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Likes and Dislikes

♥ I like it when I wipe off lots of the day’s makeup, or a tutorial I try at night, and the narrow line of eyeliner and mascara remains enough to give me a pretty night’s sleep. 268 altre parole

If You Are Happy and You Know It

“You are happier than I have ever seen you.” I have heard that from family and friends over and over.

I can’t disagree. This year, I am manifesting within minutes of my desires. 415 altre parole


Must Be A Shade of Green - 2/18/15

You’re gross, and mean,

and, I’ve consented to none of it

by saying hello, just this once.

Never have I ever seen a grown man so… 11 altre parole

Yoga Wisdom - Integration

“I believe there is a lesson in everything, something to learn from each situation. The more difficult and uncomfortable it is, the more you have to learn. 161 altre parole

Self Love

Hello! This is me.

Hi, everyone. This will be a short intro of myself and this blog.

I am a 25 year old female studying design.

I decided to make this page in order to share my thoughts on life, feelings, ego, personal growth, emotional intelligence and so on. 68 altre parole


It's the Quicker Sucker-Upper!

Last week, I wrote about the meeting on the latest engagement survey for Sarah’s organization.  In that article, I mentioned that the results were not the item most people focused on, but rather how those results were interpreted by Sarah and her leadership team.  505 altre parole


Attention fuels my true potential.

On my left I could hear some girls calling my name.
On my right I could hear some guys calling me names.
My left wanted me to win. 80 altre parole

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