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Challenging Modernity

This course has been one of questioning.  We have been forced to question our society and think about where its roots come from, why it exists in the ways it does, and what challenges it faces going forward.  398 altre parole

Musings Of The Author

Mar Roxas and The Famous Joke about the Two Jews in a Railway Carriage

“Where are you going?” asked the first Jew.

“To Cracow”, was the answer.
“What a liar you are!” broke out the first Jew.”If you say you’re going to Cracow, you want me to believe you’re going to Lemberg. 209 altre parole


On Self-Sabotage

It is not uncommon in economic theory to see humanity described as homo economicus, which is to say as rational and self-interested. Like many axiomatic assumptions it to some extent useful; we do frequently act in our own interests, perhaps even in the majority cases. 387 altre parole


A Girl Named Charlie: Death and the Maiden in Hitchcock’s Shadow of a Doubt

Though I’d never claim to be a film buff, I’ve watched quite a few film noir movies in my time, and no one quite does noir like Alfred Hitchcock, Sam Spade and the Maltese Falcon be damned.  2.640 altre parole

Alfred Hitchcock

Waiting for Godot through a Freudian Lens

Image Citation

As in many of my other posts this semester the idea of Civilization and Its Discontents remains a very important idea in interpreting texts and everyday life in my opinion. 620 altre parole

Discontentment With Civilization (Society)

Mi idolatrada Cathy Freud

Mi idolatrada Cathy Freud,

Yo te inventé para la pavada, pero hoy te usaré para algo más. En un programa de televisión, un padre le dice a su hijo: “Los traumas son así purrete, vienen y van… por eso son traumas.” Esa escena la miré con atención. 437 altre parole


Religion in Dr. Who

Abby Matt, psychology

Written for REL-R389: Religion and Fantasy

Instructor: Heather Blair

The television show Doctor Who explores time travel and plays with what it means to be human and therefore have morality. 3.925 altre parole