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Leaping like Alice

Was ordering books the other day, Freud and Lacan there they come, and got me thinking about motivation and curiosity. And desire that drives us! As my wise supervisor said: desire is a funny thing. 115 altre parole


"Homo est Animal Rationale"

Despite evolutionary, physiological and anatomical  evidence for our classification as animals, classical and religious literature, as well as our own minds seem to make a distinction between the two that delves beyond binomial nomenclature. 585 altre parole


Displacement: explained by The Three Amigos

This is my favorite comedy, pretty much of all time, but I especially like this scene for the psychological defense mechanism it conveys.

Often we find ourselves in trying circumstances that cause us to feel intense emotions like anger, mistrust, fear, jealousy, etc. 115 altre parole


Thresholds of Consciousness (1/3): filtering

Given the unfolding story of my Parliament of Selves, republishing this sequence on consecutive days seemed a no-brainer.

Regular readers of this blog will have seen this diagram before. 1.137 altre parole

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Week 26 in Melbourne

T and I just past our 6th month mark of living in the world’s best city (!!!) and considering that we may relocate in a few months, we are cherishing every moment… These are my treasured ones for the past week: 1.026 altre parole

The Agony and the Ecstasy of Change


I had, for a long while, been addicted to self development. It was like peeling onion layers; more were always waiting for you to deal with. 1.060 altre parole

Emotions And Mental Illness

"In the Mind Fields"- A great read for sociopath survivors!

Modern day psychiatry is poised on the cusp between studies of the brain and the mind. The first is called neuroscience: the latter is psychoanalysis. Casey Schwartz’s memoir depicts her academic adventure into both sides of the divide.  592 altre parole