly.

After years of tottering on the edge, with bouts of extended usage countered by weeks away, I deactivated my account. 743 altre parole


The Art of Dealing with PEOPLE.

The Art of Dealing with People is all about the science of human behaviour.

That “the People” are the ones we should be very careful when dealing with, as if anything goes wrong while handling their ego, we might actually hurt their self esteem, which is not a good thing. 183 altre parole



Wiggle room isn’t a necessity to my heart’s suffering but it is to my spirit
My higher power given inner mysteries are continuously tapping into myself… 43 altre parole