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Florence in my kitchen.

Trippa alla fiorentina, one of my all-time culinary joys, I was first introduced to it in 1981 when my mother tried a recipe from a fancy cookery book, a collection of a former newspaper’s Italy correspondant’s favourite Italian dishes, some sort of culinary memoirs, and therefore the only cookery book my mother would feel inspired by, it was an immediate success with me, I declared it my last meal before being hanged, I then was told Germany didn’t have the death penalty any longer, but what these trippa actually were, I was not told. 147 altre parole


Our Great Italian Adventure: Part 2: Friends in Florence

PREVIOUSLY Our Great Italian Adventure: The train was old, and they turned the heat off half way through, and we got off one stop too early ( we just got on the next train), but we made it to Florence in one piece. 2.317 altre parole



I never thought about the holidays before I decided to study abroad. The topic never came to mind, until the week before Halloween. I had no idea if they even celebrated Halloween, and as it turns out they don’t in Italy (well there is some spirit, but it’s not the same as you’re used to). 281 altre parole