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Photo: Ciao Firenze

There are cities for business and then there are cities for pleasure yet Florence manages two marry both seamlessly, although it skews more towards the side of delights. 80 altre parole


Valentine's Day Cookies ~ Cookies Para o Dia dos Namorados

Just when you think life is going smoothly…the road gets bumpy.  Things you never thought would happen, happen.  There are two ways I see life.  When all is in order, I picture a white sand beach, gentle waves, sunshine and a light, cool breeze.  577 altre parole


Firenze Week 2 & 3


I’ve been in Florence for three weeks now, and it’s a love/hate relationship at the moment. I love being here, and I hate not fitting in. 605 altre parole


How To Change The Rings In A Gillio Pocket Mia Cara

Hello there you lovely folk! So last night I decided it was time to change the rings out in my Gold/Green Pocket Mia Cara. I bought it new to me a few weeks ago on the Gillio Facebook Marketplace and had tried to use it with the standard small rings (says 16mm on the website) but I just couldn’t fit all I wanted into it and still be able to easily turn the pages etc and it was driving me nuts. 270 altre parole


Dress your skin

Hi everyone!

As I wrote you in the last post, here in Italy the political elections campaign is quite tough. We have elections on the 4th of March. 705 altre parole

Real Fashion

Books I have read, 2017

January. Cold, grey, busy Torino. After celebrating NYE with my dear Canadian friends, I fall sick. Marco, Leila and Etta come to my rescue. On Sunday January 6 I move into my new apartment where I will soon be rejoined by Niels.  1.300 altre parole