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Our imagination goes bump in the night 'The Bye Bye Man' - movie review

Society and folklore, creates urban legends, and things that go bump in the night to keep us scared, entertained. These tails of creepy tall men, ghostly figures that hide in the corners or under the bed in your room, or even if you look in a mirror and say their name three times they will appear to take your last breath. 386 altre parole

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'The Bye Bye Man' Review

The Bye Bye Man opens intriguingly enough. In a flashback to 1968, an as-yet-unidentified man (Leigh Whannell) kills a number of people in their homes in what appears to be a psychotic episode. 606 altre parole


Review of "The Bye Bye Man"

College is a time of experimentation. A time to spread wings and test limits. You are in between childhood and adulthood. You can vote, go off to war, own property, legally drink alcohol (if you’re old enough, illegally otherwise), find your true love and get your heart broken…several times. 1.186 altre parole


The Bye Bye Man - or, Paranormal Cucktivity


You guys.

I don’t want to speak too soon on this, but I think I may have discovered what rock bottom is, and no, I’m not talking about Michael Fassbender’s rock bottom. 2.330 altre parole

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The Bye Bye Man

As I waited for this movie to start, a guy approached me and, presumably looking for a screen to sneak in to, asked what film it was. 460 altre parole


January 14: Happy Birthday Faye Dunaway and Emily Watson

Faye Dunaway is celebrating her 76th birthday today.  She made her Broadway debut as Margaret More in A Man For All Seasons shortly after graduating from Boston University.  1.390 altre parole

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"The Bye Bye Man" (2017): Don't Think It, Don't Bother

The Bye Bye Man is an awful January horror movie. Sure, that’s pretty common. Many a terrible horror movie is dumped in January. Last week saw  888 altre parole

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