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3-hour workshop in florence, italy: oxidized convex ring

Ralitsa was recently in Florence and wanted to do a 3-hour jewelry workshop to learn a new technique and to make a unique gift, a… 312 altre parole

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Solo trip to Italy - 5 nights, 3 cities.

My 6 day solo adventure to Italy was by far the most amazing, liberating and inspiring travel experience so far.

I arrived to Milan by plane and then travelled across the region to Florence and then Venice by train. 99 altre parole


Al Acqua 2

For our first night in Florence, we went to a traditional italian restaurant with friendly service albeit a little scatterbrained. There only seemed to be one waiter and they had a screen showing the activity in the kitchen and you could only see one cook back there. 262 altre parole


Olive oil tasting

So normally you don’t think of olive oil as something to eat or drink on its own. It’s usually a dip, a dressing, a drizzle, a topping, or part of a recipe. 195 altre parole