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Week 12 : Eurovision

This week saw my attempts at getting a job in Florence and experiencing Eurovision from another country! 308 altre parole

Year Abroad

Journey Begins - Switzerland Off and Away

Our bags are packed and we’re ready to go…I used to stand in my parents living room when I was 5 with my suitcase and sing that song to them. 151 altre parole



Ciao tutti,

From the title of my Roma blog, you can probably guess what 15.8 is. Yep, that’s the total number of miles that I walked in Firenze! 1.317 altre parole

Greenheart Travel

Florence Italy Guide

For many years, I had wanted to travel to the Tuscan region of Italy. Florence, or Firenze, is one of the main cities in that region. 1.111 altre parole

RSA Open 2017 - pre selection

Excited, I’ve been pre-selected for the RSA Open 2017 with this piece, Firenze, that I developed at Alchimia in Florence when on the Bradshaw travel bursary. 18 altre parole


A Museo and A Duomo

If you ever need to know how to get on my good side brighten my day, throw me in an art museum and take away the key. 456 altre parole


I Cent’Anni del Negroni, l’aristocratico dei Cocktail

Nel 2016, “Drinks International,” una rivista prestigiosa che tratta cocktail, ha classificato i migliori drink nel mondo.   Il Negroni è il secondo dopo l’Old Fashioned.  Gli altri nei primi dieci sono il Manhattan, Daiquiri, Martini, Whiskey Sour, Margarita, Sazerac, Moscow Mule, and the Mojito. 474 altre parole