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Trust Me: Matty and Kayla

Matty McDaniels took care of his brothers which was why he was allowing himself to be blackmailed by the neighborhood gangster. He would become Mick’s fighter for a year which would pay off his debt.

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As a kid I wasn’t much of a fighter. Looking back, I’m not that hard on myself as I grew up in an area and went to a school known for its tougher characters.   1.224 altre parole


Star Players: Armada

Adam “Armada” Lindgren is a Swedish Super Smash Bros player. Arguably, he’s the number one smash player in the world, with a majority of fans naming him as the number one Super Smash Bros Melee player in all parts of the globe. 171 altre parole

Super Smash Bros

Isometric Drill for Fighters and Grapplers

On our visit up to Ready Performance in LA, Hunter showed us one of his favorite drills for the fighters and grapplers. It’s a unique, isometric drill that helps teach athletes how to brace, hold position and stand strong in an athletic stance.

The Undisputed Truth (Mike Tyson with Larry Sloman)

Despite being a boxing fan I never believed the Tyson hype, and his army of fan boys seem more like groupies. Firstly, I want to point out a few facts about his career. 1.088 altre parole


Legend: Royce Gracie

To all hardcore UFC fans and fight historians, the name “Royce Gracie” should be synonymous with Legend. The fact he weighed 180 or a little less was able to submit fighters larger in body size as well as with stronger stand up striking skills amazes me to this day! 990 altre parole