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Baileys in the Bathroom

On a recent visit to Norfolk, Ross and I went to a pub we’d heard a lot about from his family – a pub with a bit of a difference. 196 altre parole


Double Bill Two - Brides of Dracula (1960)

BRIDES OF DRACULA (1960)          July 9th 1977  00.00-01.25

Anglo-Freud! In Colour!

Colour! This one was in colour! I’ve always loved black and white – for its subtle chiaroscuro, its pools of expressionistic shadow and light, the way in which it creates a readymade short cut into a world of dreams and fantasy through its poetic, self-evident distance from the prose-coloured world that’s always just…

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Personal Essay

Freud, Jews, and the Sexual Revolution

The following primarily comes from Chapter 4 of Kevin MacDonald’s Culture of Critique Jewish Involvement in the Psychoanalytic Movement.

Cultural Subversion Through Sex… 2.392 altre parole

Kevin Macdonald

My secret pleasure...

Get your minds out of the gutters – it’s Barbies! One of my secret wishes was to win the lottery and then have a (small) room full of Barbies, antique and new. 567 altre parole


I Am an Evolutionary Butt

Maynard says “Do your best, in whatever you choose to do, every day”.

In every moment, I’m older than I’ve ever been and the youngest I’ll ever be. 672 altre parole


On the logical use of the Sinthome, or, Joyce with Freud

The following was presented as an introduction to the first chapter of Lacan’s Seminar 23 at the Lacan Circle of Melbourne, 18/2/2017: 2.179 altre parole


Travel Diaries: The Freud Museum

It wasn’t until last year that I found out there was such a place as The Freud Museum. I was going through the “ 981 altre parole