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Best bottomless brunches in NYC, all under $35

Brunch is easily my favorite meal — I mean, bacon, eggs and champagne?! Count me in!

The only thing better than brunch, is bottomless brunch. There’s no better way to get your day-drink on, while simultaneously curing a hangover. 688 altre parole


Eventually you have to pay the piper for your pleasures...or do you? (Or...Happy Fry-day?!)

Pondering why some people live long despite excesses.. Is it good genes? Healthy environment? Healthy and/or godly attitudes? A combination of those and maybe other things? 189 altre parole

God's Guidance

Egg & Mozz Brunchwich

:Foodie Blog Test Run: 

If you are a lover of colorful and easy brunch food, then this sandwich is for YOU!

We recently had a Sprouts open by our apartment. 518 altre parole

The Muffin Man

I’m not much of a dessert person. All those fancy, restaurant-quality dessert photos, that people post on social media, don’t impress me much. I don’t care for your squiggles of chocolate sauce, wiggles of caramel, and plops of whipped cream on top. 1.767 altre parole


Greece - Vasilopita

This week, we travel to the home of Zeus, classical architecture and birthplace of democracy – Greece!

In the last few years Greece have had a good chat about leaving the euro. 691 altre parole