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Time...⏰...Fighting to Win

If time stood still, Right Now, would you want to remain in life’s circumstances. Whether good or bad? If time doesn’t revolve we want evolve! The evolving pangs of life attempts to render us desolate without options and broken, with doubts of repair. 126 altre parole

The King Of Fighters Is Back, Minus The 2D Charm

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With 50 characters, tons of stages, plenty of online and offline modes and almost absurd technical depth, The King of Fighters XIV is everything fans of SNK’s long-running fighting game franchise could want, though it’s shed a little charisma with the transition to 3D. 621 altre parole


Resilience is Useless Without the Love of an Helper

No man is an island” (J. Donne).

Then why is it so difficult to accept someone’s help? No matter how close we are to the helper, we always wished that we could make it on our own. 655 altre parole

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The King of Fighters XIV

  • Platform: PS4
  • Price: $59.99 (Burn to Fight Limited Edition is $79.99)
  • Release Date: Aug. 23 (Americas) Aug. 24 (PAL territories), Aug. 25 (Japan/Asia)
  • ESRB Rating: T…
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Elite Dangerous: Guardians 2.2: Everything you need to know

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Remember Elite’s CQC (close-quarters combat) Championship, its lesser loved multiplayer arena combat mode? While it’s not getting the overhaul it arguably needs—nor is the now-postponed £75,000 ($100,000) CQC tournament making a comeback—Frontier is taking some of the best bits of… 1.709 altre parole



‘Error.’ It read. Aaron could barely comprehend what was happening. The system was failing. The unthinkable was happening. All security measures were down and he knew perfectly what that meant. 1.787 altre parole


Ayaan Ali

AABrave statement – “2/3 of all violence is committed by muslims in the world against muslim or against non-muslims in the name of Islam and muslims are 1/5 in the world population so you can’t go and claim that… 31 altre parole