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Now a days online marketing has a drastic influence on the growth of business. One of the finest and best way of marketing to get more leads to your website is Email marketing. 81 altre parole


Tip: 75% of recipien

Tip: 75% of recipients will delete an email if it’s hard to read on a mobile device.

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The Kind of Work a Social Media Agency Does

Web 2.0 is a new digital concept for social media and content marketing in general. It requires companies to create social media content, in which content can meet the requirements of users in this modern digital age. 1.534 altre parole

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Engineering Toward Allyship

A couple years ago, I ran my first attempt at an LGBTQIA educational program at MailChimp. I’m passionate about LGBTQIA issues and my manager at the time recommended that, despite being just a junior engineer, I bring that passion to educating my colleagues to work. 10 altre parole

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5 tips to write compelling subject lines

Need a little help creating subject lines? Use these five out-of-the-box tips as a guide

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Best email Marketing Application - Fast Reliable Service

The Mailfed,  Best email Marketing Application will help you to reach in a wider audience. Mailfed gives you a platform to Share your email campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to expand the reach of your campaigns and that generate greater results. 59 altre parole