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How The Nerd World Influenced Makeup!

I don’t know about you but one thing I love besides junk food is make up.  Until recently I was an addict. I have spent many hours and money at Sephora, Ulta you name it . 1.205 altre parole

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The Written World of Furries

It should come as no surprise that there’s a sizable amount of furries that try their hand at the written word. While artists seem to take the center stage, writers are there along with them, crafting and creating their own worlds and either publishing stories through official channels, taking on the task of self publishing, or they share them for free online. 1.135 altre parole

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Forest City Comic Con 2017 Preview

TGON North is heading to London (Canada) this weekend for FCCC. Held at the London Convention Centre this Saturday, September 23, this event is sure to entertain nerds young and old. 109 altre parole

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TGON Music: It's A Musical

Theatre nerds, we got your back.
Check out our latest TGON Music playlist, “It’s a Musical!”

This mix includes favourites from musicals new and old, that are sure to get you pumped, and have you singing along. 12 altre parole

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