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Ireland 2007 - Dublin and the Wicklow Mountains

Years ago, my family and I went on another trip to Europe. This time, we visited Ireland. We have grown up with a lot of Irish-Americans, some of whom had been to the country and we were amazed to hear of their travels. 1.035 altre parole


Disgusting Food Museum

Only for the adventurous.. the Disgusting Food Museum originally from Sweden but with a temporary exhibition housed in the Architecture + Design Museum displays several tables of replicas and descriptions of.. 173 altre parole

Fried Pork Chops With Pickle Juice Gravy


  • 4 (6-ounce) rib or center cut pork chops (about 3/4 inch thick) (we used 5* Pork Loin Rib Chops that were bone-in)
  • Kosher salt…
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Science Behind Weak Bones

Let’s get to know about weak bones.

Other than strengthening of bones calcium is extremely important for muscle contraction and nerve conduction. 

Till the age of 35 only, calcium deposits in the bone. 80 altre parole


Plantain Buns...

….are little balls of chewy, awesome weirdness.  As I’ve mentioned before, I spent many years perfecting the art of bread baking.  Understanding the chemistry behind it, inventing my own recipes once I got confident in my abilities.   612 altre parole