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Since I have become a radiology nurse I have witnessed something that has humbled me; cancer patients and the infallible strength that they have.

My role in radiology is different from my role as a bedside nurse. 319 altre parole


Once Broken Never

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Many a time over the years people ask me how l can write so openly about my depression, stress and anxiety? That perhaps my brutal honesty was too much, too personal, too private and too open. 1.927 altre parole


Aerobic Capacity Workout for the MMA Fighters at Landow Performance

Head coach, Loren Landow was putting the mma crew through a low intensity, aerobic capacity workout, designed to help the guys heal up, recover from a tough week and prepare them for their main sparring session that evening.

Getting into fighting games - My input so far [Discussion]

Been a gamer all my life, but mostly PC and for RPG's and Strategy games. In the fighting genre I've played a ton of Smash casually and that's about it (aside for story modes of MK: Armaggedon, MK: Shaolin Monks, SC II & III and DBZ: BT3); they were always like "oh yeah, they exist but they look hard to get into* and I'm just not used to them" (*=Says the guy that can spend hours reading guides of strategy games) 1.257 altre parole


Looking Ahead to Battle of the Nations 2018

The anticipation, practice, and armor repair leading up to Battle of the Nations has been in full swing the last few months for the USA Women. 384 altre parole

Conor McGregor Attacks Van Carrying UFC Fighters (VIDEO) One Injury, Possible Arrest Warrant Issued

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Conor McGregor and his team showed up at the Barclays Center for UFC 223 Media Day, and they weren’t there to deliver well wishes to the fighters on the card. 692 altre parole

Money Matters

Isometric Drill for Fighters and Grapplers

On our visit up to Ready Performance in LA, Hunter showed us one of his favorite drills for the fighters and grapplers. It’s a unique, isometric drill that helps teach athletes how to brace, hold position and stand strong in an athletic stance.