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Little Christmas

When I was growing up, the Christmas tree never came down before Little Christmas. Little Christmas is also known as the feast of the Epiphany. Epiphany is when the three kings arrived to visit the baby Jesus. 353 altre parole

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Piece of mind | Eine kleine Exkursion in die Legende der Befana

Piece of mind | The legend of the Befana

Heute werden in vielen Teilen Deutschlands und Europas die Heiligen Drei Könige gefeiert.

In meiner Heimat Italien ist es außerdem ein ganz aufregender Tag für die Kinder. 413 altre parole

Piece Of Mind

Pastry Post-Doc: Sicilian Cuccidati cookies and Buccellato Cake

Today is Three Kings Day / Epiphany – which officially marks the end of the Christmas holiday season! In addition to Epiphany (Epifania in Italian), the eve of January 6th is also when  212 altre parole


Viva la Befana!

La Befana vien di notte

con le scarpe tutte rotte

col cappello alla romana…


Happy Epiphany to all of you, dear friends! 17 altre parole


Viva l'Epifania!

Come dice il proverbio: l’Epifania, tutte le feste le porta via! E allora godiamoci quest’ultima festività natalizia e andiamo in cerca di qualche bel libro da leggere ai bambini, finché sono in vacanza. 509 altre parole


El otro mago de Oriente

Una historia clásica de Día de Reyes para niños.