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The Source of Violence

It pays to read a heavy book once in a while. You never know what thoughts the thoughts of others may engender. Right now I am chewing over the concept of dualism. 236 altre parole


​”Wow, it is so shocking. A gay man defending and supporting Scientology.”

Well, Dianetics said homosexuals can only achieve partial happiness because they do not procreate, and this is something I have come to longed for, or fantasized about; here, I direct them to “Ally When Convenient.” I went over their head and said, “Each one of my clones will fight in your name, and I will devote all my energy to explain homosexuality in a way that is universal, beneficial and so powerful it breaks the rule of three.” 240 altre parole

From Grell to greed: bisexuality in anime

Grell Sutcliff, the supposed Burnett butler who unveils his true sexual identity in a brilliant red rush of flamboyance, would probably be considered gay by most. 1.597 altre parole


Madonna-Whore Complex

Read about the Madonna-Whore complex here. This is something that compartimentalizes our being, stashes away our authenticity and creates false illusions of one another.

Past Imperfect - #367

Hi there.

My name is Betty. This shouldn’t surprise you, because in the year that I was born everyone on the damn planet named their child Betty. 400 altre parole


Method and Madness: Freud’s Da Vinci

Recently I started reading Freud’s Leonardo Da Vinci and one of the things that struck me was Freud’s methods of analysing a well-known but obscure figure. 730 altre parole


Guilt Is For Losers

Over on Facebook, Chanti Niven wrote: “Sigmund Freud said, “Most people do not really want freedom, because freedom involves responsibility, and most people are frightened of responsibility.” Do you agree? 441 altre parole