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The soul is linked to our consciousness based on the judgements of the world and the judgements we give into in our own lives.  The basic principle of the soul is that it is linked to the universe.   90 altre parole

Looking for God, you can't be on a throne

You can’t be on a throne, any throne, not even on a throne erected in the midst of a so-called holy war, that was supposedly waged in His name. 8 altre parole


The art of letting go

Many of us are problem solvers, helpers and servers.  When we hear, let go, it seems to go against our nature and the way our brain have been wired.  170 altre parole

Spiritual Writing

Dirty Mess

Poor poor little girl
With bruises on her knees
Ego split in two
One part victim
One part fuck you
Humbled once again by nature… 130 altre parole


Answering from the heart

“just wonderful!”

“fruit and pizza”

“gravity in the belly”

What are these? Answers I’ve given this week to questions. Questions that people have asked me with the explicit instruction… 436 altre parole

Off The Mat

Permacultural Abundance

This is Thanksgiving Day,
so I want to continue my interior conversation,
made perhaps too exterior,
by quoting from Sacred Economics, p. 123, (Charles Eisenstein) 151 altre parole


I’m just a figment of my imagination.