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Obamacare Showdown Today for Republicans

The Republican Party has painted itself into a corner with today’s vote in the House of Representatives.  Regarding their unifying cry of “Repeal Obamacare”, the House is scheduled to vote today on the issue and several of the GOP representatives have openly stated, “Hey, we said we are gonna do it.  347 altre parole

Republican Party

Awakening in THE ALL - Introduction

What you believe is something each of us needs to have as our starting point. From there you will grow and learn of the next step in what you need to do. 2.160 altre parole


When 'Perfect' Beings Turn Bad: The Dangers of Becoming a Spiritual Teacher by Steve Taylor

What is spiritual awakening, or ‘enlightenment’? I don’t think there’s anything particularly esoteric about the state, and I don’t associate it with religions. I think of it in simple psychological terms: as a shift into a more expansive, higher-functioning state of being – a state in which we experience a strong sense of connection with the world around us and other beings, a sense of inner quietness and spaciousness, and a heightened awareness of our surroundings. 915 altre parole


‘The monastic tradition we have been looking at more or less took it for granted that it is only gradually that we make progress in our christian lives, and that we may never get any further than oscillating between falling and getting up again.

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Pure Sunshine


When I was a kid, I used to hear the same thing from all of the adults in my life who weren’t my parents. 1.127 altre parole


"Good Enough" Responsibility

What is “good enough” responsibility?

Last week, I was relaying a story about a discussion with my students around decision-making and responsibility. I asked them to define “responsibility.” I jotted down some of their thoughts:

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Telling the side 

So many things transpire in a typical day for each of us, and all we have most of the time is the way we as ourselves perceive them. 384 altre parole