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Travel: Vienna & Budapest & Bratislava

11/13/15 – 11/15/15


Three capital cities in three days? Seems crazy, but it’s all made possible with overnight busses and some coffee. It was an amazing opportunity to see so much in so little time, but I did wish I had more time in Vienna and Budapest. 1.424 altre parole


Big Ego?

This blog entry is intended to remind us of how our Egos have such HUGE influence on our behavior every day. According to Vocabulary.com, “Your ego is your conscious mind, the part of your identity that you consider your ‘self’. 1.577 altre parole

"Il mio cane come cane è un disastro, ma come persona è insostituibile"

Pochi giorni fa, Diesel, una femmina di pastore belga, è rimasta uccisa nell’appartamento di Saint-Denis, covo degli attentatori di Parigi. Come ultimo atto di fedeltà, è andata a morire tra le braccia del suo padrone. 1.110 altre parole

I Miei Articoli


The joke:

Everything comes down to how you want to have sex with the opposite sex of your parent (Oedipus and Electra complex), or that you want a bigger dick ( 776 altre parole


8. “His acts being seven ages.” So far.

How does one end an autobiography? One doesn’t. It ends itself when the narrative reaches the now. no summation or denouement is possible because, unlike a trial or a play, a set of reflections in chronological order about a life so far does not justify anything about it. 222 altre parole

Scatologizing Anal Freud into Aesthetics

The BUM is a sensational machine. Sometimes when the
(ejaculates ) are hard, there’s an awesome masochistic feeling; there’s a crude sensation of acupressure as shit exits or is painfully evicted from the body. 62 altre parole

Garden Therapy

In the last few weeks I’ve really struggled to get up to the plot. Not because I don’t want to, but work has recently taken over. 550 altre parole