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Firenze per la giornata.

Despite many a visit to Firenze, I still haven’t managed to see everything.

My tuesday was blessed with two lovely visitors; a Scott and a Geordie. 369 altre parole

Cooking to Acclimate

January 2017 can be characterized by spending time alone in an Airbnb, the first one I have every stayed in, and listening nonstop to Nina Simone. 1.086 altre parole


Bono-giorno! Ciao amici e la famiglia!

After 4 days immersed in this new, Tuscan culture, my expectations are exceeded (minus the unusual cold, windy weather – it’s been snowing the past 2 days; these Florentines don’t know what to do with themselves). 348 altre parole


Journal Entry #27: Leather school and Duomo

Friday was a rather gloomy day in Firenze. Which was fine with me, because I enjoy rainy days. On Friday we were scheduled to have a tour of a leather school and the duomo. 75 altre parole

Taming Firenze: "They don't respect our rights."

On our third day here we bumped into a fairly large protest about a block away from our school. Walking toward our apartment we came across a crowd chanting loudly outside a door blocked by police in riot gear. 382 altre parole


Giving Back

16 Gennaio 2017.

All of my life I have been passionate about giving back to people in need and communities that I love so dearly. It warms my heart after the fact to know that I did something that changes someone’s mood or perspective. 200 altre parole

Quattro Giorni

As I sit here after a fun-filled weekend, I am struggling to come up with how to describe my amazing friends and family. There will never be enough words to convey how grateful I am to have all of these amazing people in my life. 455 altre parole