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Tits on Rattlesnakes: Oedipus and the chase for checkered demonoids in Mexico

by Guy Walker

As usual, it fell apart all too quickly. Stuck in Mexico, having spent the last of my money on a cowboy hat and a bottle of tequila wrapped in a cow’s hide and hoof, my best friend stabbed four times at the strip club, and now in the hospital. 4.695 altre parole

Short Stories

Key Indicators

Today’s guest comic comes to you courtesy of the infinitely delightful Caitlin Fitzgerald, and her formidable grasp of sociology! 


Reasons for the rise of atheism: science (AP3)

This series of blog posts will begin to consider the different reasons for the rise of atheism.

The five reasons you need to understand are science, empiricism, the problem of evil, the rebellion against moral absolutes and the awareness of other faiths. 638 altre parole

Atheism And Postmodernism

Sleep and Dreams: Part 3

No Cinderella, it isn’t. Maybe Sigmund Freud would agree with you to an extent, more about that later. Dreams are emotional story-like experiences that usually occur during REM sleep. 645 altre parole


Daily Obstruction: Dreams


Which poses more obstacles? – Waking life or dreaming?  What about awakening from waking life?

Daily Obstruction

This Is the Difference Between Science and Pseudoscience

It’s not immediately clear, to the layman, what the essential difference is between science and something masquerading as science: pseudoscience. The distinction gets at the core of what comprises human knowledge: How do we actually know something to be true? 1.861 altre parole