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Kurt Russell's Character Confirmed

Kurt Russell’s character was confirmed last night at Comic Con and he will be playing ‘Ego’ in Guardian’s of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

Yes, he is playing a living planet and somehow he was able to father a child, Peter Quill a.k.a. 101 altre parole


2. Pensamientos recibidos. El mundo superior. 15. Yo existo. 1. Donde yo existo...

Nada más existe

(Ostracita, 3 Agosto 1990) “Donde yo existo, nada más existe. Esta afirmación puede parecer una incongruencia, pero si continuamos con nuestra exposición y en la medida en que vayamos desarrollando el tema, puede que todo quede relativamente clarificado. 404 altre parole

2. Pensamientos De Mi Réplica

Seluruh Jalan Kehidupan Manusia Kalian…

Yesus disalurkan oleh John Smallman 9 Juni 2016

Kita SEMUA ADAlah SATU! Itu mudah diucapkan, tapi sangat sulit untuk diterima dan dimengerti oleh kalian, karena semua dalam dunia ilusi kalian tampaknya terpisah. 1.104 altre parole


#LaptopFeature - The Ego For Bentley Laptop: A $20,000 Fashion Statement

At first look, this could pass for a designer handbag for the ladies, usually seen/displayed at some high brow shop in Dubai. But Naaaaaa… that’s a Fully Functional Laptop. 226 altre parole


When you see things upside down, the ego can be extraordinarily funny; it's absurd. But it's tragic at the same time. Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu

When you see things upside down, the ego can be extraordinarily funny; it’s absurd. But it’s tragic at the same time.

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu


Heaven Letters - The Kingdom You Were Born To - 7-23-16


God said:

Ego enters in when there is a deep-seated lack of self-worth. Lack of self-worth is the plague of the world.

Ego picks up details and tries to magnify itself in the world. 705 altre parole

"Trans" Formation: Worst Case Scenario: Timeline 2: Negative Timeline

Adam and Amanda from “Criminal Minds”

Behind-the-scenes look at Criminal Minds 4×20, “Conflicted.”

(Starring one of my favorite actors, Jackson Rathbone)

Donna Jasper Gray: there is beauty in learning the truth, no matter what it is.” By rising above the madness and being objective and unbiased the more you will be able to see the truth.