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Day 42

Being on Erasmus means constantly having fun and partying. At least that is what everyone keeps telling you. And everyone else keeps partying. So, every night you stay at home and every weekend you do not go somewhere to explore, you feel guilty. 820 altre parole

Dear Diary

Youth in Action Ashford

The Bauhaus Cafe CIC is now working on a number of youth exchage projects, working to encourage transnational volunteering by young people whilst helping to build confidence, motivation, knowledge of how to actively get involved in organising and funding travel abroad by UK youth and travel to the UK by European youth. 369 altre parole


Voices October 2017

Here is the latest edition of Voices magazine

Yes, autumn has knocked on our windows, it is around and we can feel its breath! Psychologists argue that the best remedy for autumn sorrow is love. 63 altre parole


Language Cafe Vol. 4 - Oct 10th

People from different nationalities and countries participate in the latest edition of our Language Café. It is an event created by VCS where creative people set up tables with their flags and people are welcome to sit with them and learn about their countries. 147 altre parole


BLOG: One month on the job – what it's like to intern for an NGO

Noémi Kalocsay

As the second semester approaches in the Euroculture master programme, there is another important decision to be made; namely, which track to choose for the third semester: professional or research? 753 altre parole


Studing abroad, the story of Eva Calvo

“When I discovered the Erasmus Programme I inmediatly decided to study abroad. I saw it as a good oportunity to live new experiences, but I’ve never expected that living abroad could be such a challenge. 238 altre parole


A Day in Bruges

A couple of weeks ago we decided to take a group trip to the medieval city of Bruges. The journey wasn’t a particularly quick one, with us setting off for Mons train station at 7.45am and then having to take three different trains to get there, then back again. 372 altre parole