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How Car Companies Deny You Orgasm: A Psychoanalytical Approach.

I just wanted to do a quick analysis of the difference between car scenes (or more broadly, collision scenes) in film  vs. car commercials. The basic distinction is their relationship to orgasm ( 265 altre parole

Future Anterior : Art

“What is realised in my history is neither the past definite as what was, since it is no more, nor even the perfect as what has been in what I am, but the future anterior as what I will have been, given what I am in the process of becoming.” Jacques Lacan… 155 altre parole


The Power of Love

The power of love is the basis for all religious teachings. Manly P. Hall wrote: “There are within us undeveloped spiritual energies and potencies that can heal the body and preserve the soul.” We have more power than we know. 465 altre parole

Dr. Reid Friedson

Id Speaks

It is midnight and you start to hear voices. Wait, can anyone else hear the voices? Damn, you are pretty sure you are the only one who hears the incessant whine of Id. 35 altre parole


'The Province of Poets and Scholars': The Literary Surrealism of J. G. Ballard

It is well known that Surrealism was very much driven by the advent of psychoanalysis. Aside from the overarching and presiding influence of the unconscious, one of the main processes which they adapted from Freudian theory was that of dream censorship: the galvanising process of envisioning repressed drives which are constrained by the reality principle. 1.141 altre parole


Is Love Island too real to be true?

Film directors have always known that the spectacle of couples falling in love and making love is in itself too intense for us to experience. It has to be mediated; staged and performed in a signified way – dramatised at a safe distance. 242 altre parole


Toilet Analysis

“There’s such a fine line between introspection and self-indulgence,” he says to himself while taking a shit.

“Of course, a little self-indulgence never hurt anyone.” But a lot can kill ya. 180 altre parole