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Marriage of head and heart

When our head says: go
But our heart says: stop
Where does it lead us to? –
Towards insecurity and doubts

When our heart says: go… 46 altre parole


Essence of unity

No matter what skin colour we have
No matter which country we belong to
No matter what our creed, religion is
– We are are all human beings… 103 altre parole


Seasons of love

Eyes touch in the meeting
Spring in the air
Hearts are beating
Ready to pair

Sleeping feelings arise
Carefully, tender, stretching
From snow and ice… 112 altre parole


1000 + 1 Motives

Some build relation
On cleverness
Some choose power
As their means
Some use violence
To achieve their goals
Some bath in fakes
To stand in light… 113 altre parole


Monolith society: Between light and shadow

In the grip
Of dictation

Squeezing egoism
Attached to
Promised candy

Imprisoned mind
Based on
Empty words
Ensnared wishes

Refulgence without orign… 70 altre parole


The Mirror

I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than staring at myself in a mirror. Mirror work is difficult for me because I immediately go to the paleness of my eyebrows, the thinness of my upper lip, the fact that despite having had my ears pinned back 15 years ago, they still stick out through my hair, which is quickly turning a lovely shade of Cruella Deville. 314 altre parole


The Crack

The crack in life. There was structure, order and things. There was ‘responsibility’, duty and playing the game.

Then life cracked. One saw beyond the boundaries, one broke the illusion of reality. 101 altre parole