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There’s going to be no colourful images on this post, no bold statements like, “if you’re part of Erasmus do this” like I did about the Evento Nazionale post. 241 altre parole


My year abroad is OVER

I officially came home on 13th June and it’s been pretty much non-stop. I haven’t seen any of my friends (loner) apart from the ones at work and family-wise I’ve caught up with my grandma and my dad’s side of the family. 1.162 altre parole

Student Life

Evento Nazionale, Coscienza

Every year in Italy as a round up for your Erasmus experience, ESN all over Italy organises a three day trip (I say trip, its really just a three day festival) near the end. 148 altre parole


Week 12 : Eurovision

This week saw my attempts at getting a job in Florence and experiencing Eurovision from another country! 308 altre parole

Year Abroad



Bilo je na začetku marca 2016, nekaj dni po mojem prihodu v Marburg, ko sem stala v Menzi, študentski stavbi in skozi okno zrla proti gradu nad mestom. 414 altre parole


Erasmus, Pisa, Italy 2017.

So today it finally hit me, my time in Italy, and as an Erasmus student is coming to an end.

Saturday night marked the last ESN Pisa Gala for the year. 883 altre parole

If someone would ask me a year ago where do I see myself in a year, I would never say that I will end my school year in Moscow. 1.896 altre parole