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Love Fame & Existential Despair

I first learned about 20th century American poet John Berryman from Louise Gluck’s book Proofs and Theories; Gluck was impressed with the way Berryman swung through personas, effortlessly transitioning between one and another. 2.156 altre parole


Recovery and How Responsibility will Set You Free

Think you are dysfunctional? Think again.


I promise you, dysfunction will take all of the fun out of your life

As a counselor, I am usually the one who asks the questions. 1.283 altre parole

Mental Health

What is Depth Psychology? Myers Briggs who?

Carl Jung, Introvert, Extravert, Sigmund Freud, Collective Unconscious.

If you’re like most people, these words probably seem familiar. These are some of the fundamentals of Psychology that most of the general population is already familiar with, although many may not know the actual meaning of these terms. 719 altre parole


New book: Freud in Cambridge

Cambridge University Press has published a book on Freud that might be of interest to readers of h-madness. Freud in Cambridge, written by John Forrester and Laura Cameron, wants to shed light on his influence on Cambridge intellectuals. 156 altre parole


Emotions in film: making and viewing

It Is difficult when approaching this subject to fully escape the shadow of early Freudian theory and how it has coloured much of modern film theory as well as psychology. 1.291 altre parole

Research And Theory

Red Shoes Are For Dancing

While discussing red shoes as images of adulthood, in some cases sexual maturity, in The Wizard of Oz and The Snow Queen, a friend mentioned… 24 altre parole