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My First Solo Trip - Italy (Part 3)

The next morning I felt very jet lagged, nervous and anxious, and just flat out “weird”. I wanted to stay in my hotel room – all day. 2.326 altre parole


New Space for Young Choreographers in Florence

The building in which PARC (ex Scuderie Granducali in Florence) resides was originally constructed as horse stables for the grand duke of Florence.

PARC stands for “Performing Art Research Center” and is situated in the luxuriant 3,5 km long Cascine Parc landscaped in the renaissance by the grand duke Cosomo I di Medici. 218 altre parole


Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome - August, 2018

It is possible to cover Venice, Florence, Pisa and Rome in 4 and a half days.

I started this trip on Sunday, flying into Venice (Treviso) via Ryan Air. 551 altre parole


Dreams of miles away

For the longest time, as far as when my traveling fervor awakened, I’ve always wondered how Europe was like.

I am aware that I don’t have the greatest knowledge when it comes to the world, history, and many other things but the one place that I always wanted to visit was Paris, specifically because of the Eiffel Tower and the dreamy romantic feel that is spoken about Paris. 404 altre parole


“Europe part 2...Monaco to Verona...”

Day 3…Saturday 11th June

After getting a few hours kip in the sauna, we packed the car up and continued our journey. Day three (if you include our drive day to Newhaven) and the itinerary had already gone out the window. 1.585 altre parole


Tuscany Land

From Rome we traveled into the Tuscany region starting with the leather capital, Florence.  Our day consisted of a walking tour (this one was only 60 minutes so I survived.. 564 altre parole

Florence, the Best Italian City?

Rome may be the most famous city in Italy, but Florence is often considered the best Italian city to travel to. It is a city of amazing history, architecture, art, food, and shopping. 846 altre parole