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billboard reviews foo fighters classic self titled debut album

Why not start off this grunge rock music blog with a review on a retro classic, the Foo Fighters self titled debut album back in 95 definitely inspired many.   143 altre parole

Russian Bombers Cause Alarm in Sweden -- Fighters Scrambled

Russian Tu-22M3 Tu-bomber. Photo by Pavel Golovkin

Swedish fighter jets were sent on Saturday morning to monitor the activity of two Russian bombers to the east of Gotland. 475 altre parole

Trance Channeling for Survival (as narrated by Erik Medhus)

My family and I were having dinner downstairs and we were talking about Zombie Apocalypses and self-defense.

When I went back into my room, Erik said, ” You don’t need no shit lessons on the firing range or buy a fucking Samurai.” 529 altre parole

Philippines vow to beef up Air Force

The Philippines has vowed to attain primacy where the effectiveness of its Air Force is concerned. Speaking of the country’s  past glories, including the successful campaign in the Congo during 1962, the country’s president, Beningo Aquino III, declared his intention to restore the potency expressed in that mission as his country squares up to Chinese aggression around the Pacific. 158 altre parole



A great fighter once said “It ain’t about how hard you can hit. It’s about how hard you can get hit… and KEEP MOVING FORWARD.”



Delicate hands with powerfull force

“maat bandho in pankho ko, aaj nhi toh kaal ye udan lengay,

Tod ke har bandhan ko, ye zamane se bair lengya”

Not every hand comes forward  to help others. 300 altre parole


Gaza becoming center for export of ISIS fighters

TEL AVIV – As Palestinian Salafists allied with ISIS rapidly gain influence in the Gaza Strip, the coastal enclave is becoming an international exporter of jihadists who fight under the ISIS banner in other countries, primarily Syria. 10 altre parole