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Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Ever sit in a class that you know is 55 minutes long, but felt as if it had gone on for hours? This difference between the objective reality and subjective experience has resulted in an identity crisis for psychologists and psychology alike. 383 altre parole


Going Ahead Despite Fear!

“So much strength, so much enthusiasm, so much hubris.

Then comes the trial, and the wheat and the chaff naturally separate!

This is life, this is the Game, this is the big lie, but this act reveals Truth! 43 altre parole

Nietzsche's Übermensch and Gur-tuh (Goethe)

Nietzsche explicitly names a few people in “Will to Power” that he thinks rank among the greatest human beings that have ever lived, and he puts them in this category for traits very similar to those that he ascribes to an Übermensch: 282 altre parole

The Great Man (Woman); from Emerson

Emerson conceived of the “great man” as a lens through which people may see themselves.

For Emerson the great man is one who through superior endowments… 105 altre parole

Truth or Opinion?

If every man made object, book and all accumulated knowledge vanished from the face of the Earth in an instant, would we be better or worse off? 318 altre parole

MC: "What was at risk?"

TL and I re-read my last post, “The risk dichotomy,” and discussed it.  I think it finally makes more sense.  I think we finally see why I took some shocking risks while simultaneously avoiding more mundane risks.  540 altre parole

The Unfaithful Spouse