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The Fighter.

Hai, What’s up, readers setiaku?
Gue comeback yang pastinya dengan cerita baru! Yuhuu \^^/
Anyway, dikarenakan banyaknya permintaan dari para fans —ceile fans— , kali ini gue bakal bahas cerita dibalik perjuangan gue… 2.340 altre parole


Cancer Can Suck It!

So I’m scrolling down my Facebook Timeline and I come across this page – https://www.facebook.com/Relief-for-Naaziyah-1692938677621405/ .

It’s about this beautiful young fighter who yesterday, lost her life to a horrible, terrifying and all-encompassing disease. 226 altre parole

Watch: ISIS fighters captured while fleeing Syria disguised as women

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Image capture of video by RIANNHE ALDEBARAN via YouTube Account

Three men dressed in full black veils had attempted to blend in with civilians and try to flee the northern city of Manjib… 9 altre parole

ISIL Fighters captured while fleeing Syria dressed as women

Islamic State fighters disguised as women were reportedly caught by opposition forces while attempting to flee Manbij, Syria. The men, dressed in full black veils, attempted to blend in with civilians fleeing the northern city, after coalition forces issued an order to leave Manbij within two days. 117 altre parole

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Traveller: Christmas in July Sale for the D66 Compendium 2

Like we talked about yesterday with our 5e releases and the day before with Pathfinder, our Traveller releases are available now for 25% off… 87 altre parole

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What’s Up PlayStation!

The wait is finally over! Juri will hit Street Fighter V next week on July 26th. For those who are itching to get their hands on here, I hope this trailer will suffice till next week. 160 altre parole

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