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Giù la maschera

Come fango sulla mia faccia

La maschera che indosso

Protegge il cuore dal dolore

E offende chi mi ama

Gratto via il putridume

Rivelando un io che conoscevo… 8 altre parole


91 Days (Episodes 5-10): One Day More...

Sorry I couldn’t resist. So with episodes 1-10 complete, covering the last 3 months (or 90 days) of the series, there’s just one more day left! 981 altre parole


91 Days Episode 6


I really think this is going to be one of those shows where everyone ends up dead. It just keeps twisting this straight revenge story so that everyone is playing everyone else and you can just see a massive body count when we get to the end of the line. 109 altre parole

Glossybox July 2016 Review

Glossybox July 2016 Report Card: B–

Okay Glossybox. Joke is up. Did you make a deal with Sinful colors or something? Oh, of course you did. 163 altre parole

Music - Fango.

When I spend time alone with myself, I find this song a hymn to life and to its silent beauty.

“…that the only danger you really feel… 41 altre parole