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Evading the Body Snatchers

I saw Philip Kaufman’s The Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) again last night. Beyond the camp and aged effects, it really has these creepy ideas I think it’s one of those prophetic movies that kind of tell us the reality of ourselves just beneath the apparent conspiracy of surfaces. 1.411 altre parole

Mrs Tersable

Mrs. Tersable had the patience of  Hades with a lengthy dose of blue ball build up  syndrome.

Beans on toast, eaten straight out of  a tin can –  this is not how she was used to living, outside of her comfort zone. 683 altre parole


Entry 6: "Don't Shoot the Messenger", The Turn of the Screw and the Effects of its Narration Style

“‘The story won’t tell’, said Douglas, ‘not in any literal, vulgar way.” 

To be able to rely on the details of a story, audiences must be able to trust the figure delivering this information: the narrator. 861 altre parole


La formulación psicodinámica del caso (fpc) parte de la perspectiva psicoanalítica para formular un caso clínico. Se refiere a la hipótesis del clínico tratante sobre los principales problemas del paciente, los factores que lo condicionan, el tratamiento planteado y su evolución. 205 altre parole

other, another.....symbolically real or really symbolic: A Wounded Dialogue

This is an experimental post with a dialogue with the other and the other is simply nowhere or now-here, or whatever form it takes. A response to what is to be imagined, a collation of comments in argumentativeness with a piece that gets created with the answers coming prior to the questions. 706 altre parole


Libertines & Psychology

​I was in an interesting discussion today about why I love the Libertine movement, and how it pertains to the Freudian framework of psychology.

Strap in your time machine, kids, let’s have a history lesson. 567 altre parole

Pride and Protestations

via Daily Prompt: Protest

When my daughter turned 2, a discerning parent told me,

“Congrats, and brace yourself for the Terrible-Twos!”

I smirked at the well-wishes of a far more experienced person.

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