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History of Madness - Track 3-4

Professor Keirsey had his lecture course on Madness taped on cassettes in 1982.  This post is the fourth (there was no third)  audio track.  More audio tracks will follow. 226 altre parole



So seriously, I am crazy messy.

I know most people say that and then you turn up at their house and everything is in place with maybe a piece of paper that hasn’t been filed…well, that’s not me. 808 altre parole


Chickens and Eggs

One of the most difficult things to establish is the relationship between cause and effect. Which came first? And can we say with certainty that the one that came first is the cause of the second? 848 altre parole

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Free Associate

I have chosen what college I’m going to. It’s in Florida, a place I’d swore I’d never live because of the heat. Life is funny that way. 377 altre parole

La Mestiza & African- American Vernacular: Cultural Assimilation in Regards to Literary Theory

In terms of theorist Gloria Anzaldua’s writing, what is being theorized, or attempting to be put into practice is this idea of “mestiza” or a “cosmic race”, which is not something that is, I would say, strongly present in our current culture. 305 altre parole

Tony Perkins: "There's a shared desire to come behind a candidate."

Calling Dr. Freud. This is in The New York Times today:

“There’s a shared desire to come behind a candidate,” said Tony Perkins, the President of the Family Research Council, a national lobbying group that opposes abortion and equal rights for gays.

Again about 'sexuality'

Sexuality and its energy (libido) could be found in different forms and different intensities. It is not all about genitals, but it also could be found in art. 574 altre parole