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Những thay đổi của email marketing để thích hợp với kỷ nguyên số

Khi xu hướng tiếp nhận thông tin, làm việc trên smartphone, máy tính bảng ngày càng phổ biến, email marketing cũng đã có sự thay đổi tích cực để phù hợp với người dùng di động. 1.003 altre parole

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Smooth transaction; highly recommended; great sender!

Earlier this month I attended the Email Evolution Conference in New Orleans for the second year. It was a great event with hundreds of marketers and featuring excellent content, particularly in the Technology and Deliverability track. 795 altre parole


Benefits of Digital Marketing - Mario Prisciandaro

Digital Marketing is the technique, advertising and promotion of your business and their brands during the digital media channels.  Digital media, at the moment, includes such as: website, social media, radio, television and even forms of traditionally non-digital media such as billboards and transit signs. 372 altre parole

Benefits Of Digital Marketing

Keep Calm & carry on emailing

As a data focussed company, getting to grips with GDPR is an imperative for Circdata. Having begun the lengthy process of conducting their own Data Impact Assessment under the terms of the Regulations, it has becoming increasingly clear what the implications for their clients are. 480 altre parole

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One-Click purchase within your email?

In 90s, back home consumers shorten by products and there were not so much to choose and products to compare. I remember that we used to queueing up for bread an hours and hours… And not so long before, sales and marketing people used to use  559 altre parole

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Creating a mailing list is a great way to stay in contact with customers or clients. I worked with a list of over 4000 contacts. The main point of collecting these email addresses was to send out birthday invitations. 574 altre parole

Email Marketing

E-Mail Marketing in Internet Era

I had a big trouble recently when I was finishing the last big essay in this course. Since the company, I chose was a small grocery store, it was very difficult for me to establish a digital marketing plan for it. 585 altre parole

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