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My cultural journey

11 years ago, I left my hometown in northern France to study abroad in Germany. I was a 20 year old who did not speak well any other language than French and enjoyed a sheltered life living with Mummy and Daddy (Papa et Maman). 188 altre parole


My Clubbing Experience in Istanbul

If you don’t know me so well then you might at first be thinking ‘Wow this girl likes to go out a lot and is a party animal/border-line alcoholic, why else would she dedicate a whole blog post to one night out in a club in İstanbul?’ But actually, if you… 931 altre parole


Spending Constitution Day In Norway

On the 17th of May, was the almighty constitution day (the national day in Norway), which is basically their Christmas, NYE and Halloween combined. It was an amazing experience to spend the day in Norway and to immerse myself into their culture in such a celebratory way… 334 altre parole

Elena and her thoughts

BUNA! I’m Elena and I arrived in Bucharest in November.

I’m Italian and I’m involved in an EVS project called S.M.I.L.E. II, my Sending Organization is Cemea del Mezzogiorno onlus. 243 altre parole


5.20.18 Bumpkins

i’ll fill ya in on the week soon, but wanted to make sure y’all saw this amazing commercial for the #bigassboot

happy sunday!

Life As We Know It

The Best of Bilbao - Part One

Only recently did I realise that, despite having been living in Bilbao for the best part of eight months, I haven’t actually written anything about this truly unique city. 427 altre parole