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The Powder Mage Trilogy

By Brian McClellan

McClellan’s first book, Promise of Blood, begins in the middle of a coup, and as such, it takes a little while for the reader to sort out exactly what is going on (and who their sympathies should lie with). 345 altre parole

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All The Birds In The Sky - Charlie Jane Anders

There’s been a lot of buzz about the debut novel from Charlie Jane Anders, All The Birds In The Sky.ย  This seems to beย largely driven by the author’s status as a recognisable ‘name’ in online pop culture journalism: she is one of the co-founders of… 261 altre parole


Dark and dreary

Image: geralt (Pixabay)

The night was dark and dreary. His feet pounded the pavement, stirring up musty clouds of acrid smoke, as the water vaporised under the relentless and violent thuds. 71 altre parole


ARC: The Waking Land

So the same day I finished Lost Boy by Christina Henry I got approved for The Waking Land by Callie Bates on NetGalley. Lol, it’s funny because I thought I was making progress but now I still have 6 books on NetGalley to get to. 267 altre parole

General Updates

Chapter 1-1.3: The Last Campfire

Muscled through again. Shy of 2 pages but I’m okay with that.

Kesshen was sitting with rigid, perfect posture, eyes boring straight ahead. His body was tensed and ready to pounce. 454 altre parole


Top Ten Sunday: Standalones!

Now, I’m not a huge fan of standalone, I’m too connected to the characters and invested in the story to be okay with a single book dedicated to them. 155 altre parole


The Lafysa (Episode 4)

The Lafysa


Saffy Ginny

Main Cast: Han Seulra (OC), Cho Kyuhyun (Super Junior)

Supporting Cast: Kim Taehyung (BTS), Kim Minjae

Genre: Fantasy, Mystery, Romance… 1.290 altre parole