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In the Beginning, we are nothing,

In the End, we are dust.

In the meantime, let us accept our destiny,

Every pride comes before a fall. 115 altre parole


Boorish Big Head

Boorish Big Head aka writing and ego

I’ve been getting rid of paperwork lately, which is never a fun task because you actually have to evaluate each piece and wonder why you saved some of the things you did. 595 altre parole


Practice to improve yourself, not to impress yourself

Strap on your armor. Pick up your shield. Draw your sword. It’s time to do battle with an old (and familiar) enemy – your ego. 213 altre parole


Trenton Lawn Care

  1. Black&Decker CM1936. The weather has been dry and the battery did not go below 100%.

Used the Ego trimmer and blower.

Toxic Mistakes

This isn’t the first time I fucked up.
Wondering what the fuck is up.
Expecting a phone call or for you to mention me in your timeline. 338 altre parole


Rules of Engagement.

My husband was a bit grumpy when I got home from a recent trip to Northern California. Perhaps it’s because he’d been working 12 to 14 hour days, perhaps it’s because some of the jobs he’s doing on our house right now are, well, disgusting. 919 altre parole

Life In General

Reza Aslan and Oprah talk God.

I am a muslim just like Reza Azlan, we both have had our awakenings to know the difference between religion and faith. Please watch the full eye opening interview with Reza Aslan here:

Reza Aslan (Full Episode)