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30. Peru

I visited Peru last year, and I think it may be among my top three all-time favourite cuisines. I first went to the capital city, Lima, which has a shocking degree of inequality for someone born and raised in Australia. 1.566 altre parole


Jangan Hanya Tahu Makan Crepes, Apa Sih Itu?

Crepes buatan sendiri. Lihat kulitnya berbeda dari crepes yang dijual di Indonesia.

Kulit crepes dijual di supermarket. Lumayan jadi bisa buat di rumah.

Selalu ada crepes yang jadi jajanan di setiap festival di sini. 473 altre parole



Always strive to be better than you were yesterday-LK

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Turtle Soup

Turtles are one of the first wild creatures to which kids have a connection. It is a wild animal that moves slowly enough on land that any fairly coordinated 3-year old can capture it. 339 altre parole

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Burnt Out on Ramen? Six Tips to Upgrade Your Noodles

This post originally appeared on loancuisine.wordpress.com

Ah, ramen. The staple cuisine of college kids, singles, and poor cooks everywhere. You can boil it, microwave it, or order high-end versions of it in restaurants around the world. 409 altre parole


Vegetable Pasta

A simple and delicious pasta recipe with vegetables. Here I have used fusilli type of pasta. But you can use any variety for this particular recipe. 178 altre parole


What’s on TV Sunday: ‘Star Trek: Discovery’ and ‘Ballers’

“Star Trek: Discovery” introduces new faces in a different era, but retains the same overarching themes. And Spencer and Joe land promising deals in the Season 3 finale of “Ballers.” 8 altre parole

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