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Mūsu viesi - City of Glasgow College.

Pieredzes apmaiņas programmas ietvaros nedēļu pie mums viesojas studentes no City of Glasgow College. Meitenes pie mūsu pasniedzējas Gunitas Vjateres apguva Dzintara un SPA masāžu. Un iepazinās ar mūsu stilistikas nodarbību pie pasniedzējas Baibas Grīnas. 81 altre parole


Why I Chose Granada

Choosing where to spend my year abroad was a pretty easy decision. I had spent some time over the last year in Spain as an Au Pair and had visited Granada with two friends I had met in Palma Del Rio. 132 altre parole

Brexit Will Kill Our Future!

Written by Guy Roberts

Give light, and the darkness will disappear of itself.” This is a quote from Desiderius Erasmus of Rotterdam, the Catholic priest, teacher and eminent theologian, after which the Erasmus Scheme was named. 490 altre parole


Launch of a Student offer!

As former student, we know that Cyprus is also a place dedicated to young people. However it happens that student’s budget is less consequent than expected, and some travel desire can suffer of that. 62 altre parole


Paris in Under 2 Days

If, prior to my year living abroad, someone had told me that the first time I would really visit Paris, I would be trying to cram everything in to less than 2 days.. 1.795 altre parole


Easterbreak 3/3: Bari

Rooman jälkeen viimeinen kohde oli Bari ja sen läheiset kaupungit. Sää oli ollut Napolissa ja Roomassa helteinen. Olin pakannut uimapuvun viimeistä kodetta vatren mukaan, mutta ikäväksemme jouduimme toteamaan sään olevan kelvoton uimiseen. 847 altre parole

Sa începem cu începutul...

De ce?

Gandul de a incepe un blog nu-mi da pace de foarte mult timp. Imi tot gaseam mereu scuze: lipsa de timp, frica de a fi neinspirata si neinteresanta, etc :D. 497 altre parole