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Psychoanalysis is a set of theories related to the study of the unconscious mind. Sigmund Freud, an Austrian neurologist, established the disciplines in the early 1890s. 153 altre parole


Sudden Denouement Guest Blog: Teresa’s Dream-S Francis/SailorPoet

I am very happy to have been chosen as a guest blogger at Sudden Denouement:

Teresa’s Dream-S Francis/SailorPoet Guest Blog

The following poem is part of a series in development inspired by the characters in Milan Kundera’s 1984 book, The Unbearable Lightness of Being. 177 altre parole


Teresa’s Dream-S Francis/SailorPoet Guest Blog

Dreams tell the viewer something he must face

Inside living moments, as if passing through.

Tell me, Freud, if strangers blindfold me, demand

I embrace the tree as they shoot me from behind, 143 altre parole


Freud and psychoanalysis


Freud and psychoanalysis

I didn’t want to continue taking notes on paper because I worry it’ll be harder for you to read the content. Taking notes on my computer while I’m reading is also too difficult, so I borrowed my dad’s mini iPad to write down thoughts during my reading. 1.705 altre parole


Orange cat

Hello orange cat, good to see u back.

Everything’s right again.

The weather feels just perfect.

I wanna go out.

A little sunshine in the fading winter. 134 altre parole

Malo o snovima i narko kartelu

Prošli tjedan sam sanjala da sam dio poznatog kolumbijskoga narko kartela i da moram prošvercati veliku količinu koke preko neke granice u neku državu. 803 altre parole