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weakly strong

Something deep inside me was in pain.

Impossible to understand pain..almost like it was killing me inside. i couldn’t feel anything my body went numb and all that was there was the pain in in my throat when i cried heard into my pillow, making sure no one heard me. 433 altre parole


8 things Secretly Maintain the Harmony of Relationship

Relationship come our life as a first baby of a couple, with lots of joy, hope and dreams. But, it goes like a broken dream of dawn with a pinch of sadness and a faint light of hope with a small question mark. 962 altre parole



No one, I say it again, no one in the whole world is indispensable. You go down, a thousand come up. So, mind your pride.

Life Lessons

Yoga is embarrassing

It’s about 5am right now in my corner of the world. I’m awake. I’m hungry and thirsty so I’m taking care of that. My mind is restless, so this blog is my way of trying to take care of that. 558 altre parole


Day 12 - Pigeon vs Cow-face

I wonder if there’s a difference in the muscles being stretched in these two poses. I reckon that for pigeon, it can have an element of an inner thigh stretch as well, depending on the position of the front leg. 588 altre parole


Musical Mentions-Song of the Week (Ego)

Hey music lovers,

New year, new artiste. This week, I want to introduce you all to Bibi Bourelly. A little background: she was the one who wrote Rihanna’s  197 altre parole

Song Of The Week

Heart's Content

I have a busy heart
loving others
sometimes aching, sometimes breaking
sometimes bursting with pleasure

except for one quiet chamber
curled into a soft circle… 21 altre parole