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Al Acqua 2

For our first night in Florence, we went to a traditional italian restaurant with friendly service albeit a little scatterbrained. There only seemed to be one waiter and they had a screen showing the activity in the kitchen and you could only see one cook back there. 262 altre parole


Olive oil tasting

So normally you don’t think of olive oil as something to eat or drink on its own. It’s usually a dip, a dressing, a drizzle, a topping, or part of a recipe. 195 altre parole


My Good Friend David

Our last day in Florence, and then what will I call this blog?
My family and I started off the day by finally seeing the real David sculpture at The Academia. 401 altre parole

Florence in Photos

First off I’d like to say that I wish I could offer you a cogent, meaningful post that attempts to make sense of what is going on in the world right now. 521 altre parole

For Italy... with love- Firenze

Starting the journey each day to a new location from the one and only Florence.

Or let’s call her the real name.. Firenze, shall we? 187 altre parole

firenzei szúnyoginvázió

  • Szétmarnak ezek a dögök! – kiáltom, mert már elegem van, hogy mindig van szúnyog.De nem csak néha, nem csak este, nem csak ha felkapcsoljuk a villanyt, nem csak a folyóparton, hanem mindig és mindenhol!
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Florence in a day: what I like about Florence

Have you ever visited Florence? I you haven’t I suggest you to go as soon as you can. 

I have been there more or less four times, and the last one was two days ago after a sudden decision made the day before the visit. 369 altre parole