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baba # Italy’s brand workshop

On the occasion of the 10th Anniversary of Milano Fashion Library, Giulia Ceriani -baba CEO- will participate in the discussion focused on the perception of the brand ITALIA… 22 altre parole


Resilienza: un fattore di recupero che influenza i pazienti con danno cerebrale acquisito

Sappiamo che l’insorgenza di lesioni cerebrali traumatiche (TBI) ed ictus causa, quasi inevitabilmente, diversi cambiamenti in chi li subisce; ciò comporta il dover far fronte a tali condizioni nel modo più appropriato e flessibile possibile. 807 altre parole


Volleyball? www.RandomVolley.com 🏐


This is an article a bit special and different from the usual. Our site was born a bit for fun, but in a few months has become a real creature, which gives us every day a lot of satisfaction. 167 altre parole


Sky in the room

By Adele Manassero, Italian volounteer

An open window on Shalom Library and its readers

From the desk of Shalom Library of a normal afternoon, the view is amazing: children and teenagers who are nourishing voraciously of images and tales, novels and scholastic books. 652 altre parole

Shalom Centre

Walking away

I started running around three years ago. At first it was just running: I had no watch, did not know what a Garmin was, I had no clue how far I was running or how fast I was going. 940 altre parole


Impressions of Kanyama

By Maristella Lunardon, Italian Volounteer

Being a volunteer for Africa Call Organization means to become part of Kanyama, the compound where Shalom Centre is located. 557 altre parole


First wedding anniversary!

We got married in the mountains and we celebrated our first wedding anniversary at the seaside. To be honest, we didn’t have much of a choice, as mountains are non existent in Belgium and we are working for one more week, so our holidays this year have had to wait. 683 altre parole

Brussels Life