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"Seat" of the Soul in Animals, Katie Stockton

“Well, nothing remarkable in that. When did a sheep last die of old age? Sheep do not own themselves, do not own their lives. They exist to be used, every last ounce of them, their flesh to be eaten, their bones to be crushed and fed to poultry. 105 altre parole


The disgrace of animal and female flesh

To be labelled an animal is loaded with connotations and often, appropriates different words like savage, to describe the uncivilised way humans treat one another. The various ways… 158 altre parole


Week 8 - Oscar's Thoughts

By the end of the novel Lurie has metaphorically merged with his favourite dog; he has been crippled by everything that’s taken place and can only find comfort in the arms of Bev. 115 altre parole