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Weight and Appetite Battle

If you are dealing with chronic pain or any long term illness, you know what it is to like going through “withdrawal”symptoms like. Since I’ve been dealing with pain and getting prescribed (I don’t even remember how many so far…) more than 30-40 different medications through out 5 year period of time, withdrawal from medication is unfortunately given. 602 altre parole


British fighters to overfly South China Sea; carriers in Pacific after 2020 - envoy

(Source: www.straitstimes.com)

WASHINGTON (REUTERS) – British fighter planes visiting Japan will fly over the South China Sea and Britain will sail aircraft carriers in the Pacific once they are operational in 2020, given concerns about freedom of navigation there, Britain’s ambassador to the United States said on Thursday (Dec 1). 577 altre parole

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The Great WW2 Aircraft Carrier Showdown : Imperial Japanese Navy v/s US Navy


The Pacific War between the Imperial Japanese Navy (IJN) and the United States Navy (USN) is mainly remembered for its aircraft carrier actions. 1.958 altre parole

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"Suffering is like an ice, it melts one day"

Most of you who are¬†reading this post aren’t Korean I assume and (I was born and raised in S.Korea until I was 15 years old) do not know who this person is, and even if you are Korean might not¬†know much about this person. 625 altre parole


The King Of Fighters XIV Update Makes The Game Less Ugly

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On the top left we have a screenshot from the release version of The King of Fighters XIV, a game that transformed beautiful 2D characters into… 163 altre parole



The Syrian Air Force carried out several combat flights over the gatherings and supply routes of Jabhat Fateh al Sham (formerly al Nusra Front) in Idlib provinse, destroying a number of militant bases and strongholds. 74 altre parole


Trending iOS App Today: Fighters on Fleek (Swag Edition)

#iOS App Name: Fighters on Fleek (Swag Edition) Welcome to the ***Fighters on Fleek Challenge!*** Swipe to defend against evil space robots. Unlock all 11 characters (each with a unique signature power-up). 31 altre parole