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What you really need...

There is a (half-)joke that most companies could actually manage quite well using just two systems – PowerPoint and Excel. That might well be true and practical evidence of this is fairly abundant if you look around, however there is still a good and a bad way to do it: 25 altre parole

Systems & Solutions

Write multiple Excel files for each value of certain column Python Pandas

Consider the following dataframe:

data = {'Col_A': , 'Col_B': ['a', 'b', 'a', 'b']}
df = pd.DataFrame.from_dict(data)

I can create a dataframa a and write it to Excel as follows: 116 altre parole


Phone Call Cuts Hospital Readmissions

The title of this post is the same as that of an article on page 18 of today’s copy of The Times.

This is the first paragraph. 122 altre parole


What I put on my quick access toolbar in Excel

The quick access toolbar is an extra toolbar in Office applications that you can customise to contain commands you use frequently. See here for details of how to add commands to the quick access toolbar. 453 altre parole

Using Your Tools

AddSpline Method

This example will grab scanned data from an excel file and create a visual representation of the scan data in AutoCAD by drawing splines. I haved uploaded the excel file for viewing reference … 415 altre parole

CbCR - Country by Country Reporting status with Power BI world map

It is simple to apply world map in Power Bi to get great visualization of Country by Country Reporting (“CbCR”) status.

In this report, we find that until June 2019, there are 66 countries put the CbCR in place and 58 countries out of these 66 countries have exchange network activated. 239 altre parole


Data Project #1

I used 7 random countries to calculate the medals they won in Beijing 2008, and how much they constitute for the overall medals.