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Reclaim Your Authentic Voice

Within you there is a voice that is separate from your normal head chatter. There is a knowing that comes from your heart. There is a stirring felt in your gut. 170 altre parole

Living Soulful

How to Be Good at Start-Ups

  1. Capitalism: Walk the Walk
    1. It’s a dog-eat-dog world out there, back up your sardonic grin with brutal, backstabbing savagery.
    2. How much can YOU get away with?
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Blue Skies

There is so much in my mind. The main one at the moment is a distinct awareness of how much I have been making apologies for myself, and then expecting people to like someone who is basically walking around going ‘sorry, sorry I’m so royally shit, everyone’. 376 altre parole


Young and Beautiful

My take on the spiritual awakening depression is that I feel utterly disconnected to the world around me. To me, this planet and its inhabitants feel sad and unreal. 169 altre parole


The way we see

The way we see is the way we go blind.

Seeing always involves some evaluation, and any evaluation one makes can never be one hundred percent accurate and it always changes with time.  68 altre parole

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