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The greed for Paradise

Why do I have to be “good”? Why do I have to “DO” “good actions”? Why I cannot act the way “I AM”?

Those are the truly “important questions” in Life. 305 altre parole

Emotions: Self-confidence

It’s considered that a backpacking trip will enhance a student’s capacity to self-reflect and that it noticeably improves personal development, for example, self-actualisation, self-reliance, improved self-esteem, critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, social skills and personal growth. 257 altre parole


Quote of the day

Humor is your mind’s playground.

By Reiki Master Sepi


Poem: I have begun

I have begun. A new life, a new belonging, a new journey. I have taken on the challenge and won the reward. The reward is a new start to do what my soul was always due to do. 281 altre parole


Only the dreamer exist (updated)

Someone who is to be compared to the enlightenment of that which is one has nothing to discuss, and no need to participate in any kind of communication! 493 altre parole

Modern Spirituality



How would you describe your personality?

May be,friendly,creative,nervous,outgoing.

Greek physician HIPPOCRATES believes personality manifested in itself in four different humors.

According to traditional Chinese medicine our personality it depends on balance of five elements: Earth,Wind,Water,Metal and Fire. 834 altre parole


3 Ways to Prepare for Leading a New Team

Good leaders are constantly striving for excellence. They start with themselves, then raise the bar for their team.  It’s a journey that requires a combination of self awareness and growth. 591 altre parole