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Marx and Freud

by Paul Mattick (1956)

A review of EROS AND CIVILIZATION. A PHILOSOPHICAL ENQUIRY INTO FREUD. By Herbert Marcuse. The Beacon Press, Boston, 1955, 277 pp., $3.95. 1.782 altre parole


Reading Your Moral Compass

Each of us is said to have a “moral compass” of sorts, that guides our behaviors and gives us a sense of what is right and wrong. 1.053 altre parole


Civilization and its tents

“The hermit turns his back on the world and will have no truck with it.”
Freud, Civilization and its Discontents, Ch. II

“Aloof with hermit-eye I scan… 560 altre parole


Made up

Freud: The Making of an Illusion, Frederick Crews, Profile.

Anti-Freud campaigner Frederick Crews’ relentlessly negative but engrossing biography has been criticised as a character assassination, but there is much to dislike in Freud’s character. 265 altre parole


Subconscious, unconscious, preconscious, conscious – all fraud-ian words to fool the masses into believing a ghost they can’t see. No one could capture the imagination of people the way Freud’s theories could. 313 altre parole


Pet Sematary - Stephen King

I think the best word to describe Pet Sematary is sinister. From the novels outset there’s an impression, an underlying feeling that something evil is going to happen.  87 altre parole


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So we have been living in an age that we are so influenced by Freud’s modern physcology and psychoanalysis without actually knowing it, creative works and productions are deeply affected by his studies. 94 altre parole