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Marketshare Masters Anticipating and Moving with Latest Trends

There are many media buying agencies in America right now but what matters the most is how they are able to adjust themselves with the latest trends in… 154 altre parole

Marketshare Masters

5 Email Marketing Mistakes That Get Your Emails Marked as Spam

Are you sending marketing emails that keep being marked as spam? Want to know what to change to get recipients to stop and read what you have to say? 64 altre parole


Want to Do Away With High Unsubscribe Rate? Sustain Your Email List the Smart Way!

Maintaining a relationship with your online followers through social networking channels is a tried-and-tested strategy. Aside from social media sites, where else do you tap into to reach out to your valued audience? 464 altre parole

Social Media Strategy

Marketing To Your Customers Through Email: A Guide

A great way to build success with any website you’re thinking about building or have already established is to get into email marketing. You want to have this tool available for you to use so that you can use a variety of methods to obtain the success you hope to get one day.Insert a link toRead more…


Setting up your email database

However you decide your going to send your emails, you need to have a clear idea about how your database will be set up.  That way you can target parts of your database to receive different news, offers and information (called… 266 altre parole

Salon Marketing

Spend twice as long on your email headlines

What is an email headline for?

It only has ONE job – to get the customer to open the email.  That’s it!  It needs to be related to the content at least a bit, but it should pique the interest of your customer enough for them to click instead of binning your carefully-crafted email. 243 altre parole

Salon Marketing

Mailing Lists Help You Find the Target Market

Even with all the new advertising options available to businesses, direct marketing through mailing lists is still one of the most effective ways to reach potential new customers. 487 altre parole

Mailing Lists