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The night before

Tomorrow I fly to Stockholm,

I catch a Swedish train to the city centre,

I catch a Swedish bus to the ferry port,

I catch a Viking Line ferry, 351 altre parole


Just parking around

Needless to say, I was feeling less than fresh when I woke up this morning. Our original plan had been to meet at 10am on campus, but seeing as I woke up at 10:30 it was pretty safe to say that plan was scrapped. 1.078 altre parole


bienvenue à Bordeaux

When I arrived, it was a blur of happiness and love. Seeing someone after 8 and a half weeks, that I’m absolutely in love with, was amazing. 220 altre parole


What could our students and young people lose if we leave the EU?

The EU commits €2.1 billion annually to supporting and developing young people through the Erasmus+ programme by:

  • Helping undergraduates study at other European universities
  • P…
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On translation

Translating is as much a way of opening a door as it is a kind of gatekeeping, but a translator must be careful not to shut out possibilities when an author wishes to let them in. 94 altre parole


First month as Erasmus student!

Today is one month and 3 days since I moved to London to start my Erasmus at the University of Roehampton.

I am studying Marketing and Business Communication. 518 altre parole



A lot of my blog posts are unnecessarily long because I’m really good at saying a lot about nothing, so I wanted to give a brief and helpful post of advice I think I would have found valuable before I started my year abroad, so here it goes.. 532 altre parole