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21 Sandbag Exercises for Fighters and Grapplers

Fighters and grapplers need a variety of strength to perform at their best. In this article, Josh Henkin showcases sandbag drills to strengthen the legs, stabilize the core and develop massive rotational power.

Review: Legend by Katy Evans

The most REAL ending to this series I could ever hope for.

Reese Dumas is staying with her cousin, in order to get a break from her life and to find the real her. 386 altre parole

New Releases

Here's to...

Here’s to the dreamer in you That doesn’t know how to give up

That thru the tears and frustrations

Continues to fight
Here’s to the fighter in you… 221 altre parole

Unchartered Paths

I want to sit in the cafes off the highway and write down everything that I feel and see, right from the vintage windows to the bitter taste of coffee, and then drive off to the next town, and repeat it, over and over again. 150 altre parole

5 Steel Club Exercises for Fighters and Grapplers

Steel Club Exercises are great for fighters and grapplers! Develop more coordination, strength and endurance in a variety of new ways.