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Now feels slow.

And what say you?

Will you be letting me walk right up and peer inside the expanse of your wide windows, all at a snail’s pace to learn? 68 altre parole

554: March 30th, 2015

Song: Tired Of You
Artist: Foo Fighters
Album: One By One (2002)


Seventy Years Ago

April, 1945, seventy years ago, the end of WWII was close although my mother, Elzbeth Schulze, did not know it then.  She knew Britain, France, and America were fighting on German soil. 730 altre parole

You Can Go Now But Leave The Butter

Chronic Illness Fighters

We all face battles everyday, and we still continue to fight through it!❤️💜💙


The Face of Courage: Update 3

Update  3:

Here you can see that I’m working on her clothes and scarf. I like to lay in the highlights so that I can see where the shadows are. 225 altre parole

The Face of Courage: Update 2

I am still in awe at the courage of this old woman. I wonder if she thought that she was the only one who could say something. 131 altre parole

16 Emotional Struggles Of Being A Lover AND A Fighter

1. You’re not afraid of conflict. In fact, most of the time you relish the opportunity to have debates. Because to you, argument is an art form when it is done properly. 560 altre parole