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Street art in Sukhumvit avenue, Bangkok


Seahawks coach Pete Carroll vows to run the ball more in 2017

After injuries to the run game forced the Seattle Seahawks to turn to their passing game last year, coach Pete Carroll is ready to get the team back to their running ways. 333 altre parole

Seattle Seahawks

No to zaczynamy przygodę :)

Założenie bloga chodziło za mną już od pewnego czasu, więc wreszcie postanowiłam się przełamać, może akurat będzie to ten punkt w moim wewnętrznym ekshibicjonizmie dający jakąś satysfakcję, zobaczymy! 91 altre parole

Sessions may put more rules on money for sanctuary cities

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Justice Department is looking for more ways to deny coveted federal grant money to so-called sanctuary cities.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said in a department memorandum Monday that the department may “tailor grants to promote a lawful system of immigration.” That suggests officials could seek ways to withhold money from communities that refuse to honor detainer requests from federal immigration authorities. 70 altre parole


Trump's $4.1T budget relies on deep domestic cuts

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Donald Trump’s proposed $4.1 trillion budget slashes safety net programs for the poor, targeting food stamps and Medicaid, while relying on rosy projections about the nation’s economic growth to balance the budget within 10 years. 855 altre parole


Insurers seek stability as Trump delays health care decision

WASHINGTON (AP) — Uncertainty over the future of health care for millions grew deeper Monday as insurers released a blueprint for stabilizing wobbly markets and the Trump administration left in limbo the fate of billions of dollars in federal payments. 687 altre parole