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Poetry is the Unknown Guest in the House

Poetry is the Unknown Guest in the House
 – according to Lawrence Ferlinghetti, in Poetry as Insurgent Art

“Stash your sell-phone” 

In 2017 I used an app to delete all my contacts from my Facebook account, and decided to begin blogging again.

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I Am Waiting by Lawrence Ferlinghetti

I am waiting for my case to come up

and I am waiting

for a rebirth of wonder

and I am waiting for someone

to really discover America… 551 altre parole


City Lights

Out of all the poems, I think I like “City Lights” the most, but it might be a default. I don’t know if it’s just because I didn’t really understand “I Am Waiting” which made me feel kind of dumb because the whole poem is saying exactly what they are waiting for. 209 altre parole

"Howl" and the Beat Generation

Allen Ginsberg is usually accredited as being one of the most influential and notable writers of the Beat Generation. The Beat generation began within a group of poets straying from the current societal norms in the 1950s. 335 altre parole

"I Am Waiting"- Ferlinghetti Response

Ferlinghetti’s “I Am Waiting” poem really questions our society. By at the poem’s end saying they are, “awaiting / perpetually and forever”, this speaker is suggesting that this perfect world that would contain a “rebirth of wonder” is impossible, giving it a very painful end. 180 altre parole

Desire for a Better US: Ferlinghetti's "I Am Waiting"

Earlier this semester, at his poetry reading, Professor Hass mentioned the idea that desire for any particular thing implies lack of or separation from that thing. 293 altre parole

Kenneth Rexroth

KENNETH REXROTH (1905 – 1982)

American Poet

Rexroth was an influential poet and activist from the 1930s through the 1960s. Part of the counterculture, he was known as the ‘Father of the Beats’, and befriended those such as Allen Ginsberg and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. 18 altre parole

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