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Communication, but a Dream

“If we could communicate we wouldn’t need to communicate,” writes Avital Ronell in The Telephone Book, an odd work whose 25th anniversary [1] inspired Post-Phonements, 946 altre parole


Hegel vs. Freud

Both Hegel and Freud venture to explain the consciousness and how we interpret our surroundings. In Freud’s piece, An Outline of Psycho-Analysis, he explains how we interact with internal and external events in terms of the id, ego, and super ego, while Hegel explains his ideas in  355 altre parole


Look Forward Lillian, not back.

Every so often I try to introduce, and explain, theoretical models I find useful via my love for the radio show the Archers. If you are also a fan you will know Lillian has been through the wringer recently. 1.133 altre parole


Dalí meets Freud

In 1938, 55 years after Karl Marx’s death, Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis, reluctantly fled Nazi-occupied Vienna to find safety in London.

As with Marx, Freud’s ideas and religion had angered those in positions of power but it was the arrest of his youngest daughter, Anna Freud (1895–1982), by the Gestapo that finally led him to leave. 314 altre parole


Using Mental Illness to Open Self

Many view mental illness as a curse. It carries little meaning, suggests the destruction of meaning, actually. But the therapeutic task is to help us take mental illness seriously and turn it into a challenge. 193 altre parole


CHiP 2

Now I know how difficult it is to write a blog lots and lots of reading, creativity, and the most difficult part putting up all the thoughts running in your mind in correct manner.. 1.150 altre parole