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You don’t need to read Freud to understand Freud.
You don’t even need to know him to understand him.
You don’t need to understand him to read him. 14 altre parole

Problems with Modern Psychology part 2: Fulton Sheen

Part 1: Problems with Modern psychology part 1: introduction 

It has occurred to me that perhaps I have cast my net quite wide, and that some of the problems I wish to discuss are not quite so directly related to psychology, but are rather indirect byproducts of the modern study of psychology. 1.544 altre parole


Putting Freud in His Place 

“THE STUDY OF PSYCHOLOGICAL TRAUMA has a curious history— one of episodic amnesia.”

Judith Herman (1992) makes this claim, noting the study of trauma is fostered by a supporting political movement.

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Social Work

From Latour to Late Industrialism

From Latour to Late Industrialism

by, Kim Fortun

HAU Journal of Ethnographic Theory, Vol. 4, No. 1, 2014

Annotation Summary for: Fortun – Latour and Late Industrialism… 1.910 altre parole


This cocktail is called a Tight Snatch.

“Coconut rum, Peach schnapps, pineapple and cranberry juice with extra grenadine.” And a twist of Freud.