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UFC 205 Press Conference

This is one of the biggest events in UFC history.This event will be the first UFC event hosted in New York city. It will also be the first UFC event hosted in the State of New York after the longtime professional MMA ban was revoked in early 2016. 22 altre parole

Pre-painting Studies for next painting; Personality  Clash

Greetings :

With these election debates going on, there’s a lot of conflict revolving around who to vote for and the chaos that goes with it… 349 altre parole


Should Tyson Fury Be Stripped?

Tyson Fury has been the cause of some controversy over the past few months after defeating Wladimir Klitshko last November, but now his health has took a turn for the worst and the question is should he be stripped of his Heavyweight title’s if there’s genuine medical reasons.¬† 345 altre parole

Ausome Kids: The Adventures of Xoaquin and Milagro

Jean and I are happy to announce another book we are working on, coming to you in 2017!

Here is a quick overview about the book: 246 altre parole


The funny dread

The beast, it takes its fill.
Mother frowns and shakes her till.


there the mites are a'mourning.
Trembling few,
ensconced in warning.

The funny dread of complicit rage
be the muted distress 
of every age. 37 altre parole

Turkey's Erdogan says US sent weapons to Kurdish fighters in Syria

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan accused the United States of supplying more weapons to Kurdish fighters in northern Syria this week, delivering two plane loads of arms to what Ankara says is a terrorist group. 375 altre parole

Money Matters