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Scrivo scrivo scrivo.
Raggiunta e superata quota 2000.
Sarà la pioggia, sarà che alla fine se incominci rischi anche di riuscire.

Tra i tanti/troppi argomenti anche la Creazione ha un suo spazio: 83 altre parole


Borghese 海底泥面膜

宜家啲天氣甘乾,同事都話要入啲保濕mask,保濕係一年四季都應該要做架啦~但有啲client皮膚真係好乾,傾開計發現佢地都無疏於保濕功夫,但都仲 係事與願違。


首先要清潔咗塊面先,跟住先可以fu Borghese的海底泥面膜。




Marketing 101: the Social Television Revolution!

Social media has re-invented what television looks like in 2014. Consistent cross-branding, social engineering and a communal mindset has driven television consumers in droves towards social interactions based on their favourite shows. 1.349 altre parole


Handling A Difficult, Impatient and Distracted Audience

In a networked world, broadcasters are forced to compete for attention. Multitasking consumers are split between several platforms – they might watch Home and Away while reading the news on their tablet and texting friends with their smartphone. 588 altre parole


Social Television

This is the basis of Social Television, people like to talk about the shows they watch. TV is no longer an anti-social pass time, it’s a way to connect with people and share interests. 341 altre parole