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Why you should use a data model in excel

The good old PivotTables are a fantastic  data analysis tool in Excel, but, they are not without their own limits. Most of the typical restrictions are eliminated when you use the data model rather than an Excel table. 217 altre parole

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Các hàm thống kê mô tả cơ bản trong Excel

Để tính các thông số thống kê mô tả trong Excel, các bạn có thể dùng Analysis ToolPak. Tuy nhiên nếu muốn đưa các thông số đó vào công thức tính khác thì phải dùng các hàm Excel như trong ví dụ sau. 163 altre parole


Self Spreadsheet Saboteur risk 10 years porridge

I used to put a little support contact details messagebox  in some of my more complex spreadsheets in the hope I may get a lucrative support gig. 85 altre parole


Writing a WeekNum(…) function for Visio

I needed to display the week number of dates in a Visio project of mine, but there is no WeekNum(…) function built-in, so I had to write one, and allow for the date that the week numbers begin in to be varied from 1st January.  657 altre parole


Reading Data from Excel, Text and CSV Files into RStudio

Before you can work with a data set in RStudio, you will first need to import your data into RStudio. In this post I will show exactly how to read in data sets from typical files you may work with including: excel, text and csv files. 545 altre parole


Using Excel to Create a Match Tracker

Excel and its different functions can be used to create a match tracker. Here are some ideas of how you can create your own match tracker. 1.252 altre parole

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