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The Italian pensions: Back and forth, back and forth...

In 2011, when Italy looked on the verge of bankruptcy, the first significant act of Mario Monti’s technocratic Government was to enact the Fornero Law which introduced much more stringent requirements to go into retirement. 78 altre parole


Italian Constitutional Court saves technocratic pension reform

The Italian Constitutional ruled that a proposed referendum to abrogate the pension reform enacted by Mario Monti’s technocratic Government cannot be held.

The referendum, supported by an odd alliance of conservative parties and leftist trade unions, was likely to succeed. 111 altre parole


[en] Renzi government reforms jobs and cuts rights

At first glance, Giuliano Poletti, Minister of Labour and Social Policy in the Renzi government, could look like an old-fashioned left-wing politician: born into a farming family in the “red” Emilia-Romagna region, raised in the Communist Party, president of… 562 altre parole


Disoccupazione giovanile. Va sempre peggio

I dati rilevati dall’Istat per lo scorso novembre, confermano ciò che già molti temevano: la disoccupazione giovanile ha incontrato un nuovo record. Il tasso, tra i giovani dai 15 ai 24 anni è pari al 37,1%, ai massimi dal 1992. 120 altre parole


Italian technocratic Government praises its work but sinks in polls

After one year in charge, Mario Monti’s technocratic Government has released a report on its activities and achievements, published on the official website of the Prime Minister’s Office. 157 altre parole


Man threatens suicide in front of Italian Minister of Labor

A retired man threatened suicide in order to deliver a protest letter to the Italian Minister of Labor, Mrs. Elsa Fornero.

Mrs. Fornero, a member of Mario Monti’s technocratic Government, is a Full Professor of Economics at the University of Turin. 107 altre parole