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Psychology and Political Science

When one thinks about psychology and political science, many questions arise. What are the similarities between psychology and political science? What are the differences? How can psychologists and political scientists work together to solve real world problems? 385 altre parole


We are dumb [an observation]

Millions of people smoke cigarettes. Hundreds of millions of people are overweight. We stay in relationships in which we are miserable. We go to jobs every day that we hate. 827 altre parole


The shelter

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Jung met Freud in 1907 and the two men talked for 14 hours. Jung being younger learned more about Freud’s theories of the unconscious.   82 altre parole


Metaphors for Memory

‘Metaphors of memory, a fundamental literary form, have always been and still are a preferred way of illustrating processes of remembering and forgetting. In attempts to approach the unobservable organic memory, linguistic images were always in play: memory as wax tablet (Plato), as a seal (Aristotle) or as a “magic tablet” (Freud’s… 20 altre parole

Faulkner the Mentalist

Yesterday, I had Psychology and Literature class where we go over a short story by Faulkner, named Barn Burning. I don’t have a deep understanding about American history so most of us read it just because it is an assigned text. 1.603 altre parole


AUTOMATONS: inanimate or real humans?

– Letture dal profondo che perturba –

Che ne diresti di ascoltare delle storie dal profondo che perturba? Un venerdì di ottobre, il 20 per essere precisi, Sigmund Freud, E.T.A. 154 altre parole

AP Psych Extra Credit Opportunity

For extra credit, please read Sigmund Freud’s On Dreams (DO NOT read the introduction. It’s long and not written by Freud. Start at Chapter 1. 370 altre parole

Notes And Homework